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    Thread Ringke FUSION . Clear case review

    Hey guys, Just got this case and I really like it..yes some flaws but cant beat the fact that you can see through and that back is exposed Here ya go Vry-Y4xUglw
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    Thread Franco kernel Cruzerite case review

    Hey guys, I got this custom case a couple days ago and wanted to show you the review. It is a case made by Cruzerlite and Francisco Franco , the kernel master. Pretty cool idea Here it is : zoTgD8AW6h8
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    Thread Rearth Ringke slim REVIEW

    Hey guys, I got the chance to review this case and made the video as usual. It is very thin, very light, however I am not comfortable leaving the top and bottom exposed. Here it is! If you have any questions please just let me know KIRwjBtI7L4
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    Thread Giveaway winners Nexus 4 Cruzerlite cases

    As I always do, I am posting the video of the winners of my last giveaway. Reason I do it is because most of the people that watch my videos come from here and I wouldnt want you to lose your chance here it is : GiR4LEtgUgA
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    Thread Tempered Glass screen shield REVIEW (VITREO)

    Hey guys, Got this new case and looks pretty good. One issue I found on old ones is that the screen kinda becomes unresponsive but this one feels pretty good Check the video : eQbeqAZ7VYo
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    Thread Cruzerlite GIVEAWAY was about time right? lol Im back with some cases for you guys , and this is my way to say thank you as always!. Here is the video : yXcDb1kldwk Good luck guys!!!
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    Thread Clone army Cruzerlite case REVIEW

    Hey guys, So here is the last of my reviews on the Cruzerlite cases. The Androidified Clone army. I am glad that this company is kinda moving away from the glossy finish and going more into a matte one. BTW...giveaway coming soon lol Check it out pCyLsNoRnWo
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    Thread XDA DEVELOPERS case by Cruzerlite

    Got this case a couple days ago..and man..I dig it!..Nothing shows my love for this community like this case. And for 10 cant go wrong at all! So I will let you watch the video .Enjoy : 8p5f0w3PogE
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    Thread Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit TPU case REVIEW

    Hey guys, Another review for you..(sorry for the background noise) This case looks awesome..I really dig it..and its cheap too! enjoy JfgWutDnKO4
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    Thread Diztronic VS Cruzerlite REVIEW

    I get this question ALL DAY ERRRY DAY lol which one would I pick? which one is better? well I made this video for you guys so you can see for yourself and make your own decision. Enjoy! 8weSu-Hsnz4
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    Thread Incipio FAXION REVIEW

    I had a chance to review this case and totally forgot to post it so here it is! enjoy! x9AlpIpfFbg
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    Thread Giveaway winners

    Hey guys, Here is the video with the winners..if your name is there from 1 to 7 please contact me asap congrats! eLQFQHuk8II
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    Thread Giveaway winners

    Hey guys, Here is the video with the winners..if your name is there from 1 to 7 please contact me asap congrats! eLQFQHuk8II
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    Thread Giveaway winners

    Hey guys, Here is the video with the winners..if your name is there from 1 to 7 please contact me asap congrats! eLQFQHuk8II
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    Thread Cruzerlite Androidified TPU case REVIEW

    hey guys, So I got the new androidified case and of course I made my review for you. Also..if you see..I got actually 7..and will be giving them away stay tuned!! Here ya go enjoy 715wYwXXwy8
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    Thread Diztronic Hard shell case REVIEW

    first of all merry christmas!!! I got my hands on this case and decide to of course review it for you guys. I like it but the fact that the top and bottom are exposed scare me a little bit. SPECIALLY after dropping my phone from 4 feet height while using an actually full body isntead of this...
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    Thread SGP Spigen screen shield review

    Hey guys, I had a chance to review this new product by SGP and as usually I really really liked it. I think it sits at a good price for the quality. HOWEVER, be sure to order the front/back combo as it is THE SAME price enjoy! w-5r2ExM7j0
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    Thread Giveaway...because the world will end tomorrow

    Hey guys, Long time no see!! I am doing this massive giveaway and wanted to include you all as well!! there is a GN package there for you!! 3 cases for a lucky winner! Thanks for all your constant support when I was reviewing the device! much love! zreBnvzsC6s
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    Thread Massive GIVEAWAY ..its the end of the world

    Told you guys ill never forget you !!! Its the end of the world on friday, christmas coming and a new here is my thank you to all of you !!! Giveaway rules are pretty simple. Watch the video for them! Love you guys!!! zreBnvzsC6s
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    Thread End of the world GIVEAWAY

    Hey guys, Im doing my last giveaway of the year and well you lucky bastards I have a one S package Thank you for all your support when I reviewed a couple of cases for this device!! zreBnvzsC6s
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    Thread Ebay TPU case S Line

    Hey guys, This is the first case I got for the N4. For its price and at the time you couldnt beat it. It was a great option and it def helped me while other companies were still developing their products Here is the video! _ruYz8fLLig
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    Thread Diztronic soft TPU case review

    Hey guys, So I got my stuff from Diztronic and I am amazed. I dig it..and the reason why is because it found a great market : cheap bastards like me that hate paying more than 15 bucks but still want high quality Check the video! LN8HEFFZgTc Also...I smell a...
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    Thread OBEX case Winners!

    So here it is winnah winnah chicken dinner...Thanks to my xda family for all the support..Brandon B if you are on XDA holla at me!!!! eeq8kNvkFl4 Christmas giveaway coming soon!!!
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    Thread OBEX case GIVEAWAY

    Yep..I had to do it....and you ve been asking for it haha. Well here is the video of the giveaway... you have 7 days .I do this for you guys cause you rock .Giving it back to the community is what this is all about dont forget to follow the rules and good luck AXyKd7hNl4s...
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    Thread Nexus 4 vs Galaxy s3

    Hey guys, some of you know me for my reviews and I decided to get a new phone. The LG nexus 4. I wanted to show you a side by side comparison of the phones in case you are thinking of changing devices . Both are great but different The s3 is not stock ..but whos is ? lol enjoy yVnT-s5gzlA...
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    Thread Nexus 4 vs Galaxy s3

    I had to do it.. It was needed specially after the iphone 5 comparison video I got a lot of pms and requests so I had both of them at home and said..why not? Remember..this is not stock vs stock, however a ROM'd s3 but for the purpose of the video I think it works just fine Well enjoy...
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    Thread Nexus 4 vs Iphone 5

    Hey guys, Some of you know me from the s2, galaxy nexus, s3 ,etc review area. I usually post videos of case reviews and stuff and well just bought this new phone So I shot 2 videos (because of the lack of cases yet) My first one is this one.. The iphone 5 vs the NExus 4 . E22FEVrtw58...
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    Thread SPIGEN SGP modello review

    Hey guys, TPU cases are simply awesome. The fact that they are thin and resistant is what got me into loving them SGP made the modello and they put it at a decent price range here is the review wWpuDpc2SGY
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    Thread WATERPROOF Obex case review

    There is nothing to hide when I say lifeproof was my favorite case for the iphone and let me wondering ..when the heck are we gonna get some love?? Seidio did it with the OBEX . Its awesome to be able to put your phone under water!!! I cant get over it haha enjoy
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    Thread NGP Incipio Case REVIEW

    Hey guys, I had the chance to review this case..and well..I was a little dissapointed. I loved the "NGP" due its thickness and kinda different than TPU but still flexible. Incipio new ngp feels just ilike a very cheap, very thin tpu case. check the video out EEHbcNu1OkE...
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    Thread Seidio Convert combo Review

    Hi guys, Sorry for the delay on posting another video, but ive been out of town on vacation. I tested the convert by Seidio .It is a very strong case, its more of a 2 cases in one, which makes it pretty cool because you can go from a thin case to an uber protective case. Does it worth 50...
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    Thread MUGEN 4600 mah Battery Review

    Hello guys, I had a chance to review this battery. It def puts down pretty good numbers. Enough for me to say that it worth it for some. Not everyone likes the bulk that it adds or the price (which actually has been lowered btw) but for those that like endurance and not having to swap batteries...
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    Thread Mugen Charging Dock REVIEW

    Hey guys, Reviewed this little cradle and did like it. Only issue for me is the fact that the battery indicator is not that visible . Other than that having the additional battery slot def helps a lot . Check it out 2zqK7kkq-rE
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    Thread Las Vegas STORM on GoPro

    Last wednesday it I had 3 choices a) stay home and eat b)stay home and play videogames c)get out there and have fun in the rain!! Well...we know which one I chose enjoy! LrIYXfpswhY
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    Thread SPECK Fabshell review

    Hey guys, After reviewing this case, I gotta say i did like it. Its thicker than normal tpu, cool little design in the back and the texture is cool as well. I would rock it Enjoy Xqe1w5hGUzA
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    Thread Seidio ACTIVE & Seidio Combo REVIEW

    Hey guys, So I got a chance to test this case and I liked it. I think its a good case and the back part feels very solid. It is just a little too slippery sometimes . Check it out 156B8GoBy0I
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    Thread Otterbox DEFENDER review

    Time to get this case reviewed right? Honestly, if i had to choose between this and the commuter i would pick this one up. Feels really solid and after a 10 mile hike at zion with some drops , it proved its point. enjoy zaaE78ZPBjU
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    Thread Otterbox Commuter REVIEW

    Hey guys, I got to test the Commuter for the S3. There are some things that I like and others that I really dont. II think they need to get rid of the damn uber slippery surface in the kills this case. It makes the phone a little heavy but gives good protection Here it is...
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    Thread Diztronic Giveaway Winners

    Time has come and winners have been chosen? were you one?? if so please post here and asend me a pm as well dr_RgGgt-60
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    Thread SGP Spigen HD FLEX screen protector

    Hey guys, First things first. I cant keep a screen protector for more than a couple weeks without messing it up. Usually, I scratch them, corners lift etc. But the sgp ones have never failed me, and the Flex does it too. Call me fanboi, but this screen shield is the bomb for professional...
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    Thread Speck Pixelskin HD REVIEW

    Hey guys, Got this case, and decided to review it for you . Its a pretty thin full body case. Doesnt add thtat much bulk and it feels natural. The little squares on the back gives a nice look to it. Here ya go enjoy nfCHOXLbnoQ
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    Thread Tmobile Store Universal Case REVIEW

    Hey Guys, I could not think of a better title, just because the store doesnt call it any other way lol. No brand, no name, no nothing..But what you get for sure is an overpriced ebay case Here it is, enjoy! AFxf73_pG6o
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    Thread Diztronic Case giveaway

    Hey guys, I started a giveaway for some Diztronic cases I have, and I have 2 for the HTC one S. If you are interested , please join it.Didnt want to leave u out of the action :) Here is the thread : Here is the video...
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    Thread FREE Diztronic Cases GIVEAWAY

    Hello guys, Yep, yep..another giveaway for you fellas. We love tpu cases, we love diztronic, and we love the most FREE diztronic. Good luck on this giveaway as always!. Hope my videos help u guys a little bit! dNksdjJYDwU
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    Thread Ballistic SG Case Review

    Heavy duty cases are liked by some hated by others, just like ultra slim ones and screen protectors. Well im in the middle . I like them but just for certain moments like hiking , biking, etc. This case is a hybrid 2 piece case, looks pretty good too.Enjoy! VGuQ1UiB7lA...
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    Thread Seidio Active & Seidio Combo REVIEW

    Hey guys, SoI got my hands on this case for the one S . Its as u know a two piece hybrid one. The active can be purchased by itself or on the "combo version which is simply the addition of a holster. I like seidio cases, they are decent and they give good protection. Enjoy Sh1OITo4Clo...
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    Thread D3o S3 case REVIEW

    Yep, I pulled the trigger. Got this one and I liked it. do i believe it worth the price?? no..wish this cases were in a lower price bracket PRetty cool color, there were a couple more colors but this one looked pretty cool Enjoy VUKXFz3kRcE
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    Thread SGP spigen Folio case REVIEW

    Hey guys, I got this case and as always decided to review it and share it with you . I gotta start stating that I am not a fan , nor a user of flip cases, but I am aware of the market out there for it. The case is pretty nice, SGP build quality is top notch and it feels that you are getting a...
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    Thread SGP Ultra Nano Screen protector REVIEW

    If you ve followed my videos theres one common factor. MY screen is always dirty, scratched and bubbled. Yes I suck at installing screen protectors lol This lil guy made things easier. The SGP nano is honestly a bubble free aplication. I, a person who cant put a thing straight for his own life...
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    Thread Cruzerlite VS Diztronic REVIEW

    Which one to choose? which one to get? which one is better? Well i get messages all day everyday in regards of this. So I said..ima make a comparison video Here u ll see the things I like from each case and the fitment as well enjoy EFGpC0KBjN4