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    Thread Native video call

    Hi all, Is there a way to add the videocalling-feature that is part of the GSM-standard?
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    Thread [Q] Downgrading SM-T210 KitKat back to stock

    Hi, I made the the mistake yesterday to upgrade a perfectly working Tab 3 7.0 to KitKat, and now i'm having the stupid write-protected SD-card-issue. Also the new stock Video Player Samsung introduced in KitKat has a stupid new layout when browsing videofiles. It cuts the filenames files to an...
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    Thread [Q] How do i migrate from old phone to new phone?

    Hi All! Happy Christmas and merry new year to you guys! I re-post this, because i apparently asked it first wrongly on a ROM-thread.. :( I wanted to check from you if anyone has any guide/tool that I should use when moving all olad apps from an old phone to a new phone. I will install...
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    Thread IRC-Channel for Xperia roms

    Hi all! I tried to find an irc-channel for the xperia roms, but could not find any. So i created the #xperiaroms on freenode: irc:// Would be fun to get a channel where people could discuss all things about custom roms, developing roms and general things about...
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    Thread Xperia Pro

    Hi folks! I just realized that the Neo looks almost the same than the Xperia Pro without keyboard. Could we use this Neo-forum for Xperia-pro issues?
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    Thread [Q] Disabling anonymous usage statistics in GPS

    Hi all! Can someone enlight me in how to disable the collection of anonymous usage statistics that get's collected when i turn on the GPS? I don't want to participate in such google-projects where i'm collecting data for anyone... Somehow this seems to me that Android is a new google-project...
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    Thread MMS (Multimedia messages) on the X2

    Is anyone sending MMS-messages with the X2? I never bothered to use it, and now when i wanted to test it, it just get's stuck in the outbox..
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    Thread OMG! What's wrong with Sony Ericsson???!!!

    I can't believe this... Why can't they open up the Xperia X2 too???
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    Thread Daylight saving

    Today Europe moved to summertime, but the X2 did not.. Anyone else with the same issue?
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    Thread [Q] Sharing a gprs-connection with a Mac?

    Hi all, Has anyoene managed to get the X2 to share it's gprs/3g connection with a mac running snow leopard (10.6.6)? I have now been fighting with this for several hours, with no success. Is this task even possible??
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    Thread I'm fed up with the X2

    some of you probably remember that i started a blog on the esato-site when the x2 was released. This draw some attention from SE, and they contacted me and asked me to test their rom-update. since then i have not heard **** from them, and they seem to ignore the whole x2. This makes me really...
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    Thread [Q] Call-waiting stupidness in the X2

    Has anyone an sulution to this stupidness when having call waiting enabled on the X2? When in a call ,the call-waiting signal seems to jump between the earpiece and rear speakers. During this idiotic behaviour the caller i talk to is also switched between the earpiece and rear-speaker. If i'm...
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    Thread [Q] SMS-database: Where is it, how to read it?

    I have now had the whole summer my sms-database messed up. I can read my messages only in threaded view, but I can't i any way back them up with pim-backup or smsImport. PimBackup sees only 149 messages in the inbox, and 73 in the outbox. PimBackup complains that SmsImport exports only messages...
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    Thread Annoyances and bugs in Xperia X2 MR2-Release [Updated 3 July 2010]

    Hi all! I started again a new thread where i write down my findings in the MR2 release of the X2. It's originally on the Esato-forums, so i just put the link over here:
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    Thread Hard-SPL for X2: Developer talk

    Hi All, It seems now that those guys who have developed HardSPL for the X1 are not going to get the X2. This leaves then no other options than to start creating the Hard-SPL ourselves. Is there any open guides/sourceode etc available on any previous HardSPL:s? It can't be so difficult to hack...
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    Thread Lost ALL SMS:s and Emails

    After a complete blackout of the phone (crash), and restarting the phone, all my emails and SMS:s are gone. It does not receive any new messages form my IMAP-accounts.. Is there any recovery-software that could recover my sms:s from \windows\messaging, because that directory is full of files...
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    Thread Update Service fails to complete

    Hi All, I have had problems with Software Update on my laptop. The app manages to fetch the update-image from the servers, but when it's supposed to start the installation it just stops, and nothing happens. On my machine at my office this again works normally. Does anyone know what could be...
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    Thread [100% Working] Changing the default language of Xperia X2 - takes you 5 minutes.

    This message is now updated with a 100% working, and quick way of changing your language for the X2 device. I have now tested with 4 different languages (fi, en, se and de), and all worked. I also updated the cabs to report to the Update Software that the phone has an old versison. Now it does...
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    Thread Xperia X2 Language versions

    My intention is to collect info about different language-versions of the X2 (and keep up a list of them), and figure out an easy way to change the language for the device without having to reinstall foreign cabs... I found in the Windows directory a couple of text-files with content being...
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    Thread X2-Update fails

    hi guys! Is there anyone who can't update to MR2 (I'm not asking you guys who do not not have that update available!)? My phone refuses to start the installation process. The update-app recognizes correctly that there is an update, and after this it downloads a over 120Mb worth of data. When...
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    Thread SIP-callws with the X2

    I found a thread where people where discussing about enabling SIP-Calls on their winmo-phones (6.0). Curious as I am, i installed the cabs and configured my phone, and voilá, i got my X2 hooked up against my VoIP-server, even if I have winmo 6.5. For those who are interested, just follow this...
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    Thread Annoyances and bugs in Xperia X2 after last upgrade

    I kept up a list of issues on the forums that really pissed me off with the original X2 with the factory defaults. Now i have installed the new MR1 update, and things got even WORSE! I have now created a Facebook-group for us unhappy Experia X2 users. Please join it here if you feel...
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    Thread Anyone succeeded inposting emails via an exim-server on debian?

    It looks to me tha the e-mail client on the X2 is not succeeding in sending outgoin e-mails via an debian-server running Exim with either ssl-authentication or just plain text.. Anyone stumbling into similar problems??
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    Thread Fooling the SE-Software update to install different language

    Hi all! I assume that the SE update-app is the same for all languages, and phone models. What came into my mind is that the app at some point decides what language-version the phone is provided with. Now if i could somehow trick the update-app to think the phone has a different language...
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    Thread Does Hard-SPL For Xperia X1 work with Xperia X2?

    Hi all! Sorry for this dumb question, but I want to doublecheck that i don't mess up things... Does the Hard-SPL for X1 (found here behide the topic: Hard-SPL Unlocker for Xperia X1 - Released!) work also with the X2? Thanks for any tips!
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    Thread Changing the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 processor?

    Hi all, I wonder if there is any possibility to change the prosessor of the X2 for a faster one. If there is somewhere a processor that has the same pin-layout, same size than the one on the x2, then why wouldn't it be possible to unsolder it and swap to an faster one..? Sorry if this question...
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    Thread Xperia X2 language-issues

    Hi all! I'm not sure if this has been discussed before (tried to search), but i wonder if the Windows-version on the Xperia x2 can be upgraded/changed etc. Here in Finland they sell only the X2 with finnish language, and in sweden the same thing. I don't like this at all, and i'm trying to get...