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  1. ling751am

    Thread [MOD] LG Marshmallow Stock Animations & Audios

    I made a flashable zip for some custom roms those removed stock animations and boot/shutdown audios QuickCircle Cover animations supported! Zip contain: Stock Boot/Shutdown Animation Stock Boot/Shutdown Audio Tested on H-ROM V30 Port, it's work! QuickCircle Cover support here: Link
  2. ling751am

    Thread [GUIDE] Upgrade H815 Locked-BootLoader to Official Android 7.0 v29A

    In this thread - Update LG G4 H818P to android 7 by LG-H815 Official v29A. hochocnua upgrade H818P to v29A using the LG Poland Official v29A firmware zip which comes from here. And this thread, I'll guide you upgrade your H815 Locked-Bootloader to the v29A. oh.. okay, I almost forgot the...
  3. ling751am

    Thread [MOD] Remove Red Text on Splash Screen (HBOOT 1.57.0000) for DLXP_U - 08/09/2014 -

    Plz S-OFF your device before flash it !!!!!!!! FLASH IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, IF YOUR DEVICE BRICK I'LL LAUGH YOU This modified HBOOT will remove the red text that displayed on the boot/restart/recovery splash screen when you unlocked your Butterfly s I just removed the red text in the HBOOT, no...