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  1. Augie757

    Post Nexus 7 Help Thread

    thankyou thankyou
  2. Augie757

    Post [REF] 32GB Nexus 7 - Where To Buy, Price, Shipping, Etc...

    thankyou thankyou
  3. Augie757

    Thread [Q] help D710 flashed on Ntelos no data

    Help, Rooted D710 4.1.2 FL16 on Ntelos Network no data when flashing roms, is there a way around this problem?
  4. Augie757

    Post [Q] Dumpstate (2000) on Nexus 7

    Same issue on PA for RAZR
  5. Augie757

    Post [HELP THREAD] HTC Sensation | Ask any question | Noob friendly.

    t mobile htc sensation boot loop need factory reset tools and info please
  6. Augie757

    Thread Sim card 4G errors

    Today Droid Razr sim cards took a dump. Spoke with Verizon customer service and it is an issue only effecting Droid Razr owners. Across the country! You will see a red dot with an X in the middle of it. In the status bar Also 4G won't work. If you click on it. It will direct you to power down...
  7. Augie757

    Post Variations of iReflect icons 433 icons "New Set"

    Awesome job !
  8. Augie757

    Post D2EyeMod Live Wallpaper (Droid 2 Eye LW)

    Great job man, many thanks !