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  1. Indicious Flow

    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    Also, screen mirroring doesn't seem to work. After connecting, phone freezes for a good 2 seconds and restarts system ui.
  2. Indicious Flow

    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    Bluetooth Volume Control Hello, I seemed to have issues with Bluetooth Volume control on the device itself. Minor adjustments from 30-40% causes it to go to soft to super loud. Only managed to properly adjust on the Bluetooth device itself.
  3. Indicious Flow

    Post [G95XF/FD/N] RENOVATE ICE 15.0 - CRL3 | NIGHTLY - CRJ5 | Android 8.0

    Anyone had issues in regards to camera rotating opposite direction when recording on apps like Snapchat?
  4. Indicious Flow

    Post [KERNEL][STABLE][TW][6.0.1][Aug 13][V1.3.1] Jesse Kernel for S7 Edge/Flat

    Simply to put, lower grade phones isn't able to run max OC even if you have the freedom to do so. You'll just end up in a bootloop state and that's when people start complaining that "Why is my phone bootlooping? I can't use this device anymore." The grading helps to keep track of which user is...
  5. Indicious Flow

    Post [KERNEL] [SM-G93XF/FD] [3.18.44] [30.10] [4.2] VoLTaqe Kernel

    Interesting for a new kernel, already tried undervolting my S7E by 25mV for everything and using battery mode for most of the stuff, very stable indeed. ASV average value of 9 over here. Since S7E's default performance was already pretty good, so I didn't adjust the clock speed but played...
  6. Indicious Flow

    Thread LG G5 Unable to OTA As seen, it is shown in the screenshot an error. Can't update through LGUP nor the LG Flashtool. Anyone knows anything about this error? It does not work in OTA mode either. H860N SEA Edition.
  7. Indicious Flow

    Post [MOD] MultiROM v33

    I've managed to get UberStock (Main ROM) and N Preview 3 (Secondary) to work together. The only issue I have now is that Camera doesn't work on the N Preview 3. Is it because of the kernel's limitation as due to different versions, causing incompatibilities? Currently using Kylo Kernel, Main on...
  8. Indicious Flow

    Post [Developing] Android N Developer Preview / Images, OTA's & Flashables

    A neat trick if you prefer custom dpi, it's implemented into th Developer options under the settings "Smallest width". The default is 411.
  9. Indicious Flow

    Post [Developing] Android N Developer Preview / Images, OTA's & Flashables It's UP! Download link for the newest update is available now!
  10. Indicious Flow

    Post [Developing] Android N Developer Preview / Images, OTA's & Flashables

    Able to sideload it out the OTA for us?
  11. Indicious Flow

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] XOSP 6.3 FINAL MM build for H815 (LG G4) CMTE [OTA][17 July 2016]

    Here's the link. Thanks to XperiaBlog for the dump.
  12. Indicious Flow

    Post Easy Read and Make TOT files ALL LG with Z3x

    This software doesn't work without the box itself to actually do the stuff, so yeah. With the software but without the hardware, it's quite redundant.
  13. Indicious Flow

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] XOSP 6.3 FINAL MM build for H815 (LG G4) CMTE [OTA][17 July 2016]

    Whoops, I meant that since the Xperia X System Dump is already floating around the web, do you have any plans to actually bring those apps and features into the G4? Sorry for the bad phrasing.
  14. Indicious Flow

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] XOSP 6.3 FINAL MM build for H815 (LG G4) CMTE [OTA][17 July 2016]

    Any plans to upgrade to Xperia X apps since the system have been dumped out?
  15. Indicious Flow

    Post [No Root][6.0+]V10 Camera fully ported to G4 [DISCONTINUED]

    If anyone using G5 is interested, well v4 works well, with the usual SD card bug and also double choices shown on choosing video quality. Mic directional controls/wind noise filter is not working for me as well.
  16. Indicious Flow

    Post LG VR 360 Headset - Anyone have it ?

    Light bleed isn't as extreme as most of the reviewers have stated, however the blur is quite obvious, especially if you actually move around a lot. Other than that the only issue I had is no working 3rd party VR apps, which sucks.
  17. Indicious Flow

    Post LG G5 Root Bounty! [Currently $1,420] [LINK FOR LGTOOL BY BEAUPS AND JCASE ADDED]

    All I see here is a bunch of mess being created by the creator of the thread, Fredo2000 himself. First and foremost, jcase did state that the program/what he is working on is incomplete, and you decide to actually release to the community thinking that "everyone" has the knowledge and knows what...
  18. Indicious Flow

    Thread LG G5 Tips and Tricks

    I've posted a video talking about some neat tips and tricks that I've found on the LG G5 that maybe some of the people out there may not be sure of, or not sure how to get there. Will be updating constantly with more tips and tricks that is found and with a step-by-step guide on how to...
  19. Indicious Flow

    Post Anybody having Bluetooth issues with the G5?

    I had issues with my Bluetooth where it suddenly shows "Bluetooth has stopped working." and have to force close it, and it will reactivate the bluetooth. Have no idea what is causing that to happen, other than that no quality issues on my side.
  20. Indicious Flow

    Post CAM PLUS does not charge phone!!! So don't lose the standard battery compartment!!!

    Being a current G5 + Cam Plus user, I'm pretty sure that my G5 is doing reasonably fine in charging with the Cam Plus module at the same time. While the module is being charged at 5v @ 500 mAh, the G5 is still able to receive the default fast charging from the stock charger with no issues. Most...
  21. Indicious Flow

    Post LG G5 Cam Plus

    I didn't had any issues in regards to camera controls stop working, however for the modules to deactivate once in a while and charging part, it occur to me.
  22. Indicious Flow

    Post [14.04.16] [Theme] -¤AUXP Theme¤-

    Bootloops on Genisys 3.9 as well.
  23. Indicious Flow

    Post is it possible to take backup & restore of Xperia Z3+ DRM Keys?

    Yes, iovyroot allows you to back up your DRM and use it later to restore on locked bootloader, already done it and right now liking it so far. However, only 266 firmware is working. Other versions does not work.
  24. Indicious Flow

    Post [Announcement]9th Circle of Development is recruiting new members !

    Tester for the most notorious Z3+ xD
  25. Indicious Flow

    Post LG V10 All tot rooted models secret Unleashed

    Sometimes you have to think of it the other way, what will happen if the tools are actually leaked out to everyone of us, and doesn't that allow LG to patch such things up easily and hence providing better security but lose the access of root? I'm not encouraging this type of doing, but at least...
  26. Indicious Flow

    Post Using V10 Second Screen App Shortcut for Quick Popup Widgets

    As those are LG-based Widgets, which is lockdown only to stock launcher, Popup Widget can't recognize it as a proper widget, only universal ones work. Hence sadly it's not possible to actually get those into the second screen.
  27. Indicious Flow

    Post H960A TOT & Rooting

    I'm sorry to say but those who are taking the risk of donating to a person without the proof of the existence, I'd beware of such situations, no matter who it may be. At least at H961N, BlueEffect proved it before asking for donations.
  28. Indicious Flow

    Post Lg v10 dual sim (h961n) official thread

    Reuploaded the DLL for any issues -
  29. Indicious Flow

    Post LG V10 Xposed Installation & H961N Root TOT

    Whoops, forgot to include that in, yeah you need to install the apk as well for it to work.
  30. Indicious Flow

    Thread LG V10 Xposed Installation & H961N Root TOT

    As some people actually requested a guide, for those who actually have root for H961N, thanks to BlueEffect . If you have missed it, head over to the link and get rooted! By all means...
  31. Indicious Flow

    Post Lg v10 dual sim (h961n) official thread

    Well, results are confirmed by him and from what I know the way to send him is via paypal, so you can leave him a PM?
  32. Indicious Flow

    Post LG V10 TOT Root for H961N

    The question is, are you willing to pay for it? This person paid around 60 USD just to "test" it out for people out there and to share the results.
  33. Indicious Flow

    Post Lg v10 dual sim (h961n) official thread

    Damn, I guess we could paypal him? But I don't think there's any way for him to receive the payment unless people have other means of getting to him.
  34. Indicious Flow

    Thread LG V10 TOT Root for H961N

    So, a user by the name BlueEffect managed to get the tot from the china website and have successfully proven that root is working on his device (Specifically H961N only). Link of post over here...
  35. Indicious Flow

    Post Lg v10 dual sim (h961n) official thread

    Anyone interested in covering up his cost or even topping up to actually get root? Seems pretty real and we could help him out and let him share it to everyone :)
  36. Indicious Flow

    Post Using V10 Second Screen App Shortcut for Quick Popup Widgets

    The link is actually in the Youtube video itself, so you can go and take a look there :)
  37. Indicious Flow

    Thread Neat Tips and tricks for the V10

    Need more juice for your phone? Lacking in audio quality? Look no further as I guide you through some of the things that could actually change how you look at the V10! 1) Data Sleep 2) LED / Isai / Cover controls (I only covered about the LED notification part but the others can be found under...
  38. Indicious Flow

    Post Quickly Access Activities Using V10's Second Screen

    Bumping for suggestions :D
  39. Indicious Flow

    Thread Quickly Access Activities Using V10's Second Screen

    Ever come across situations where you need to quickly access stuff that you can't usually find on the default second screen options? Now there's an alternative to it! The app is actually called QuickShortcutMaker! The app allows you to create shortcuts of activities like you would do on custom...
  40. Indicious Flow

    Post Genisys Rom 4.9 & Genisys Theme 4.3 [H811 V20R] [H815 v20L] [12.March.2017] [MM]

    Anyone having issues with G4 Tweakbox stating that device is tampered though nothing was done to it and Full Unlocker was downloaded and purchased from the app store?
  41. Indicious Flow

    Post Using V10 Second Screen App Shortcut for Quick Popup Widgets

    Oh damn, I guess I didn't read it clearly! Really sorry about that... I guess I did miss the part about Popup Widget and was sort of lost in the guide of yours so I was looking around for alternatives. My bad if I really missed out on my part but I hope you enjoyed the mini guide that I created...
  42. Indicious Flow

    Post Using V10 Second Screen App Shortcut for Quick Popup Widgets

    Usually what I'd do since you can easily toggle between different launchers via settings, just switch to the stock launcher, place it in then change back. The idea was actually from your thread, so got to thank you for that idea that you actually came up, and I was looking around for other...
  43. Indicious Flow

    Thread Using V10 Second Screen App Shortcut for Quick Popup Widgets

    Using the app called Popup Widget, I'm able to quickly place any kinds of widget directly on the second screen, since we can easily move back and forth app shortcuts from the second screen and home screen, but that mainly applies to the stock launcher only, tried with Nova, but didn't work...
  44. Indicious Flow

    Post Second Screen Custom App Icons & Widget Triggering through Tasker/Zooper/Popup Widget

    Maybe a step-by-step guide would be great for us to actually try it out, or even placing other widgets onto it as well? Like Whatsapp, Facebook and stuff like that.
  45. Indicious Flow

    Post [MOD][XPOSED][4.3.x - 8.x] Flat Style Bar Indicators [20/02/18 ver. 5.1.0]

    Any updates in regards to G4 MM's no data type issue?
  46. Indicious Flow

    Post [ROM] [N 7.1] [H815] [OFFICIAL] AICP 12.1

    Bootloops after clean install ROM and Gapps.