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  1. Rene_ajax

    Post Honor 6 plus PE-TL10

  2. Rene_ajax

    Post Xposed Framework for new lollipop update? (EMUI 3.1)

    When will we get a working xposed for emui 3.1?
  3. Rene_ajax

    Post [Honor6] HONOR MultiTool

    The purpose of rooting was to use it with xposed framework. However, theres currently no version that supports emui 3.1 But I don't wanna go back to kitkat, Android 5.1 is the best imo!
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    Post Trebuchet 1.0 on official Honor 5.1.1 rom

    As we speak about launchers... It doesnt work well together with Emui's theme engine. I've had different launchers (like apex and nova), I got force closes. However, after disabling ''hw theme'' from build.prop, NO more force closes. I don't want the HW launcher, because it is less...
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    Post Honor 6 plus PE-TL10

    I am asking the same question here. Can I root emui 3.1 with multi tool?
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    Post Official 5.1 update for Honor 6+ PE-TL-10

    Where do you guys look for updates? I look on this site: As well as the official site (in Chinese): Seems like they have updated on 30th september, newest (beta?) version =...
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    Post Honor 6 plus PE-TL10

    yes, I am talking about emui 3.1 , that can be downloaded from everybody tried it yet?
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    Thread Honor 6 plus PE-TL10

    here for all your questions and problem reagrding to update
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    Post [GUIDE] Back to Stock ROM (the sure method)

    and where can I find
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    Post [OFFICIAL] Honor 6 (L02, L12, L04) Stock ROMs

    Does this also work if I flash on my device?
  11. Rene_ajax

    Post Xposed Framework (for Huawei)

    Isnt it a good idea to make a complete list of working modules?? I have minminguard up and running!
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] Unofficial LIQUIDSMOOTH Kitkat V3.2 for Huawei Honor 6

    I do also have this version of the phone. It seems like to be the Chinese version (almost no updates, but I do like Emui 3.0 though, so far so good) Do we have any custom ROMS??
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    Post [Settings] Tweaks to lower CPU temperature and scaling

    how about the heating issue now on this phone??
  14. Rene_ajax

    Post [VOTE] Next custom rom

    where is blisspop? can someone port that to this device?
  15. Rene_ajax

    Post Official Idol 3 Battery Thread

    wow, this phone really looks beautiful imo. is it worth it?
  16. Rene_ajax

    Post your experiences with alcatel phones?

    so, at this point it is not sure if it gets updated to Android M?
  17. Rene_ajax

    Thread your experiences with alcatel phones?

    I am planning to buy this awesome phone But I want to hear some user experiences, because I never have had an Alcatel before. So.... - How is the service of Alcatel? Especially when it comes down to warranty - Is this phone future proof? (talking bout the idol 3 5,5'') - How about the...
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    Post [UNBRICK][BETA] HTC Unbricking Project

    so, basically, you need to have ubuntu do this unbrick-thing. And with this ''linux box'' I can virtualize Linux on my Windows 8.1 PC? So I dont have to install the whole linux OS on my PC, I guess I will do more research and google about this, thanks. Secondly, I read everywhere this brick...
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    Post [UNBRICK][BETA] HTC Unbricking Project

    Can someone help me with step 1? ''Boot the linux box and download the appropriate package for the device.'' Already stuck.. What does it mean?
  20. Rene_ajax

    Post Bootloader unlocking soon

    might this be the 1st step to an unlock? even while asus hasn't released the app yet.
  21. Rene_ajax

    Post Disappoiment asus

    yea you're right... I will stop complaining about it! Although this phone is still on my wish list! Just waiting for more discount :) When Asus or Intel releases the unlock, does this also mean Custom Roms???
  22. Rene_ajax

    Post [DEPRECATED][GUIDE][ROOT] Smartwatch 3 KNX01V

    whats the purpose of rooting a smart watch?? rofl
  23. Rene_ajax

    Post Disappoiment asus

    This would be my next phone if bootloader could be unlocked... Shame on Asus!!
  24. Rene_ajax

    Post [JB ROOT] motochopper works! (Root JB 4.1.1 & 4.2.1 with locked bootloader!)

    question: can you install custom ROM or kernel if you are rooted (with this method), but bootloader is locked? I have this problem.... Using the unlock device apk gives me error, no matter how many times I try.
  25. Rene_ajax

    Post Zeblaze Rover

    watch looks very nice and for its price I dont hestitate. Where can I buy it for cheapest (with coupon)??
  26. Rene_ajax

    Post [Q] Where to buy WW version in Europe?

    but you dont live in france, so how were you able to buy it?
  27. Rene_ajax

    Post [Watchface]Baymax & Fruits&Vegetables

    ok cool, but..... for WHICH smart watch is this??
  28. Rene_ajax

    Post ZTE Blade S6 All You Need To Know

    Why should you do all this and risk losing your root?
  29. Rene_ajax

    Post Looking to buy ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML)

    which site? Ive taken a look at newegg shop, but no zenfone 2 in their shop?
  30. Rene_ajax

    Post Why isn't Freedom supported in the Zenfone 2?

    freedom wont work unfortunately for server-sided games...
  31. Rene_ajax

    Post Where did you buy, and what version did you got

    very attractive deal! and did you got any customs declared? I am most afraid of that:mad:
  32. Rene_ajax

    Post Elephone P7000 Pioneer, 5.5" 1080p FHD, MTK6752 Octa core 64-bit, 3GB RAM

    I can relate to this. Pure bs. And now we have to wait 5 days again for another ''flash sale''
  33. Rene_ajax

    Post 159.99 for Elephone P7000

    that bezels though...
  34. Rene_ajax

    Post Elephone P7000 4G LTE 5.5" FHD Android 5.0 3GB RAM MTK6752 Octa Core 1.7GHz - $158.99

    Chinese are scammers Heard about the side bezels. Looks in the picture: very beautiful and thin. In reality: very ugly, big side bezels!!
  35. Rene_ajax

    Post ZTE Blade S6 All You Need To Know

    And now wait for some nice ROMS to come? Or is this only hope? Ps. this still is a very interesting phone.. so far very satisfied!! Bought 2 months ago from Gearbest with coupon only €201
  36. Rene_ajax

    Post ASUS ZenFone 2 USA model may 18th?

    dont rage, my mate. :silly:
  37. Rene_ajax

    Post ASUS ZenFone 2 USA model may 18th?

    Thanks. But this one looks way more legit: And better reviews
  38. Rene_ajax

    Thread Does this seller really sells the 2,3ghz WW version ?

    Seems like this seller sells the 2,3ghz WW model for €317 (included shipping, excluded taxs) Who bought from this seller and can confirm this?
  39. Rene_ajax

    Post ASUS ZenFone 2 USA model may 18th?

    please, lnik where you´ve bought yours. Because I really want to have the ´´good´´ model.
  40. Rene_ajax

    Post [Q] Zenfone 2 launch event in NYC?

    warning: 1,8ghz version!!! (probably CN firmware)
  41. Rene_ajax

    Post 4GB Zenfone 2 - First Impressions

    So, should I also buy from Geabest then? Now it has big offer! But can I overclock that 1,8ghz to 2,3ghz??
  42. Rene_ajax

    Post 4GB Zenfone 2 - First Impressions

    and how did you get WW firmware on a Chinese model [that you bought from gearbest]?
  43. Rene_ajax

    Post ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) Specs, Announcements

    Above post: Seems very interesting, price not too crazy high... And they ship everywhere in Euorpe!! :)
  44. Rene_ajax

    Post French pre-orders already shipped?

    why? We cant order them because we live outside FRance / Belgium :(:( No workaround for this?
  45. Rene_ajax

    Post 4GB Zenfone 2 - First Impressions

    can you tell me how to do mail forwarding from the site?? I am from The Netherlands, so... Really wanna buy from Asus France
  46. Rene_ajax

    Post 4GB Zenfone 2 - First Impressions

    What do you mean? If I understood correctly, Chinese version is from Gearbest and that one doesnt have play store and is only 1,8ghz
  47. Rene_ajax

    Post 4GB Zenfone 2 - First Impressions

    thats really a pity:( but from gearbest that one is Taiwanese version, no Playstore and only 1,8ghz. but I have heard you can put Worldwide firmware on it, so it can support EU bands and have playstore?