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  1. alanhenrique

    Thread S9+ Snapdragon problem with BT conection ans stability.

    Hello Guys!! I've been some issues with my s9+ snapdragon, my device has a poor conection using BT, i've detected some fails during using devices trhouth BT, the songs fails, some times stop or pause, some interferences during calls, i have 5 devices BT like speakers, headphone, microphones and...
  2. alanhenrique

    Thread Note Fe Oreo Update for SM-N935K - Source, Root & TWRP.

    Hello Guys, Samsung start release out Android Oreo for note FE and i tested rom, root, Twrp and Magisk. everything works fine! Follow image to download for with samfirm: SamFirm_v0.3.6. Works fine here! Samfirm...
  3. alanhenrique

    Thread new phone !! i need sugestions !

    hello dears ! i need a sugestion !:confused: i go sale my 3D and buy other smart phone! but i have 3 options ! Nexus 4 - he is good, i like this phone, it so.. beautiful ! S4 - is a good smartphone, but the price is very expansive ! Xperia Z - i dont like, but it a good phone ! My questions...
  4. alanhenrique

    Thread Jelly Bean stable it's possible ? thanks devs !!

    hello guys! the 4 the nexus already received the update to 4.3 jellybean. stands a doubt, and maybe even a hint. will be possible to have a stable rom for our JB lg 3d? When I say stable is of course not counting on 3D features! just the basics like wifi, bluethout, HDMI, standard camera...
  5. alanhenrique

    Thread [Q] device not recognized by the system! recovery mode not work

    hi guys! i have a problem ... my friend has the GT 5830c, I installed a custom ROM and it worked perfectly! But after 5 days of use. the phone crashed and restarting it did not load the system and is in the samsung logo screen! go for recovery and follow the standard process to reinstall the...
  6. alanhenrique

    Thread [GAME] GTA VICE CITY, reboots !

    Hello Friends, i have GTA VICE CITY, Version 1.3 The game does not open and lock the phone! I'm with the CM10 Version 20120128 sometimes it does not open and locks the phone! opens and other times! does anyone know how to solve? Pacman and jellybam ever used! all give this problem! the game...
  7. alanhenrique

    Thread [baseband] basebands work on cm10!!!!!

    Hello friends, I ask everyone who can, to post what baseband is using with CM10 in order to create a detailed basis for consultation at all! Base: Operator: Phone model: 3G/2G woks? county: We need you!