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  1. warface123

    Thread (Q) chat or teamspeak 3 idea.

    Would it not be great to get help using chat or teamspeak 3? Maybe a chatroom would be nice :D. If enough is interested I'd buy a teamspeak server for help. Every language is welcome! :) Is this a good idea yes or no :(?
  2. warface123

    Thread How to connect S2 Plus to Macbook pro?

    Hello everyone and good evening :).I use a Imac and Macbook pro for school. The problem is that I cant connect my S2 Plus with CM11.Anyone that knows a fix for it? I searched my *** for a fix but still I cant find one :( So if someone knows a fix for it pls say it :) Regards warface123 :).
  3. warface123

    Thread Must Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy SII Plus

    Hi everyone, Another common thread which i would like to see in s2 plus subforum Starting with my favorite apps :D MX Player - A video / audio player that supports almost all formats and subtitle support too Whatsapp - A cross platform social messenger which needs no special introduction. My...
  4. warface123

    Thread need help with htc sense 3.5

    me and a small group of developers having ported htc sense 3.5 to the galaxy gio we are asking help from other developers to fix the bugs any help would be aprecatiete the thread link
  5. warface123

    Thread [Q] any help for how to get s-off

    can someone help me getting my sensation s-off i am very new to htc so any help would be apprecitiet
  6. warface123

    Thread [Q] How do i move all apps to sd-ext when using jellybean

    [Q] How do i move all apps to sd-ext when using jellybean thanks in advance warface 123
  7. warface123

    Thread [Q] Hoe to change standard keyboard with a another one with root explorer

    I really wanna change my standard keyboard with a another one (in this case swift keyboard I like it because I like to type very fast and I can do this with this keyboard and that is very handy). Any help is welcome This message was sent with my Samsung galaxy gio
  8. warface123

    Thread REQ) froyo stock rom for galaxy gio

    can someone give me a working ! download link for stock froyo because i dont like gingerbread
  9. warface123

    Thread kernel porting team needed

    alright i trying to port a 3.0.8 kernel for ics (LINK but i need help pm if you want to join the team
  10. warface123

    Thread spam thread for cm10

    i am hating spammers so i made this thread for things that are not typecol in the developent
  11. warface123

    Thread [Q] how to know if the bootloader is locked or not

    i am new to the xperia s so i wanna know if its locked or not btw i bought i from someone else regards warface123
  12. warface123

    Thread floating video play from galaxy s3

    this is the video player from the samsung galaxy s3 little video
  13. warface123

    Thread offtopic) what is your playstation name

    my qaustion is what is your playstation name mine is mw3killer9800 games that i play are mw3 gt5 battlefield 3 mw2
  14. warface123

    Thread [Q] which kernel for cm9

    which kernel is the best for cm9 if it is possable
  15. warface123

    Thread what is the best settings for cm9

    i want the best battery what i am doing listen music no wifi 30 minutes of games rest of the time doing nothing so what are your settings