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  1. Casanoaa

    Thread Turkish tv live app

    Hi Which turkish stream app are you using?
  2. Casanoaa

    Thread Android mini pc (which one to buy?)

    Hi I have to buy a android mini pc. It has to be used primarily for streaming tv. Which one should I buy and why? I found some self: 1. RIKOMAGIC MK802 IV BLUETOOTH 8GB 2. RIKOMAGIC MK802 IIIS BLUETOOTH 8GB 3. S400 Quad-Core
  3. Casanoaa

    Thread [Q]Wifi power safe mode on or off

    Hi all Samsung Galaxy SIII owners... Have you turned wifi power safe mode off or is it on? You can check it dialing *#0011*# menu key and wifi
  4. Casanoaa

    Thread Best browser 2012

    What browser do you use and why? I use stock browser on GSIII
  5. Casanoaa

    Thread Best browser 2012

    What browser do you use and why? I use stock browser on GSIII
  6. Casanoaa

    Thread Picture upload fails on XDA

    Every upload fails when i try uploading pictures to the forum? Dropbox, tapatalk etc.
  7. Casanoaa

    Thread Lockscreen on in pocket

    Hi When i hear music and use my headphones my lockscreen goes on in my jeans pocket something to do? Funny enough the phone goes on and sends messages and calls I use widgetlocker.
  8. Casanoaa

    Thread Upgrade to JB

    Hi Can i update to JB the 29th when samsung pushes the update while i haven't updated to latest firmware on ICS. I don't want to update to latest ICS firmware and just want to upgrade to JB. Press thanks if i helped!
  9. Casanoaa

    Thread Best facebook app

    Hey Which one are you using? I am using Friendcaster because it's not running in background.
  10. Casanoaa

    Thread increase sms notification volume

    Can we do that in stock ICS rooted. Or do I need to use sms app for that? I can't hear my sms notifications.
  11. Casanoaa

    Thread Gsm/Wcdma/Auto what is your choose?

    Which setting do you use?
  12. Casanoaa

    Thread Update a rooted S3

    Hi i received an OTA update 71mb or with kies . My question is; Should i just OTA update or with kies my S3? Should i use Triangle Away before updating because my S3 is modified. My S3 is rooted CW-root. Everything STOCK Baseband firmware I9300XXLF5 Denmark
  13. Casanoaa

    Thread [Q] SMS tone

    Which sms tone do you use ?
  14. Casanoaa

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen face recognition option

    Hey i can't use the lockscreen face recognition. The phone fails to open the config. Anyone knows what to do? Stock ICS Firmware upgraded to XXALF5