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    Post [ROM][(Un)OFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for Nexus 6 (shamu)

    Just wanted to report that I successfully updated to the 20180828 nightly from 20180814 using the native LOS Updater and TWRP 3.2.3-0. I previously reported that I had to sideload to update LOS; I'm glad it works now! Note: TWRP still fails to mount the encrypted partition when I enter...
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    Post [ROM][(Un)OFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for Nexus 6 (shamu)

    I'm also losing all my Bluetooth connections. Lost it again today, but it was after updating to TWRP 3.2.3-0 so I don't know what the cause was. Had to reconnect everything AND the phone's Bluetooth name reset to "Nexus 6" from my custom name. It's the second time Bluetooth totally reset...
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    Post [ROM][(Un)OFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for Nexus 6 (shamu)

    I just flashed twrp-3.2.3-0-shamu.img to Recovery from TWRP & an OTG USB drive. TWRP version in the top bar correctly lists 3.2.3-0. Upon entering the correct lock pattern, recovery still reports "Pattern failed, please try again!" :(
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    Post [ROM][(Un)OFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for Nexus 6 (shamu)

    I am generally very happy with my 64GB Nexus 6 running Lineage OS 15.1! It's really great using a phone several years old that's still able to keep up to everyday usage with minimal frustration. It's exciting to not feel the need to buy into the latest phone craze and comforting to know...
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    Post Lifetime Ad Free?

    Any update on the Lifetime Ad Subscription? Maybe add a "Supporter" icon to the usernames, too.
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    Post Which Android head unit?

    Does Dasaita/Hot-Audio sell standalone head units? From the website it looks like only make head units with customized integrated dash kits.
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    Post [Q] HELP: How to flash Google factory image without USB debugging?

    Bumping this thread because it just really helped me!!! Thanks GedBlake!!!! For the longest time I could never get fastboot or flash-all to work without first enabling USB debugging and much swearing and dealing with permissions. Wound up that my device wasn't getting recognized by Windows at...
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    Post Apps Able To Change "Show Notifications" Setting?

    Thanks for the help, Spartan117H3! I'm going to move apps to internal memory if they have frequent notifications. Not sure why that android forums page didn't come up in my searches. It's another TouchWiz! I wonder how widespread this issue is. I never played with Xposed before. I'm gonna...
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    Post Apps Able To Change "Show Notifications" Setting?

    UPDATE: after some troubleshooting it appears that unchecking Show Notificatons doesn't survive a reboot ONLY when the app was moved to sdcard. Works as expected when the app is in internal memory. (This is why my Nexus 7 doesn't exhibit this- no sdcard.) It appears to occur for any app...
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    Post Apps Able To Change "Show Notifications" Setting?

    PvZ2 is probably the easiest, since theCHIVE requires you to be inactive for a while before it throws up a notification. But you may need to plant some sprouts, and you have to earn a seed in a board. haha I just wiped/cleared (only) with FlashFire. Will see what happens.
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    Post Apps Able To Change "Show Notifications" Setting?

    I've had this issue for at least 6 months. Done a full wipe & clear with each update as they've come out, currently on OG5. Are you using either of the apps (PvZ2, Chive, LastPass)?
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    Thread Apps Able To Change "Show Notifications" Setting?

    So I can't remember if this used to happen on my stock GS4 since I've been running CM for so long, but on my GS5, certain apps are able to override the "Show notifications" checkbox in Settings/Applications! I feel like I'm going crazy since I'm constantly having to uncheck the notifications...
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    Post 6.0.1_MM_Factory_Odin_Tar_Images

    Even the Nexus 4 has the latest and greatest Android software!!! Ugh... GS5. I feel so lucky I was at least able to unlock the GS4 the moment I got it. I'd never buy a non-Nexus with my own money at this point. When the new phones come out...
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    Post [How-To] Update to G900V_PF4 - 6.0.1

    Strange: apparently flashing an update via FlashFire on an encrypted device does not remove encryption. IIRC, at least prior to FlashFire, devices were required to be re-encrypted. I haven't encrypted the device in a long time until recently so I don't fully remember the expected behavior.
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    Post [How-To] Update to G900V_PF4 - 6.0.1

    And already we'll have a new build on the horizon to fix what wasn't fixed...
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    Post [How-To] Update to G900V_PF4 - 6.0.1

    In case anyone wants to encrypt their phone with root, you need to kill the su task first. See this post: muniz_ri: I'd recommend Device Encryption be added to the "Known Issues" or somewhere else in the OP; after flashing...
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    Post G900V_OD5-OE1_Batch_DeBloater (Windows, Linux, Mac)

    Wow- I've been reading through DeBloater.bat using Windows Notepad app. Not fun- that is for sure. Painful. Downloaded Notepad++ and opened the batch file up in it. Wow. Can't believe I put off installing it for so long!! Colors, formatting, oh my! :) ---------- Post added at 06:37 PM...
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    Post [How-To] Update to G900V_PF4 - 6.0.1

    Has anyone successfully encrypted their GS5 OE1 phone's internal memory? After attempting to encrypt, I get the Android figure encryption icon on white background for ~3 seconds, screen turns black (with blue LED lit for charging), but the phone does not seem to wake up ever. Based on other...
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    Post G900V_OD5-OE1_Batch_DeBloater (Windows, Linux, Mac)

    I can confirm that Extreme now accepts a factory data reset. Thanks!! This really is a great time saver. A couple of thoughts on the script execution: I find I have to run it twice to get the list of apps to scroll in the command window and to fully clear out the apps from the device. May be...
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    Post G900V_OD5-OE1_Batch_DeBloater (Windows, Linux, Mac)

    OK, so I've used Extreme twice and both times, afterward, if I go to recovery, wipe cache/wipe data and reboot, the Setup app fails to complete successfully. Setup fails right after Google account setup and the app keeps restarting preventing getting to the homescreen. Something in Extreme is...
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    Post G900V_OD5-OE1_Batch_DeBloater (Windows, Linux, Mac)

    muniz_ri, would you please add the VZW Accessories and YouTube apps to the script? I'd recommend they go under Light and Medium, respectively. I'll of course be installing YouTube from the Play Store, but it's nice to be able to move the app to SD once it's out of ROM, plus it's not an...
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    Post [STABLE][2016.07.05] SuperSU v2.76 [CLOSED]

    Full unroot/Cleanup for permanent unroot Hi- I had questions on the "Full unroot" features of SuperSU. I'm uninstalling my favorite Knox, Verizon bloatware, etc., from a Verizon GS5 on OD5 and then want to permanent unroot including removing BusyBox & as many traces of root as possible...
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    Post [MODEM][Zip] Modems for Loki'd & Safestrap roms (12/03/2014)

    Regarding the new OTA, here's the build KOT49H.I545VRUFNG6 announcement: It states Bluetooth was updated, but not whether it's software or modem.
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    Post Major gapps problems when installing p4vzw CM10.1

    I just installed followed by and I have the same gapps process errors occurring. The 20121011 gapps file is for 4.1.2. Would installing that version of gapps on CM 10.1 (4.2.2) automatically cause issues?
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    Post [Q] [QUESTION] How to Unlock/Root the Verizon Galaxy S4 Developer Edition?

    Can you uninstall the bloatware on the Dev edition?
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    Post Verizon to sell 32GB Samsung Galaxy S 4 starting June 29, pricing set at $299.99

    I can't seem to purchase the S4 32GB online at month-to-month pricing to keep my unlimited data. I can add it to my cart at $699, but then I'm still prompted to pick a new, data-limited plan. What gives?
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    Post Retail Buy: Dev Edition vs VZW Direct?

    Google Wallet Does the developer edition have Google Wallet enabled?
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    Post Retail Buy: Dev Edition vs VZW Direct?

    Any difference in resale value down the line?
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    Thread Retail Buy: Dev Edition vs VZW Direct?

    I'm buying a phone for the wife to replace an aging and dying Droid X. Will be purchasing at full retail to keep my current Nationwide 450 with Unlimited Data plan. Having trouble deciding whether to purchase the 16GB Developer Edition from Samsung ($650) or purchase the 32GB from Verizon for...