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  1. notyu1459

    Thread [TIP] How to Enable 2 Button Navigation on the OnePlus 8 (no root)

    Presumably this also works on the OnePlus 8 Pro. Here's hoping it also works on Oxygen OS 11. If you search under Apps and Notifications, you may notice that the OnePlus 8 still has a hidden "2 Button Navigation" App installed. That's because it's still capable of using it, even though there's...
  2. notyu1459

    Thread [Q] Where's the multirom love?

    I'm glad that people are finally getting together and trying to produce some new ROMs for this device, but I feel that Shield Tab, more than any other device, needs multirom support. Some games don't work and may never work on Android 5.0 and up, and that's a real shame for a device with this...
  3. notyu1459

    Thread LAST CM11 Nightly! [OFFICIAL] (Original link deleted)

    So for whatever reason, Cyanogen has removed all CM11 nightlies from their servers. Some people are quite upset at this. I know I was. The last Slimkat stable gave me problems, and the CM12 nightlies are a work in progress. I eventually gave in and began sampling various Lollipop ROMs. Now I've...
  4. notyu1459

    Thread It is happening...a 1080p smartphone with a Snapdragon 810!

    The Oneplus Two might be getting some competition! The name of said device is... the HTC Hima! Specs: 5-inch Full HD display Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC containing a 2.0GHz quad-core processor and a 1.5GHz quad-core processor 3GB of...
  5. notyu1459

    Thread My views on F2FS (does it actually do anything?)

    The answer: yes, actually. But only under specific circumstances. I am an extremely heavy user. I had nearly 500 apps installed on my Nexus 7 until I got a OnePlus One and move a lot of them to that, instead. When you pack your Nexus 7, or any device for that matter, to its limit like that...
  6. notyu1459

    Thread Your emulation experience....what has it been like?

    Mine has been wonderful. This is the only phone of mine that has ever ran Dreamcast games smoothly. In fact, the only issues I have are emulator related, not device related. With a GameKlip, its a wonder to use. The only kernel that has given me smooth performance so far though is Franco...
  7. notyu1459

    Thread Where are all the Cyanfox ROM downloads?

    I click go to the downloads page and all I see is one ROM available for the i9100. Where are all the other Device pages and all the other versions that have been released in the past?