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    Thread Which Oreo Rom?

    My Question is, which Oreo Rom is most stable and good for daily use + good/better Performance. I saw many Threads with Roms and there are some bad bugs there and after reading some answers from other Users, the RENOVATE ICE OREO Rom and the Oreo Beta 2 Port from Alex393. So which one from...
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    Thread [Guide] Unbrick + Install any Firmware after mount errors (/data, /system, /...)

    This Guide was tested on L09 Device, other Devices are untested so use it on your own risk if you dont have L09 Things You need: 1. B360 Firmware from this Link: (Use the right Region for your Device)...
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    Thread TWRP shows Internal Storage (0 MB)

    Are there any Solutions for this and fixes to get the Internal Storage back? Also my computer doesnt show up the Internal Storage over USB. Edit: Both Threads from me can be closed or deleted, i fixed it.
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    Thread Honor 8 Hard Bricked after Rollback

    I went back to Stock Rom and first flashed the Rollback B300 and then B131. After that Im stuck the whole time on the Honor Logo. I tried to get into eRecovery, TWRP and Stock Recovery, nothing works, only Bootloader but I cant flash a ROM cause the 3 Button Method also dont work. Any...
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    Thread Increase Game Performance

    Hey Guys, I found a way to increase the Performance of the Mate 7. Requirements this App: And of course Root. Instructions 1. Download and install Device Control [root] 2. Then open it and tap on the 3 lines...
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    Thread Change App Resolution

    It it possible to change any App Resolution? I tried Subway Surfers on my Mate 7 (1920x1080) but after I start the game, the resolution looks like it is downscaled. After I use CheatDroid to see the Preferences, I saw that the Resolution was 1280x720, so only HD. But my Display supports Full HD...
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    Thread Mate 7 Xbox Controller?

    Is it possible to use a xbox wired controller via OTG on Mate 7? I already tried it but it doesnt recognize the controller but other Devices via OTG are working
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    Thread Cust Version C432 and C900?

    Are there any Differences between the Cust Versions C432 and C900 ? Because I had to made a Factory Reset yesterday and before that I had the Europe Version C900B571 and now I have C432B571.
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    Thread Mate 7 Designs won't apply

    Anyone face that Problem that the Designs cant be changed? Everytime I wanna apply a new design, it always applies the Standard Design, but it says "Design will be applied" :confused:
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    Thread Mate 7 B560 to B571 Update Error

    I got the B571 Update but if I try to update after downloaded it, it says "Install Failed" :(
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    Thread MT7-L09 B560 Downgrade

    Is it possible to downgrade from B560 to B331 ? I already tried Hard reset but it stucks on Huawei Screen and if I try it over the Software Upgrade function (with dailer code), it always brings me to my TWRP Recovery but nothing happens. Any solutions for Downgrading back?
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    Thread Root Mate 7 L09 B560

    Which TWRP (or Recovery) should I use and which SuperSU Version?
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    Thread CM 13 Downgrade to Stock

    I wanna Downgrade back to Stock 5.1 but my question is, do I have any problems with bootloader, flickering or OTA's if I downgrade from 6.0.1 CM13 to 5.1 Pure Stock? And should I think about something before I downgrade?:confused:
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    Thread CM 12.1 Xbox 360 Controller

    Is it possible to use my Xbox 360 Cable Controller with an OTG Cable on CM 12.1 ? It worked perfect on Stock and CM 11 but on 12.1 it doesnt work:rolleyes:
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    Thread App not installed CM 12.1

    Everytime I try to install any APK, it gives me the "x App not installed" error. I also tried to Patch to Android with Lucky Patcher but still the same error. On Stock ROM the Lucky Patcher Method worked fine everytime, but since I installed CM 12.1, it doesn't work anymore :( Any solutions...
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    Thread Moto G XT1032 Retail 5.1 Root

    For all who are on Retail 5.1 and dont know how to root, try the ROOT & TWRP Method from the 5.1 GPE Version. I've tried it myself and it works Perfect. Good for all who got the Update and want to share it...
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    Thread Moto G 1032 5.1 GPE OTA Question

    yesterday I got an OTA Notification about 6,7 MB, this OTA cames after the Stagefright Update, but I wanted to install these OTA but it doesnt work and flash via twrp also doesnt work. I got 5.1 GPE rooted, any solutions to install that OTA?:confused:
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    Thread Game Backup

    Is it possible to Backup game saves without having root? I play Dungeon Hunter 4 and I want to unlock my bootloader and I now that all things on my phone will be deleted and I also know that I have to lost my Character on Dungeon Hunter 4 and start with a new Character. So is there any Chance...
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    Thread Moto G XT1032 Unlock + Root

    I want to root my Moto G XT1032 with Retail 5.0.2 Lollipop, what is the fastest way to unlock my Bootloader and then root? Some Information about unroot and lock Bootloader will be nice too:)
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    Thread Force Immersive Mode on all Apps

    I have a Question about Immersive Mode on Lollipop, so i want to know how can I force Immersive Mode on some Apps? I already had Full Screen Immersive Mode and GMD Immersive. Both had some Problems and little Bugs with the Keyboard or when I swipe the Notification Bar down. So what a good...
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    Thread [Q] Get MBM-CI

    I have a Question, so how is it possible to get the MBM-CI from a OTA? So Lollipop has already official rollout in some countries, but why is now one working on that getting the MBM-CI?
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    Thread Moto G Hard Brick after Lollipop

    So I think I have hardbricked my Moto G, so I went from Lollipop to 4.4.4 GPE and then to 4.4.2 Retail and after that I Updated via WLAN to 4.4.4 Retail. Now my Phone doesn't turn on or anything. I've followed this Guide...
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    Thread [Q] Lollipop 5.0.1 Downgrade

    Is it possible to get back from 5.0.1 GPE to 4.4.4 GPE and then from 4.4.4 GPE back to Retail 4.4.4? I have Lollipop now, but I think its not so stable like KitKat, it has many compatibility problems with some App and so I decide to go back to Retail, because I don't really like the GPE Version...
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    Thread Subway Surfers Question

    I have a question about Subway Surfers, is there any chance to turn ONLY the Music off in this Game? Maybe edit the APK or something?:confused: I've seen many Modded Versions of Subway Surfers, there was the Music off but the SFX still on.
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    Thread [Q] Moto G Overclock question

    I'm new here and I have a question about overclocking the Moto G So I have the Moto G XT1032 with Android KK 4.4.4 Can I Overclock this Moto G with the Faux123 Kernel? If not, what can I do to overclocking it to 1.6Ghz? Sorry for my English, I'm from Germany:rolleyes:;)