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  1. kraatus90

    Post [ROM][9.0][beryllium] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/12]

    that's nothing, i downloaded 19 build 2 days ago but didn't install until today, right after that i got notification for 20, installed that and now downloading 22. :eek:
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    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    Eh, i'm just an AMD fanboy who is happy that they finally have competitive CPU again. so that's why i named it Ryzen. nothing serious lol. No idea, i extracted from the boot.img. Maybe next month when i'm free. i've switched to POCO F1. so probably it will be last update. :p
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][9.0.0][beryllium] LineageOS 16.0

    try FreeDcam from playstore. it's free and focus works.
  4. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL][POCOPHONE] FrancoKernel ? r32 · 7th Sep - MIUI Pie and custom roms

    have you bought the app ? :laugh: update is already available.
  5. kraatus90

    Post [XT1900-7 / OTA] June patch

    remove password/pin/ any type of lock you have, reboot.
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    Post Does hardware of Moto X4 support EAS?

    it does, in fact i had used in my custom kernel around December-march. but the results are not that impressive so i abandoned it.
  7. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    im currently busy with work, will update once im free. :)
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    Post [Root] Camera mod for Moto X4.

    this mod doesn't remove anything, only adds the features stated in op.
  9. kraatus90

    Post [Root] Camera mod for Moto X4.

    magisk module doesn't work with supersu, so no.
  10. kraatus90

    Post [Root] Camera mod for Moto X4.

    nope. it's only for X4.
  11. kraatus90

    Post [Root] Camera mod for Moto X4.

    13-14 downloads but not a single comment on how bad/good/working/not working it is ? this community is really dead lol.
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    Thread [Root] Camera mod for Moto X4.

    This is a mod i have been using by quite some time, thought i should share it with other users of Moto x4. it's mostly made by defcomg and i have only done xml and module part. you can see this has 4032x 2268 video support, it's very useful as you can record 2268p video and use google photos...
  13. kraatus90

    Post [Q] Obtaining the boot img dump

    boot twrp image. and then make a backup of boot.img. don't flash twrp.
  14. kraatus90

    Post Why is Motorola doing this? Moto g6 plus better version of Moto X4?

    because motorola management is really stupid. it's not just hardware, even the software side has very stupid decisions. like 1080p60 on g5+ uses 4k stream, which is really sharp and high quality compared to what their other phones use. it's stupid, that's all i can say.
  15. kraatus90

    Post Why is Motorola doing this? Moto g6 plus better version of Moto X4?

    even g5+ had f1.7. and a better imx362 sensor. :laugh:
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    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    you have to edit fstab.qcom. and about xposed. i have no idea as i don't use it.
  17. kraatus90

    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][TWRP 3.2.1][MOTO x4 PAYTON][7.1.1/8.0]

    December actually. and with custom kernel. trying again :D Edit ; works (password accepted in new build). flashed my kernel zip too. but root is gone. i guess gotta flash magisk again ? Edit2; got root back again with magiskzip. custom kernel still there, and no freezing issues. backup...
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][TWRP 3.2.1][MOTO x4 PAYTON][7.1.1/8.0]

    on previous build, it doesn't accept my password.
  19. kraatus90

    Post moto X4 firmware stock 7.1.1

    just flash system and boot.img of oreo rom available (dec ) it will at least give you a working phone. but only flash system.img and boot.img. nothing else. and after it comes alive, never take any OTA or it will hardbrick the phone forever.
  20. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    as i said sources are different. i can't really do anything until moto releases new kernel source.
  21. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    Source is based on december update( moto hasn't released feb kernel source yet). it could work on feb update but not guarantee.
  22. kraatus90

    Post [URGENT HELP NEEDED] DEVICE WON'T BOOT. please help. please, please!!!

    Are you using usb 3.0 port to connect your phone to the pc ?
  23. kraatus90

    Post Camera tuner apk?

    it's not needed anymore since they have changed the way chromatix libs are stored and loaded. so even if you install it. it will do nothing.
  24. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    i believe he has tried it already, problem is it boots to recovery instead of system. so pretty much unusable. :(
  25. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    will try in next update. Edit: Update r3 is here
  26. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    Update r2 is released. link on first post. * upstreamed to latest stable kernel release 4.4.114. :D
  27. kraatus90

    Post Oreo Kernel Source Code Released

    But the phone didn't really launch with oreo, it's upgrade has oreo out of the box. i'm pretty sure Motorola will find a way to dodge the bullet here. :rolleyes: Anyway, about security updates, nobody can say for sure. we don't even have 100% fully featured twrp yet. roms are long shot. with...
  28. kraatus90

    Post Oreo Kernel Source Code Released

    i really doubt 6gb version is having treble.
  29. kraatus90

    Post Current X4 models to get treble support.?

    it was a rumour. x4 6gb version is still having sdm630.
  30. kraatus90

    Post [OP3/3T] Modded Google Camera with HDR+, 60FPS video and Slow Motion

    will ask him, but without the device i don't think he will work on it.
  31. kraatus90

    Post [OP3/3T] Modded Google Camera with HDR+, 60FPS video and Slow Motion

    he doesn't have OP3/t tho, he uses moto g5 plus which has broken auto/touch focus in gcam. that's why he implemented manual focus. before that he was modding gcam 4.2 32b version for it. you can check his mods here. he has a long history of camera mods mostly based on libs.
  32. kraatus90

    Post [OP3/3T] Modded Google Camera with HDR+, 60FPS video and Slow Motion

    You should give credits to defcomg. manual focus and manual iso for gcam is his work only. he has spent alot of time on it. :o
  33. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    that would be great, cuz currently there's no way to modify ramdisk and ramdisk modification is necessary for upcoming eas kernel for flash and forget installing. otherwise it's kinda too much work to setup properly. although there's a long way to get fully stable eas. hopefully next month it...
  34. kraatus90

    Post Moto X4 Models (NO Bootloader Unlocking)

    did you tried running same command 3-4 times again after getting that "failed" massage ? i was having same problem. had to run it 8-9 times to get the code, and another 4-5 times to unlock it.
  35. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    you can try but most likely twrp won't work after flashing kernel. so in order to use twrp, you will have to use bootable twrp image and use it whenever you need it. best thing to do is, flash Ryzen_rX_m.img via fastboot. and instead of flashing twrp, just boot the bootable version.
  36. kraatus90

    Thread [KERNEL][FEB 8] RyzenKernel -r3 (stock/oreo)

    for Stock-Oreo /* *** Disclaimer * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research * if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL * before flashing it! YOU are...
  37. kraatus90

    Post Oreo Kernel Source Code Released

    Expect some goodies today :victory:
  38. kraatus90

    Post [KERNEL] [Oct 1] ElementalX G5 Plus 3.00 (Oreo)

    voltage table flar2 not sure if it's the right place to ask, but is there any way to get the voltage table for sd630 ? it uses 4.4.y kernel. only thing i got is these from dsmsg-- <6>[ 0.196482,0] clk-cpu-osm 179c0000.qcom,clk-cpu-630: using pwrcl speed bin 0 and pvs_ver 0 <6>[...
  39. kraatus90

    Post [ALL][Kernel][8.1][AOSP] Pantheon Kernel [Stale]

    nice, i hope payton kernel source will release soon so i can build my EAS kernel. first time seeing moto has upstream the kernel. :good:
  40. kraatus90

    Post ROOT METHODS for MOTO X4 [7.1.1/8.0]

    I think he did. but it breaks wifi for some reason. are you going to work on x4 too ? :D really great work on g5+ 64b btw. :good:
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][TWRP 3.2.1][MOTO x4 PAYTON][7.1.1/8.0]

    wait, so i can just flash magisk modules by booting to twrp ? no need to decrypt it ?