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    Post |ROM|★SKYFALL★|►UCUFNI1◄|►6.1◄|Sep.28.14|

    Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into these roms, I greatly appreciate it! Everyone don't forget to donate!! iB4STiD has been very kind and answers all my noob questions, he has great patience :) What device are you using now iB4STiD?
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    Post |ROM|★SKYFALL★|►UCUFNI1◄|►6.1◄|Sep.28.14|

    Thank you! that worked. The ROM works great and fast!
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    Post |ROM|★SKYFALL★|►UCUFNI1◄|►6.1◄|Sep.28.14|

    Has anyone with an i337m successfully gotten the wifi fix to work? I tried everything I can think of; I flashed this with WIFI FIX B4 MG1 BASEBND and tried the WIFI FIX FOR MG1 BASEBAND but nothing works. I even reflashed the factory ROM/Kernels, then flashed this ROM
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    Post |ROM|★SKYFALL★|►UCUFNI1◄|►6.1◄|Sep.28.14|

    Flashed this ROM and installed ktoonsez's kernel (Since the wifi fix didn't work for me) and everything works great thanks for the hard work iB4STiD! Two questions; 1) I flashed the call recording add on, but cannot see any options to record whilst in a call. Is there a settings menu? Or does...
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    Post |ROM|★SKYFALL★|►UCUFNI1◄|►6.1◄|Sep.28.14|

    I tried to flash the ROM, but I couldn't get the wifi to work. I even tried using both wifi fixes (before and after MG1). I'll try your other ROMs and report back. Thanks for the great ROMs. Prior to flash; i337m Baseband: I337MVLUAMG1 Build: JDQ39. I337MVLUAMG1
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    Post Is there a way of finding you car with GPS

    Well, I know in many GPS programs, such as IGo and Garmin you can place a pin at your current location. This is what I would suggest right before leaving the car place a pin at your current location.
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    Thread Google Navigator (Download maps Manually)

    Hello I have google navigator from: It works by downloading the map data and storing it until you wish to delete it. I was wondering if it was possible to download the map data manually before hand while I am using wifi because I do not have an unlimited data plan and don't...
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    Post Google Navigator 3.0

    Hi, The software is working does anyone know how to manually download all the map data. I don't have an unlimited data plan and want to use it while I'm driving. Thanks