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    Thread scrcpy on raspberry pi

    here is an amazing software which mirrors android screen to PC via adb (wireless too) tried this on rpi 3. screen lag is noticed :( did some one got this working on raspberry pi with HW acceleration. issue specific to rpi...
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    Thread OTA Links MI MAX 2

    Hi people, if some one looking for links to download incremental updates from PC incremental updates - Smaller file size ~<500MB recovery flashable or Fastboot flashable - Huge size >1GB Update 11.APR.2018 UPDATE version : V9.5.4.0 BASE version : V9.2.1.0 LINK : Download (~630MB) OLD...
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    Thread [PORT] [ROOT] Motorola camera for MI Max 2 with professional mode

    Hi, with reference to this thread ive got motorola camera with professional mode works with mi max 2 ive tested on miui global stable for basic features and it works. NOTE : uninstall the other versions of Motorola camera app if you already have it installed extract apk from the...
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    Thread MIUI stock recovery & boot.img

    Hi, some one please provide the boot.img of the stock global rom TIA
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    Thread substratum theme engine

    did any one tried substratum theme engine ★ root in eUI roms...?
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    Thread [Tutorial][Root]Disable Capacitive buttons and enable virtual button.

    Hi, i am previously a Moto G (2013) user.. got used to onscreen buttons like pie and gesture control. Most of the guides available out there wont work with Le 1s.. so here it is do at your own risk. make sure you know about the consequences of things you are going to do. i always recommend...
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    Thread LeEco 1s ECO Telegram Group

    Here is the Telegram group link if you ppl wish to join.. Here you can Share roms.. Info about updates.. EUI Modification.. Tips & Tricks.. I know already there are whatsapp group but.. whatsapp has it own limitations.. if u are a telegram...
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    Thread SMS Not Working in MM Roms for GPE Converted Users

    Hi, im a GPE converted 1033xt user finally updated to Marshmallow found out "SMS dosent work" for all gpe converted users. searched the internet found out the only solution to flash STOCK rom finally i am able to get SMS to work on my device without flashing STOCK :) check next post.
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    Thread [CM12] How to make xposed framework work on MOTO G

    Hi Xposed is here. if you are wondering it does not work for you its because the SELinux status is set as Enforcing which doesnt allow xposed framework to modify at system level. though some modules are not compatible yet Bonus : Also if you are using Viper4Android it wont work unless the...
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    Thread [Q][Solved] CM12 Theme not applied for systemUI components

    Noob friendly method Edit : Solution here alternate & Easy method Thanks to Kris Nelson SergioSanchezR HI Navigation bar, Notification drawer, Quick settings toggle wont theme now im facing this issue 2nd time. is there any...
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    Thread CM12 Theme engine - HowTo Recover from Boot Loop with some themes

    Hi. If you are a Theme enthusiast while testing new themes sometimes end up with a bootloop :( which happened to me many times only way out is data wipe which is a worst nightmare for the flasher(without having backup) here is a solution where data wipe is not involved :) Requirements...
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    Thread [Root]WhatsApp call enabling without invite

    The latest WhatsApp feature is generating a lot of duplicate threads on XDA, drowning other threads in the process. Many are also posted in the wrong section. We're closing down all invite threads to keep the clutter down to a minimum. Instead, please use The Consolidated WhatsApp Calling Thread...
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    Thread [PORT][CM12][CM13]FM Radio

    Hi Edit : for CM13 check this Edit : for CM12.1 check this below is for older one was missing FM Radio in many CM based roms Saw many people asking for FM Radio in development section Since some roms like Resurrection Remix, Temask etc decided not to include FM radio along with the rom...
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    Thread [Lollipop] 1033xt GPE Converted devices Discusssions

    Edit : All issue is solved now check this post Hi This post is only intended for GPE converted 1033 users. i've seen many guys complaining in Dev section. im a GPE converted 1033 user since the day i unlocked the bootloader. in recent past had a issue with all the CM12 based roms like 1...
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    Thread [Updated][v2.0][App] New Music Player from Cyanogen [CM12][CM13]

    hi Update from CM13 here here is the new music player called eleven pulled from CM12 i just posted here if someone is interested Install normally if not working please push it to system/app and fix the permissions please let me know if this works on roms < android5.0 *latest here...
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    Thread [Material]Maps 9.0.0

    Here is the latest maps with material design
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    Thread Lenovo Music Player 3.3.292

    Latest version here Here is the latest & feature filled music player from lenovo... Tested in PA4.5 works well Should work with stock non rooted devices also pls check and give the feedback Issues To be used with immersive mode
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    Thread [Material Design] Moto camera for non-stock roms

    Update3: Latest gallery app here Update2: Latest Camera app version Update1 : here is the latest update with material design hi searched for the moto camera for cm roms but...
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    Thread [PORT][MOD][ROM][JB]XperienceXperia Rom in fih-fb0

    Hi friends. With limited system memory(~250MB) we fih-fb0'ns cannot get the full xperia user experience. thought to port/mod/themed (whatever you call) to our GREAT device. the xperia apps flashable zip available out there are more than the actual rom siZe of fb0 :mad:. so with the limitation...
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    Thread Porting PA / PAC from Triumph

    Hi fih fb0 users. i tried porting the Paranoid Android 2.53 from Motorola Triumph ( ) by using this guide ( ) Rom is...
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    Thread [APP][JB]Messaging app with quick reply option and many more

    if you are a user of CM10v0.2 by Dr. Rush then you would be missing the quick reply feature. This app pulled from my friends Samsung Galaxy SIII which has all the advanced features which was missing in v0.2 has following features 1. quick reply in notification 2. quick message-popup dialogue...
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    Thread [ROM][JB][Update] MIUIv5-3.5.17 Port from Htc touch HD2

    Rom updated check this post Hi, here is my MIUIv5-3.5.3 ported from HTC touch HD2 following rcset tutorial Everything works as it is. Minor modification of build prop EGL libs updated Themes not checked, i guess it should...
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    Thread [Q] ardx Kernel JB

    where can I get ardx kernel which was used in ardx JB rom and Rcset JB rom... I searched forum but couldn't @blessed to get it
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    Thread [JB]hurray.....! Got cm10 camera working.

    cm10 camera works now all credits to An Ky for more info. Facebook page. OfficiaL Lounge Mi410 - (FIH-FB0) tested and its working I can't believe this jelly bean rocks
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    Thread new rom cyanmobile by aben

    have you tried cyanmobile experience by aben...? link guys who tried post your reviews.
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    Thread Multi boot.

    Have someone tried this app in our mi410 for multiple booting of diff versions of Android if u tried pls let us know.:o
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    Thread [APP] file browser for android ICS

    while searching for suitable file browser for Android 4 ICS. came across this one little bit laggy but perfect match for ICS. works only with android 4