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  1. pyro530

    Thread [submissions closed] Testers wanted - Galaxy Tab Folio case

    Submissions closed, thanks everyone. I am looking for two members to test fit a couple of cases from our first production run for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7510.) They must be inside of the United States, we will pay for the shipping and you can keep the cases. Both are leather folio style cases...
  2. pyro530

    Thread [Updated 07/28] Comprehensive List of Cases + Reviews.

    Not quite finished with this first post I have a few more to add. Since the other thread is now 11 pages long and you have to read the whole thing to find every single case made for the flyer, I decided it might be easier if you could see the entire list in one post. Most of this info is taken...
  3. pyro530

    Thread Malata gTab Dock teardown photos

    I have seen a few threads around here where people are were asking about some good quality photos of the inside of the Malata Zpad dock that works for our gTablets. Well, I had a dock that I thought was DOA, after taking it apart it turns out the weight had just come loose and pulled out the...