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  1. junghyun01

    Thread Fully screen crack s7 edge silver!

    I feel so so sad on this gorilla glass 4 on this galaxy s7 edge silver color. This is my girlfriend's phone she also got case on it but just a a clear view case because another case cannot find in local store in my country so and i also bought still on the way! So lame just side drop from her...
  2. junghyun01

    Thread Back Frosted glass(awesome)

    I just got my amazing z5 graphite black and it really feels good in my hands! My first impression it have a very good screen saturation more than another xperia smartphones more smooth and look so classy! Anyway I really enjoy with it. Anyone love the back frosted glass like me? Does it will get...
  3. junghyun01

    Thread Can't install driver VIPER 4A on Lollipop

    Anybody success with that? I can't even i try to change to permissive and install latest busybox but driver still prompt after reboot!! Sent from my D6603 using XDA Free mobile app
  4. junghyun01

    Thread Viper 4A

    Anyone success to install viper driver on desire eye? For me noo Sent from my HTC_M910x using XDA Free mobile app
  5. junghyun01

    Thread Lollipop!!

    Hello i am new user coming from OnePlus One Flagship killer phone :D:D i saw desire eye and i'm very love it until now i get this phone! Greeting to all members here... And anybody when we get lollipop updates?:confused::confused: Sent from my HTC_M910x using XDA Free mobile app
  6. junghyun01

    Thread AudioFx by MaxxAudio!!

    I think this newer MaxxAudio is worse than before!! Bass seems wired and equalizer isn't good! Anybody know how to uninstall it completely and install another which mod that you use that is better??:confused::confused: Sent from my A0001 using XDA Free mobile app
  7. junghyun01

    Thread Do you use screen protector?

    Hello, as i mentioned on the subject i wanna know about all of u use screen protector or not? Because mine i used to use it too but seem like it doesn't stick with my screen after i stick it around 1week or 2week it will move up! I think maybe my one mini 2 screen doesn't stick normaly like...
  8. junghyun01

    Thread Android Suite Problem

    Anybody can tell me or show me how to encode apk back in androidsuite? I decode it already then i want to encode back but when finish encode nothing appear!!! Sent from my LT22i using xda app-developers app
  9. junghyun01

    Thread Battery on Xperia P

    Anybody can report about battery on Xperia P? Is it have long time when we use it? Sent from my MT27i using xda premium
  10. junghyun01

    Thread [App]Xperia Keyboard for all Rom

    Hello all!Like i promisse i will patch Xperia Keyboard work for all rom. Now It been released! Download link: Install : 1.Download the zip 2.Reboot to recovery 3.Install the zip 4.Reboot and Enjoy :) If you Like it Just leave me A THANKS Butoon PLease :D
  11. junghyun01

    Thread (Theme)Xperia S for GingerJH 04/03/12

    This is new framwork and new lockscreen for GingerJH user!!It very beautiful look for daily use ;) Here the link: Pink background: Install: 1.Download it and put in sd card 2.reboot to recovery 3.flash it 4.wipe davik cache 4.reboot and enjoy Some...
  12. junghyun01

    Thread (ROM)GingerJHv5 Linux version for Alfs-cm7 & nAa11(12-03-2012)

    Intro: Hi!I just want to share this rom to all in xda. This rom is based to xgin6.2 by rieken yuki :) Also this is my first rom in xda too so don't mind me if i done any mistake here!!and please report any bugs for me if you found.. What is working: Working All!! Download link...
  13. junghyun01

    Thread usb otg on alfs kernel!!!

    did anybody have a try usb otg on alfs kernel? Sent from my E15i using xda premium
  14. junghyun01

    Thread (Tutorial)How to running supercharger v6 U9 RC6 and V8_Supercharger(07-02-2012)

    This is my second Tutorial that I want to share to all xda member :) So,Please don't mind with my bad english or something that I make it wrong!! Original Thread : What's it do? It makes your phone FAST... super snappy with better...
  15. junghyun01

    Thread (Request) to dev pls port Usb OTG

    i want that so much even i just buy a otg cable ;) and it will be good if our x8 can support it!! Sent from my E15i using xda premium
  16. junghyun01

    Thread Widget locker

    It alway annoy me the license!! I can solved this problem by my self now :D Who meet this problem and noob dont know how to do post here :P Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  17. junghyun01

    Thread (Tutorial)How to use Swap!

    This is my first first Tutorial thread in xda! :D So,don't mind me and forgive me If i am done wrong something! Swapper is simple application for "extending memory". Helps when you need some memory for non active applications (like music player + browser + maps + etc...). Requirement: root...
  18. junghyun01

    Thread (Q)Custom kernel back to Stock kernel

    anybody know how to back from custom kernel to stock?? i already try to flash stock kernel by using flashtool but when power on it stuck at Sony Ericsson!!!i also try to back button but nothing happened?? Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  19. junghyun01

    Thread supercharger v6

    any x8 user using it? :D which balanced that good to x8? Sent from my E15a using xda premium
  20. junghyun01

    Thread Happy new year :")

    Have a nice year all ^_^ Wish our amazing x8 got fully ICS soon xD Sent from my E15a using xda premium
  21. junghyun01

    Thread SE Lockscreen

    anybody who can tell me how to get original lockscreen like stock Rom? Sent from my E15i using xda premium
  22. junghyun01

    Thread [Q] sd card read/write

    how to make my class2 8G sd card fast(read n write speed)? :(
  23. junghyun01

    Thread multiboot for x8?

    how to do that on x8? Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  24. junghyun01

    Thread usb OTG

    can our x8 support it? Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  25. junghyun01

    Thread nAa kernel r alfs kernel

    who can tell me which is better? Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  26. junghyun01

    Thread [Q] any other custom rom support for x8

    i wonder if our x8 can handle with other Rom like Xperia10 r Neo ^^ can it?
  27. junghyun01

    Thread Alphalt6???

    Can x8 can play play alphalt6?? Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  28. junghyun01

    Thread how to use link2sd?

    anybody can tell me how to use it? Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  29. junghyun01

    Thread gingerdx v21 have bug

    that bug is with semi trans at status bar! :( Sent from my X8 using xda premium
  30. junghyun01

    Thread gingerxperia v18+kernel alfsv5

    can it gingerxperiav18+alfs v5? pls tell me Sent from my E15 using xda premium