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  1. oriondream

    Post Secure Startup

    I know exactly what you are talking about: that option is still there on Note10
  2. oriondream

    Post S-voice appears on Galaxy Store

    I may be dead wrong and talking out of my a** here, but isn't Bixby supposed to replace S voice?
  3. oriondream

    Post Direct dial contacts from the edge panel

    Great, thank you - that works!
  4. oriondream

    Thread Direct dial contacts from the edge panel

    Right now when I select a contact from the people edge panel I get a choice whether to call them or message them. Is it possible to link a contact in the edge panel so that when I click on the contact I make a call directly?
  5. oriondream

    Post S4 Browser Built-in Translate Tool

    If anybody is following this thread - found out the answer. In short - not possible. Disappointed - Android's customizability is nowhere to be seen when truly needed...
  6. oriondream

    Post S4 Browser Built-in Translate Tool

    One and only bump - nobody knows?
  7. oriondream

    Thread S4 Browser Built-in Translate Tool

    The shortcut to translate (in the menu that comes up once any text is selected on the web page) utilizes Samsung's proprietary S translate application, as I understand. Unfortunately, the application has very limited availability of languages, unlike Google translate. Is there a way to use or...
  8. oriondream

    Thread ATT or international (not the usual set of questions)

    I honestly searched multiple forums but have not seen specific answers to the following two questions: 1. Is resale value of international version of Samsung Note 2 significantly higher/lower than carpet branded version (ATT in my case)? 2. What about warranty/tech support? I know where to go...
  9. oriondream

    Post Insurance company?

    SquareTrade is great - but you need to reach out to them within 30 days of purchase. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda premium
  10. oriondream

    Post Gimmick or useful feature? How often do you use your S-Pens?

    I do not have the Note 2 yet but seriously considering getting when it comes out on Verizon. Being in New York (cold winters) another potential application for it - using the stylus when it is too cold to take off my mittens/ gloves. Damn I am so smart :) Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using...