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    Post Guide How to Root + play Tegra Games

    So how do you work around the free version not being able to fix market settings without purchasing the pro version?
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    Post Firmware Update

    I have not done the update yet, still on 10b and have the option to change display fonts.
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    Post Share your 3D photos and videos taken with the O3D here

    Just a quick video on my first day of having the phone starring my work mate "Jay from Punchy"
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    Post Optimus 3d shipping with 7 (seven) 3D games

    I bought the phone last week and there was a leaflet inside the box saying "Enjoy 10 3D games worth $$70 for free". When i click 3D games icon it takes me to gamloft download area where there is.only 3 out of the promised 7 available for download. Feel cheated a little, will contact LG and say WTF
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    Post Noob Alert - Stock Rom Backup

    So if you make a back-up of the rom and let's say were an idiot and bricked the phone, can it be restored from the back-up? Is it the 3 button sequence to put the device into recovery mode, or is it once it's bricked it's bricked?
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    Post [Q] Operator/Network Branding Removal Help

    Thanks for the info you all have provided. I feel that i am confident in the methods supplied but will head Bolino's advice and wait a little longer before i root the phone. Regards to all for taking time on this, Adam
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    Post [Q] Operator/Network Branding Removal Help

    Cheers Mate, really appreciate this solution you have given me, when i can read more info and find an easy way to root that i am confident with i will give it a go. Only been using Android for 3 day's and don't know much yet. It's not easy from what i read here. I am used to the simple...
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    Post [Q] Operator/Network Branding Removal Help

    Wow, so much info. Thank-you for taking the time to post all that. I bought the phone from Telechoice for $679, sold my iPhone 4 to get it lol. I am trying to remove all the icons an menus on the phone that relate to Optus Zoo, there is so a lot. Also there is an Optus screen at startup...
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    Thread [Q] Operator/Network Branding Removal Help

    Is there a way to remove branding on the LG P920? I bought the phone outright but it is filled with useless stuff from Optus here in Australia and i am with Vodafone. Any help highly appreciated!
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    Post Share your 3D photos and videos taken with the O3D here

    sorry tried to link but not able yet due to restriction
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    Post __________

    Would this get rid of Network branding? I bought the phone outright and it is loaded with useless Optus junk that can't be used.