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    Thread Gpu overclocking

    Hello, is there a tool from which i can overclock the gpu to 512(or so)mhz? i do it from the cm intergrated menu in settings, but since i installed an other kernel, it doesnt work anymore. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda app-developers app
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    Thread usb hard drive mounting problem

    Hey Guys, last time i bought an usb otg cable. I want to use it with my Gnex but i mounted it and in the file manager nothing appears. I tried several tools(stickmount, paragon ntfs). All time the directory is empty. Must i format it with exfat or another file system. My hard drive is 500gb...
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    Thread Rcmix runny link

    Hello, have anyone a link to rcmix runny. I cant find it.. thanks :) Sent from my Desire HD using XDA
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    Thread Themes arhd 5.x.x

    Has anyone got some good mods and themes for sense 2.1? Sent from my Desire HD using XDA
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    Thread Set vibration level

    Hello, ive noticed that in some roms the vibration (haptic feedback and sms/notification) is lower. Is there an option to make it lower. Maybe in build.prop or something like that? Sent from my Desire HD using XDA
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    Thread Sense weather widget

    Hey, i am currently on aosp ics so i cant enjoy the good things from sense :P is there a good 4x4(full page) weather widget with is similar to the one in sense? Sent from my Desire HD using XDA
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    Thread Black or white?

    Hey guys, I want to upgrade from my old desire hd but I can't decide of buying a white x or black or grey x. In what colours are your htc one x? Sent from my Desire HD using XDA
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    Thread [Q] horrible a2dp quality on sense roms

    Hey Guys, i have a really bad problem. When i play my music on sense roms to my bluetooth music receiver i have a scretchy noise when the music reach a high frequenzy. On aosp/miui roms it is all great. Reading other threads here on xda and i think it might be a problem with the bluetooth...
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    Thread [Q] scratchy a2dp sound in sense roms

    Hey Guys, i have a really strange problem. I now have a bluetooth sound receiver. All works fine with miui roms. All is perfect... But when i connect with sense roms(Ive tried Android Revolution HD, Virtuous Affinity and SmartDroid) there a a scratchy sound on all volume! Has anyone a idea how...