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  1. Mostafa Wael

    Thread Android 10 - RAM management issues?

    I've updated to Android 10 recently and, while I enjoy the improvements to the performance, I have been far from impressed with the phone's RAM management. Sometimes, the phone would just randomly fail to launch any apps. I would just tap on any app I want to launch from the home screen or in...
  2. Mostafa Wael

    Thread Essential Tweaks

    Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing fine. I just updated to Android 10, coming from AICP Pie, and I noticed that battery life took a serious hit compared to AICP. Now I know that AICP (and probably many other custom ROMs) use EAS by default, which could be credited for the great performance and...
  3. Mostafa Wael

    Thread [Kernel][EAS][OOS-N] Helix Kernel

    Helix Kernel for the OnePlus 5! For OOS-N Disclaimer: Despite everything being tested before release, anything can go wrong, and the one held responsible shall be you and you only. Don't come crying that your phone ate your cat after flashing my kernel, because, needless to say, I will...
  4. Mostafa Wael

    Thread [AKT][25th Dec][BETA] Advanced Kernel Tweaks v2.2.2 For OP5 & S835 devices

    After the enormous success and admiration from the discerning users, and being featured on a lot of sites among which are quite famous sites for the tech enthusiasts such as Android Authority and XDA's Portal, it was extremely hard on me and my fellow developers not to extend our support to such...
  5. Mostafa Wael

    Thread OnePlus 3 Review: The One to rule them all

    Unboxing experience and Build Quality Coming from an HTC One M9 device, a luxurious phone with gold rails on the sides at a hefty $650 price tag at launch, I was too skeptical about what can a $400 offer to me, especially when considering the fact that OnePlus is not that known in the...
  6. Mostafa Wael

    Thread [MOD]HTC One M9 Enhanced Thermal Configuration

    Enhanced Thermal Configuration for HTC One M9! Unleash the Dragon!! brought to you by Hello everyone! This is the official thread for my work on the enhanced thermal configuration to amend the thermals of our beloved M9! Yes it may be late, but for people like me who keep their devices for...
  7. Mostafa Wael

    Thread HTC One M9 Lollipop vs Marshmallow Comparison

    Welcome to the first constructive Lollipop vs Marhsmallow comparison! NOTICE: This is still WIP (Work in Progress) and I will keep updating the thread as soon as I finish an aspect of the comparison. Please do bare with me as I do not have the luxury of time unfortunately, but I am very...
  8. Mostafa Wael

    Thread [Q] security problem, can not remove the Pin/pattern/password protection

    Hi fellows, So i bought that S810 beast and i am fully enjoying it Only one of a sudden, i found a bug which i thought it might not be that annoying, but it turned out to be freaking me out I can not remove the lockscreen protection back to the normal slide lockscreen for an unknown reason...
  9. Mostafa Wael

    Thread [DISCUSSION][I9300][Touchwiz][Android 4.4.4] -->back-to-n00t by arter97<--

    Since Samsung stopped supporting the international galaxy S3 model (aka GT-I9300) claiming that the culprit is that it only has 1 GB RAM, so system apps cannot be run correctly, XDA Developers refused to settle down releasing the first milestone named ArchiPort, and here comes the other BIG...
  10. Mostafa Wael

    Thread [Q] sound mods for cm 10.2

    hey guys, just askin' if there are any sound mods (like xloud, AC!D,....) released for the monsterous AOSP cm 10.2 roms I heard that previous versions won't work with the cm 10.2 as they still don't support the aandroid 4.3 but i think long time has passed from the release of cyanogenMod 10.2...
  11. Mostafa Wael

    Thread [Q] lower minimum clock speed

    Hey guys, recently i noticed that some newer devices are having lower frequencies like 51 & 102 MHz, where s3 having 200 MHz as the lowest frequency possible. I was wondering what does these devices benefit from the lower frequencies ( 51,102) and is there any way to bring these frequencies to...
  12. Mostafa Wael

    Thread [Q] best kernels for s3 cm10.1

    Hey guys just got my s3 rooted and installed cm10.1 android version. 4.2.2 and wanted to spice up my phone with a kernel that ha e overclocking support and most important is: improved BATTERY LIFE. Can anybody tell me which is the best kernel with cm10.1 4.2.2? Thnxx in advance
  13. Mostafa Wael

    Thread how to return to stock recovery?

    Hi everyone. I have rooted my phone with Exynosabuse and flashed CWM Recovery with ROM manager premium, then I unrooted my phone and uninstalled rom manager, but still stuck with CWM Recovery. My question is how to return to stock recovery? ( thanks in advance for any help ) also can I update...