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  1. karanrajkapur

    Thread [ Sound profile icon set]

    Well guys I made a status bar using zooper. I'm almost done with everything, from network connectivity parameters to notifications (of course sms and phone only). I was wondering if we have any icon set that changes according to the sound profiles, like "silent", "loud", and "vibration"...
  2. karanrajkapur

    Thread [ Solved ]No BBM for Neo V?

    :confused: Guys, isn't the BBM available for our devices? I'm on SJB v7 with the provided gApps. This is what I'm getting since yesterday! Weird! Sent from my Xperia Neo V using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  3. karanrajkapur

    Thread [Solved][Error: FlashTool]FlashTool Startup Error.

    Guys, I'm facing some weird issue with my FlashTool right now. I had just used it to flash some kernel and because of a sudden power failure, the PC turned off and later when I restarted it and wanted to start FlashTool, it's giving me an error. I've reinstalled it, but to no avail. Help...
  4. karanrajkapur

    Thread [ Asking for Support ] Increasing internal memory

    Well guys, forgive me if you find this topic not being continued with but I'm really wanting this mod on our devices. Originally,I found this in the Arc forum. What it features is it patches the partitioned sd card with the phone's...