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  1. lawong

    Thread [Q]miui 12 android 11 downgrade?[SOLVED]

    hi, has anyone tried downgrading from miui 12 android 11 to miui 12 android 10 using fastboot or any other method? the reason is that i want to use android 10 based custom rom.
  2. lawong

    Thread [Q] z6 pro storage type ufs/emmc?

    hi all, as the tittle said, is lenovo z6 pro using emmc or ufs storage type? thanks in advance .
  3. lawong

    Thread [Q] mate 30 ultra wide angle auto focus?

    hi just a quick question, im planning to upgrade from mate 20 to mate 30 , is mate 30 has auto focus on the ultrawide angle lens just like mate 20?
  4. lawong

    Thread [Q] Most stable custom rom for mate 10

    i just had my mate 10 unlocked using dc unlocker that cost me 4eur , now trying open kirin rremix oreo, but it seems outdated ,can anyone that had trying out various kind of rom suggest me which one is the most stable?
  5. lawong

    Thread [SOLUTION] hisuite no internet connection

    maybe usefull to someone , guys im trying to rollback my mate 10 to previous emui version using hisuite in windown10 , but it keep pop up "no internet connection" message . trying to find solution everywhere but cant seems to find any solution , then i tried to turn off window security and it...
  6. lawong

    Thread [q]swithing to mi note 2

    hello fellow mi note 2 users. im on mate 9 now and as we already know the phone cannot be rooted while i need root for every phone's that i've buyed . the main reason is for adaway and v4a . is mi note 2(6gh ram 128gb of storage) worth to be switching at , what is the common problem in mi note...
  7. lawong

    Thread [Q]funkyhuawei bootloader code services

    i was wondering , browsing thru funkyhuawei page , and seems that they are able to provide bootloader code only using our imei and model number , seems promising , anyone can confirm or has tried their services?
  8. lawong

    Thread [Q] s7 edge battery in s6 flat

    im thinking of putting s7 edge battery in my s6 flat. how is it go?
  9. lawong

    Thread [Q]quick charge vs supercharge

    Is mate 9 supporting quick charge 3.0 ? I tried to charge my mate 9 with honor play quickcharge charger but it will only charge faster when screen is turned off. The reason im using quickcharge charger is because my supercharger has broken .
  10. lawong

    Thread [Q] unlock bootloader

    is theres any way to unlock the bootloader for L29 latest firmware ?
  11. lawong

    Thread Best arb3 firmware

    Whats you guys opinion, which is the best arb3 firmware(not a whole rom package) ? I have tried few and it seems that firmware affected camera/battery/network amd some others phone performance.
  12. lawong

    Thread [q] any issue on mi max 3 ?

    has anyone encounter multitouch issue or bug when playing games like pubg on mi max 3 ? or screen retention or any issue? i planning to buy 1 after its available at my country and get rid of this buggy redmi note 5 ai.
  13. lawong

    Thread Suggestion for camera apps true bokeh effect on lineageos based rom

    any camera suggestion? for bokeh effect , true bokeh effect that use secondary camera as depth effect not software effect. i didnt saw any bokeh effect mode for lineageos based rom stock camera apps.
  14. lawong

    Thread [Q]anyone facing touch issue?

    anyone facing touch issue when playing games.
  15. lawong

    Thread [Q] any j510k user here ?

    hi im been using j510k for a few weeks. any same user here?
  16. lawong

    Thread [SOLVED][Q] Offline charging ?

    has anyone having issue with offline charging(charging when turned off) . i cant seems to charge my phone when it is turned off , keep bootlooping in splash screen. Edit: fixed with other firmware ( system.img.ext4 ) .
  17. lawong

    Thread NOTE 4X BOA panel stuck pixel increased!

    hi i ve been worried about my redmi note 4x screen , its BOA panel and since the first time i buyed it has some stuck pixel in like near 10 of R/G/B color , and its been a month++ now and the stucked pixel increased more,its like nearly around 50 stuck pixels now on my phone! is anyone has the...
  18. lawong

    Thread [Q] can we use note 3 s-spen ?

    just curious , can we use note 3 spen in our device?
  19. lawong

    Thread [Q][HTL21] how to back to fully stock htl21?

    hi , i've converted my [email protected] butterfly to ub1 , and front led not working , so how can i revert back to original htl21 firmware ? i've already changed my phone's mid to PL9911 , so the phone wont let me flash any htl21 ruu. any suggestion? thanks in advance :)
  20. lawong

    Thread why is g2 lack of camera pre focus light?

    unlike most of samsung/xperia/htc phone's , g2 lacks of that feature ,what i means that if we touch-to-focus any object( dark room condition ),the LED light flashed to help the camera focus . its hard to pre focus object that we needed the camera to focus when capturing picture in the dark/night.
  21. lawong

    Thread [Q]Neo V locked bootloader modified kernel

    hi anyone manage to convert custom img kernel to ftf and be able to flashed it with flashtools without any error? I have managed to convert img kernel to ftf but facing error while flashing it in flashtools. The reason that I did that because of my phone won't allow bootloader to be unlocked...
  22. lawong

    Thread [Q] xda app force close

    hi .. im using galaxy note 2 and xda app always freeze then force close everytimes i click a post to quoate it.. does anyone facing the same issue as mine or im the only one.. :D
  23. lawong

    Thread [Q] camera flash too bright

    hi , my galaxy note camera flash seems too bright.. tried compare too other note and the other looks normal. but mine is too bright.. when touch the screen to focus in low light condition its too bright that if someone is in front of the camera hav to close their eyes because of the led are so...
  24. lawong

    Thread galaxy s3 amoled deep black

    did u guys noticed that s3 amoled deep black are more 'whiter' than galaxy note and s2..
  25. lawong

    Thread [Q] cracked on the side of the phone

    hi i was using the phone for a few month and put it in a flip casing.. but a few days ago when im tried to switch to another sim(remove the casing from the phone) and discovered that the side of the phone ( top side housing where the top mic placed) and right side of the phone are cracked. im...
  26. lawong

    Thread [Q] Xperia LWW Home Button Light?

    hi, i just buyed lww today , is the home button got led light or the semi circle around home button got some kind of light..? becoz my lww dint have it. :(
  27. lawong

    Thread [Q] ion camera quality n focus

    hi did anyone noticed that ion camera quality a bit low compare to 2011 xperia line that using 8mp camera... and its like the AutoFocus of ion didnt focused well.. or its happen only in my ion's?
  28. lawong

    Thread [Q] unknown imei,baseband , still no fix for our phone model?

    hi after wrong step by flashing directly to jb from ics my phone imei and baseband showing 'unkown' after a few days searching for a solution and tried all the method still didnt get it fixed.. the only method that im still not been tried is qpst tools that cant even detect my i9003.. so my...
  29. lawong

    Thread [Q][PRO][ics] browser crash when downloading

    hi does anyone know why its crashing? its nvr crash when im using gingerbread but happens when im using ics rom, i've tried other ics roms too but still same. its crash when the downloaded files are about 200mb.