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  1. jaseglenn4

    Thread [Gli Sviluppatori di banane Family Official thread]The Mafia didn't die in 2013

    Kidding. I'm just hoping M_T_M, dexter93, Babydollll, or any of the other members read this and have a nostalgia flashback. If you don't know what Gli Sviluppatori is, don't worry - we've been gone for a long time. Or have we?
  2. jaseglenn4

    Thread Official Memorial for Orion and Pipsqeak

    This is a non-spamming, peaceful thread to remember two wonderful members of the community who have passed. If you didn't know them, please do not post in this thread. Thanks. :) Sent from my throne in Hell.
  3. jaseglenn4

    Thread [Q]Galaxy Nexus Burn-In

    So my Nexus has burn in. Nothing new there on an AMOLED based screen. However, the other four Nexus I've seen that are more than a month old have the same issues as mine. My question is simply this: how many of you who have a Nexus have burn in? Please include age of Nexus and when you first...
  4. jaseglenn4

    Thread CDMA Nexus Warranty Question

    So I've had my CDMA GNex on Verizon for a couple of months now. I have insurance on my phone, however, this morning I noticed that there is a very ugly discolored band running horizontally across 1/3 of the screen. I've also noticed that the screen is less responsive than normal. I was able to...