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    Thread [Q] What's the deal with gapps crashing all the time on kitkat?

    Doesn't matter which rom is it, as long as it's kitkat based, gapps crash when connected and disconnected to the internet, no crashing in between. Clean install, not just my phone, and using PA GAPPS. Anyone else has had this happening?
  2. Remorcer

    Thread Looking for someone to share knowledge with

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who would like to help me with anything; messing with a device, modding, building, and even some more serious stuff to gather thanks with ;) Since I have a locked bootloader on my M c1905, I won't be able to fool around with custom ROMs very much. PM me if...
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    Thread [Q] Medium-hard brick?

    Okay, so, my Xperia M kinda got bricked. I'm trying to troubleshoot it, but with no success. it has been charging for a couple of hours, and the battery is full. I've been experiencing random reboots yesterday, and they were weird. Sometimes it even rebooted while the Sony logo was on the...
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    Thread Your warranty is not voided by rooting (Europe)

    This was stated on I guess our warranty isn't voided, it's just that phone/tablet manufacturers don't care...
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    Thread [Q] [Q/Thought] ROMs for locked bootloader

    A long time ago I've had an xperia X8, and was thinking about its software. So, on it, I could install recovery, and then flash any ROM that is built for stock kernel, since I didn't unlock the bootloader. My question is, couldn't the same concept be used on xperia M? With rachit's recovery for...
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    Thread [GAME] First song you get by shuffling is how you die.

    This thingy is popular on Reddit, so I decided to bring it here! :) Here are the rules: 1.Go to your songs app. 2.Pick a song. 3.Press the shuffle button. 4.Go to the next song by clicking next. 5.Post the result here ;) Mine was Viva la vida by Coldplay.