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    Post Charger brick for Xiaomi 55W Wireless charger

    I've been using the xiaomi 65w charger with it and it works just as well as when I was using the 120w charger, as far as reaching max wireless charging speed. Picked it up so I could take my 120w charger to the office.
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    Post Shipping Question

    Just a follow up to the previous post, my order came from Giztop a day earlier than than expected. While they may not be the fastest seller in the world, they were very communicative, helped me get everything I wanted, including an item I had forgotten to order initially and the items arrived...
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    Post Shipping Question

    I ordered mine from Giztop with express shipping as well. If it gets here on Thursday as DHL is estimating, it will have taken twelve days in all. They seem to be a little slow getting orders out the door.
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    Post No mate 30x... What next?

    I've actually just traded for a Mate 20x that I'm waiting to arrive, but I had the Oneplus 7t Pro 5g mclaren and while the phone is great as far as looks and performance, the 5g eats the battery like crazy. Went through a couple thinking it was a hardware issue but it's just bad battery life...