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    Thread Problems casting to chromecast

    anyone else having this issue? rebooting the phone & wiping cache wont fix it.... other devices on the same network can connect just fine. Not sure what the issue could be. EDIT: had to wipe and choose not to restore from the phone when setting it back up... Seemed to be an issue with my...
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    Thread PSA: Don't get the 3D tempered glass screen protector from OnePlus

    the official oneplus 5 screen protector is about 2mm too small and doesn't fix the phone all the way around. It's supposed to be "3D" so it would hug the screen all the way around, but ends up pushing up on all sides because of the shape of it causing bubbles. I've attached several pictures...
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    Thread Can you remove the unlocked bootloader warning when powering on device?

    As the title implies. Is this possible? if so, how? I'm talking about the one that says "your device can't be checked for corruption" .... etc
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    Thread Fails to encrypt

    Hey Guys, I just flashed the latest lineageOS nightly and decided it was a good time to encrypt my phone. However, when I try and encrypt, it starts by going to the encrypt screen with the green outline of the android guy. Seconds later it goes to the lineage loading animation and goes right...
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    Thread [MODULE] Android Mic Fix

    Description Fixes in call low volume mic issues for various Android devices. Can also fix "Ok Google" detection. Tested on OnePlus One running both Android 6, 7 & 8 Roms Note: Originally designed for the OnePlus One but will work for some others. Your mileage will vary. How it works Uses...
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    Thread Encrypt process after already installing Magisk

    hey guys, so I want to encrypt my phone but I want to stay rooted with magisk and xposed. (Using SuperSU 2.78 SR3). Device: OnePlus One running SultanXDA's CM13. Are there any special steps I need to take before I start the encryption process? do I need to completely unroot and remove all...