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  1. Zero4

    Thread Glass pulling away from screen

    Has anyone seen this before? Is it possible to have this manufacturing defect covered outside of the warranty? Short description: it appears that the adhesive in the top right portion of the screen is letting go, and air is getting between the glass and frame. Phone has been in a case since day...
  2. Zero4

    Thread Smart Switch 'Unzip Error' when attempting to update to Nougat

    Has anyone seen this error in Smart Switch when attempting to update software? See attached screenshot This is happening for me on any PC I attempt to run this update on (3 different Windows 10 Pro boxes). Everytime it fails, it is at 85% Smart Switch version: 4.1.17042_12 Tab S2: T710...
  3. Zero4

    Thread Wallpaper Images different sizes for lockscreen

    So, this is going to sound a little odd...but I've noticed that when setting a wallpaper by either "long pressing > wallpaper" or from "settings > wallpaper > home & lock screens" that when setting the same image on the lock screen, and desktop, they are actually set as different sizes. I have...