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    Post [MODULE] KTweak - Backed by evidence

    Polaris Mi Mix 2S LineageOS 17.1 Magisk 20.4 Ktweak 1.2.2 _log.txt: ----- Device Information ----- Linux localhost 4.9.232-perf-gf69c110 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 14 03:19:14 UTC 2020 armv8l Scheduler features exposed. CAF CPU boost detected. ZRAM supported. ------------------------------...
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    Post [APP][4.1+]TugaBrowser

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    Post [ROM][STOPPED/MOD CLOSE IT PLEASE][Gingerbread] MIUI GB based on 2.3.7 RC2

    translations hi! for miui rom translations look here:
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    Thread ...

    [close please] ..
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    Thread [ROM][WM6.1/6.5/6.5.x][WWE][XDA_UC_NET] Clean Revolution 11 - Wanted files!

    [ROM][WM6.1/6.5/6.5.x][WWE][XDA_UC_NET] Clean Revolution 11 [PLEASE CLOSE!] All links are dead! If any of the files you have it, please post it! Clean Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5/6.5.x ROMs for professional users. 30.04.2011: OS Build 29020 development now really stopped :)...
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    Post Show Us your X1 Homescreen

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    Post Poll - Most stable 6.1 ROM

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    Post (27 February 2008) S2P v0.17 - Slide2Play (CLOSED)

    cue sheet support wow! this is the best thing while TCPMP developing stopped! the cue sheet (.cue) support is possible? links: wikipedia; winamp plugin; cuesheet heaven sorry about my bad english