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    Post Marshmallow Sticker from Allo in WhatsApp

    hey did you figure out how to create the same thing for whatsapp can you please explain the process
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    Post [Build 3] [Ported TransK] Lollicop Rom for Samsung Galaxy Core duos I8262

    Phone keeps restarting after flash hi vaibhav First of all thank you so much for your amazing effort to make this one .. kudos to you after flashing in my core i8262 the phone keeps restarting after few mins i dont get any errors or anything but if i use a app for like five mins continuously...
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    Thread [Q] Hey Guys Core 2 Coming in This week.can we port its stock on our Core

    Hey guys :fingers-crossed: I checked out on Web and the stock firmware is already available for porting... I there any way we can port that 4.4.2 on our core? as i Saw in the specification everything seems same between the two Please devs throw your ideas on this topic Thanks Harsneo87...