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    Post Android 10 January 2020 security patch

    I'm not saying it's not real. I'm saying it's not general i.e. affecting everyone. Same way as you thought it worth reporting about it I thought that would be worth telling as well. Skickat från min Mi A2 via Tapatalk
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    Post Android 10 January 2020 security patch

    I do not have this problem so it's not a general bug affecting everyone. Skickat från min Mi A2 via Tapatalk
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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    I have a problem with Google Maps app. Not sure if it started with Android 10 though since I haven't used it for a few weeks. It opens up fine but when I tap to change to a different view (for example Satellite) it starts to flicker. Anyone else or is all well for you? (Google Maps Go world fine...
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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    At least Wi-Fi speed is back to normal.
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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    OMG! You're right! Mine is horrible too. Didn't realize at first because I was in a low coverage place. But now I'm in another place with two phones. My A2 gets around 20 while the other one gets 105. 5GHz
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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    Works just fine for me.
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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    Just updated about an hour ago. So far so good. No Bluetooth issue for me. Very pleased to have the Google download issue solved. Don't like the look of the icons in the status field but it's no big deal for me. In general the device seems more responsive.
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    Post December 2019 Patch is Now Available!

    What I do is I click on "save to drive" instead of download and so far so good. Not happy about it and the occasional swear word is uttered. But at least it works. Hope It gets fixed soon.
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    Post Just bought Mi 9 Lite and I have some questions

    4G+ in Sweden as well Skickat från min Mi A2 via Tapatalk
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    Post August 2019 security update

    This is so odd. I do not have the camera sound others are mentioning. Also I did not have the rotation between landscape and portrait bug reported in July update. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I just find it odd. Skickat från min Mi A2 via Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM] [TREBLE] [8.1] [Official] AICP 13.1 (Pro3 aka zl1, zl0, X727,X720,X722)

    Updates or not, this ROM is fantastic! Flashed it yesterday to my 720 that has been sitting unused for over a year and it is now running so smooth. Looks like it's kind to the battery as well. In a couple of days it will make an 11 year old boy very happy, but until then I plan to have fun...
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    Post ( Discussion And Feedback ) May Security Update Rolling Out For Mi A1

    For me standby battery drain is slightly better than on the April update. Still not as good as before April though.
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    Post Separate sounds for mail and messages

    Maybe the apps fr mail and messages have settings where yuo can choose sounds? For example m Textra messaging app lets me choose a different sound than other notifications. So does my Blue Mail app. I don't know how widespread that is though. ---------- Post added at 10:18 PM ----------...
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    Post Standby drain

    Since last update/security patch about 2% per hour. Waaaay more than before. So no longer a 2-3-day phone like it used to be.
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    Post Google search bar

    Don't over complicate things and be stubborn about staying on stock launcher. Nova is a great alternative, and I'm sure there are others out there as well. Apart from solving this particular issue you will have much more control of your home screens and app drawer. Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
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    Post Long press on home not working after 2nd may update

    No such problem here, so it seems i's something local to your device
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    Post No one ported miui 9 bug leselly in mi a1 is there any chance of miuii 10 for mi a1

    Once again, I don't know a lot about this, but I THINK the A1 is the only Xiomi with the A,B partitions. Maybe the new phones coming has it, but I don't think the "old" ones (the ones before or the same time as the A1) has A,B. I am fully prepared to be called wrong though...
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    Post No one ported miui 9 bug leselly in mi a1 is there any chance of miuii 10 for mi a1

    I am not a developer but from what little I have picked up the A1 is constructed with two partitions A,B wich is different from the 5X, and that is, from what I understand, a major reason of what makes it extremely hard to port MIUI to the A1. If I, with my little knowledge has managed to pick...
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    Post [TOOL] Google Camera without root/magisk (Enable Camera2Api, EIS)

    Why wouldn't it work? My reply that you qouted was a reply to the question "What could happen if I swiped to allow modifications in twrp instead of keeping read only?" Did you do that and it still went through all right? If you didn't do that, then there is no reason it shouldn't work.
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    Post Difference between permissive and enforcing

    Permissive = allowing something Enforcing = giving you no choice, making you (or the phone) do something That's of course jn general. You're making me curious about what this has to do with A1. Permit or enforce what? A specific app? If it's about development, more info here...
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    Post How to remove Google search bar?

    Use another launcher. I like Nova a lot. Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
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    Post SKINNED ROM like Miui or any other

    Dear oh dear... You sure aren't making any friends here... Well, good luck in your pursuit. You sure need it...
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    Post SKINNED ROM like Miui or any other

    Soooo, let the developers keep their love for stock and try to get "all" those users that like MIUI to learn to become developers instead. Users like yourself. You may be many, but I'm pretty sure you still are a minority. Instead of trying to get people that have chosen the A1 for the specific...
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    Post SKINNED ROM like Miui or any other

    Who are you to tell people to stay away? You, who insist in post YET ANOTHER request fro something that noone really wants to do. Something that, apperently is very hard to do. Why start ANOTHER thread about it when there already exist SEVERAL threads you can read through and add to? If you want...
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    Post Things I Need to Know Before Attempting a Screen Replacement?

    I don't think you have to worry too much about heat gun/hairdryer. It doesn't require loads of heat, so keep the hairdryer moving and stop now and the and try along one edge.
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    Post Please port miui

    If you want people to show you respect, earn it by not starting another thread about something that has been discussed in several topics already. Add to those discussions instead. (You aren't newto XDA so you should be aware there are search functions)
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    Post Root Memory Of Mi A1

    Removed my text cause I misunderstood things. I think... But I'll ask anyway: Is this really an "issue"? How much would you expect this to be? Doesn't look too odd for me, butI admit I know very little about it.
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    Post Dummy account issue. Please help

    At least an attempt to answer:
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    Post Mi A1 February Update problem

    They probably discovered a problem. They are not likely to tell us what. Either way, it was just a small patch that didn't make any noticable difference for me, so no big deal if you didn't get it. There will be others.
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    Post Miui 9

    You must understand that development for MIUI is of extremely low priority, since it's the pure Android that makes this device attractive to so many. Some opinions in this topic There is also a lengthy...
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    Post Network coverage - Sweden

    It's true that band 20 is widely used in Europe. But is there really an Indian A1 version without it? A proper Android One A1 and not a 5X with A1 ROM?As I understood it, but I could very well be wrong, the A1 is only available as Global. Either way, check the specs and make sure band 20 is...
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    Post error."flash modem_a error"

    Other people have already explained, but maybe I can clarify: MiFlash doesn't like spaces in names. You can put your "tissot_images..." folder directly on c: for the flashing, and then move it somewhere else after you have finished if you don't like having things in c: Edit: Correcting...
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    Post Miui. please respond to the developers

    I realised that too afterreading an old thread about this. Apparently band 20 isn't enabled in 5X.
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    Post Miui. please respond to the developers

    I am so glad to see the replies from you other people. I thought I was missing something thinking "What? WHY!" There is an, as I understand it, identical device with MIUI (Mi 5X?) already. And a bunch of other Xiaomi phones of course. There actually was a thread some time back (a couple of...
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    Post Did I get a used or otherwise non-stock phone? Strange "Caping" app preinstalled.

    Yep! Seems like it came with the update. DIdn't see it in my app drawer, but when I looked for in Play it said it was installed and that it wasn't installed through Play. No problem uninstalling it though.
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    Post ( Discussion And Feedback ) May Security Update Rolling Out For Mi A1

    I used MiFlash. Downloaded and extracted image, entered Fastboot with and unlocked bootloader, opened MiFlash, navigated to the location for the image and installed. I made a clean install (not sving any user data) that included relocking the bootloader, but if I had lots of stuff on the phone I...
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    Post Unable to update A1 OTA error "Installation problem"

    It's worth a try! I didn't have much on my phone to lose, but if I had I would have tried it with "saving user data", BUT being mentally prepared it could go wrong.
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    Post Unable to update A1 OTA error "Installation problem"

    I made the same mistake because I had no idea what I was doing and should have stayed away... Ooops! Last might I flashed Stock January Rom with MiFlash (clean install, did not save anything) and now all is well. Joined the Beta and got the February patch that got installed without any...
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    Post Le pro 3 x720 update official update 5.9.028s

    Nope. Not that particular problem... But I havehad to uninstall and reinstall several apps because they just stopped working. They didn't crash, force close or anything. They just stopped doing their job. Reinstaleld they once again work fine. This is one "update" I REALLY regret! (And yes, for...
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    Post Le pro 3 x720 update official update 5.9.028s

    If the phone is reset anyway I would suggest you installed TWRP and flash GApps that way. I don't have TWRP and I did not want to reset my phone to install it (I think unlocking the bootloader requires a reset), so...
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    Post Le pro 3 x720 update official update 5.9.028s

    "Updated" to 28s Friday night (OTA). Then spent several hours getting Google Serrvices and Play Store playing nice again. (Had do remove and reinstall them) .Had to uninstall an reinstall Google apps like Gmail, Calendar and the Google search. What gave me the most problem was Contacts that...
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    Post "Look" of the device (aesthetics)

    I have the white/gold and it looks good apart from the white bezels at the long edges of the screen. Wish they had done it like on my Leeco: Made them black. The top and bottom white areas are fine though.
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    Post Leeco le pro 3 "domain" battery drain

    Same problem for the last few days! Never seen this "Domain" thing high up i battery use before. I thought it was becasue I had left the GPS on, but it's still high up after turning off both GPS and Location. Stock ROM.
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    Post Activate softkeys navigation on any stock rom

    Just thought I'd add a little tidbit to this topic that I found after a dropped my LePro3 and lost home and back hardware key function. With the app Handy Soft Keys I now have (as the name suggests) really handy software keys...
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    Post i9505 no signal connection or 3g/ 4g """"""SOLUTION FOUND TO ALL USERS!!!!!""""""

    This worked perfectly for me! Fantastic! I found the expanded step-by-step in post #30 very helpful.
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    Post Android 5.1.1 OTA on rooted device without losing data

    Many say that we shouldn't use toolkits, but Nexus Root Toolkit has the option to flash new version without wiping. I have used it and everything has worked perfectly. But I suspect a clean install is always safer. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    Post Android 5.1.1 LMY48B Discussion Thread

    It's a little bit hit and miss when I try to connect to Eduroam at my uni. It connects eventually, but sometimes I have to turn WiFi on and off and sometimes I also have to choose the netwrok again. Or at least had to. The last couple of days have been all right (touch wood).
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    Post Android 5.1.1 LMY48B Discussion Thread

    My GPS actually is a little bit better than with 5.0.1. Once it had "calibrated" itself to my position. It took a long time though for it to "see" any satellitres at all, let alone lock them. Once it got going it is, lika I said, slightly better than it was with 5.0.1.