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  1. pico hackr

    Thread About multirom

    Every generation of moto g devices got multirom why don't we have it Sent from my lineage_athene using XDA-Developers Legacy app
  2. pico hackr

    Thread Bricked device need help

    hey guys can someone share singleimage file of moto g4 plus. my device is hard bricked it never boots in to boot loader or any thing , it just charges my device is detected as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM3)
  3. pico hackr

    Thread Multirom For Moto G4

    anyone interested in testing multirom for Moto G4 pull a message to me Picohackr in telegram , sorry G4 Plus users finger print is currently broken other than that everything works in G4 plus ( i cant fix FP its beyond my knowledge ) , when someone confirms its working in G4 i will post links in...
  4. pico hackr

    Thread Need help to bring up EFIDroid support for moto G4 plus

    i need a cat /proc/iomem
  5. pico hackr

    Thread did anyone tried substrantum in stock rom

    can anyone confirm it works
  6. pico hackr

    Thread help needed

    my sim tray 1 got breaked suddenly , can i able to convert my mobile to xt 1032 by flashing its modem.s im tray 2 is working fine Sent from my Moto G using XDA-Developers mobile app
  7. pico hackr

    Thread whats apps with usage access ?

    can someone properly explain what's this , i see this option in settings/security. What's the use of it , its pre enabled for googleplay services and googleplay store . Recently i have installed hotspot shield vpn and it asks for usage access i never enabled it because i never know what's the...
  8. pico hackr

    Thread is it true ?

    I feel like our little cute device is getting abandoned by lot of developers , is it true ?
  9. pico hackr

    Thread Android 5.0.2 Factory image[BR]

    hello all today i am going to share factory images of Lollipop 5.0.2 xt1033[Dual Sim]: Download Link xt1032[Single Sim]: Download Link Mfastboot: link Steps to restore stock firmware: 1) Reboot the phone into bootloader mode. There are 2 ways to do this. I) The 'hardware' way. a) Unplug...
  10. pico hackr

    Thread [ROM][5.0.2][4 FEB]PAC MAN Rom Lollipop Unofficial[3.1][Single Sim]

    Hello all i am just sharing this rom here all credits goes to moonlight Note: Guys i will update unofficial builds soon after the official release PAC-ROM OFFERS A UNIQUE CUSTOM ROM EXPERIENCE WITH OUR OWN TWEAKS AND OPTIONS, INCLUDING ELEMENTS AND FEATURES FROM THE BEST ROMS OUT THERE. WHY...
  11. pico hackr

    Thread Material AOSP Browser For Stock Lollipop (2-1-2015)

    Material AOSP Browser Instructions: 1: download the apk from download link 2: open root explorer or any other file browser with root permissions 3: copy browser to system/priv app folder and set proper permissions (r-r-r) 4: reboot device Credits: pico hackr Download link:
  12. pico hackr

    Thread Andy Log (root)[easy logcat][Free App Share From Google Play]

    Easy logcat tool to make development easy Description: Andy Log is a small tool that dumps necessary logs for bug reporting without hassle. Just choose what you'd like to include in your log file and click on LOG. Requirements * Root neded Supported (kitkat and lollipop)...
  13. pico hackr

    Thread Need Any Help ? Ask Here [FALCON][USER SUPPORT]

    This thread is dedicated to help every members I have been here on xda for quite few years and noticing that everyone keeps bumping the same question more than 100 times in development thread Lets keep the development thread clean from today so if you face have any questions or any doubts...
  14. pico hackr

    Thread [APP/MOD/GUIDE] Enable OK Google on any kitkat rom

    hey guys i have no idea will it works on moto e , but it works in moto g so i am posting the link to it here
  15. pico hackr

    Thread [APP/MOD/GUIDE] Enable OK Google on any kitkat rom

    OK Google for devices running Kitkat As everyone know google has updated its search engine and google play services i have found out some way to enable this on kitkat devices Found a way to trigger it using Unleash The Google Note: You must have your Google Search language set to US English...
  16. pico hackr

    Thread [APP/Share] Enable Battery Percentage In Moto G [Works on Rooted & Non Rooted Phones]

    [APP/Share] Enable Battery Percentage In Moto G [Works on Rooted & Non Rooted Phones] Enable Battery Percentage on our Moto G Stock Rom Introduction: Hey friends today i am sharing a free app from play store which helps you to display battery percentage in Moto G Stock Rom Features *...
  17. pico hackr

    Thread Enabling OK google trigger in every moto g tested on stock rom [xt1033 4.4.3 Br]

    OK Google for our beloved moto g As everyone know google has updated its search engine and google play services i have found out some way to enable this on our moto g Found a way to trigger it using Unleash The Google Note: You must have your Google Search language set to US English and be...
  18. pico hackr

    Thread (MoaAB) Mother of All AD-BLOCKING (02 JULY 2014) BLOCKS Malware Spyware Bloatware

    Here i share the (MoaAB) Mother of AD BLOCKING to STOP those Annoying ADs (Text and Media), Crazy Malware and Spyware, Bloatware, Possibly POP-Ups and other Nonsense Unwanted Parasites from the Internet I would thank @BSDgeek_Jake for creating this The IDEA is to Minimize the ADs all over the...
  19. pico hackr

    Thread [XPOSED]SoftKeys FadeOut Mod

    Hey guys presenting SoftKeys FadeOut MOd for Moto G tested on xt1033 stock rom FEATURES * hide softkeys in homescreen , app drawer and in apps *no lags Download CREDICTS Xposed Team
  20. pico hackr

    Thread [MOD] Hide sim 2 icon in kitkat version

    Hide Sim 2 Icon Hey guys found a new way to hide sim 2 icon using exposed module worked on Indian version XT1033 Screenshots Added In Attachments: Requirements 1: Rooted phone 2: Xposed Framework: Download: xposed framework:
  21. pico hackr

    Thread LiquidSmooth 3.0

    guys here is the latest official nightly builds from LiquidSmooth Dev's Download link: Download the latest build and enjoy :) Reference thread...
  22. pico hackr

    Thread Request to Dev's [OC Kernel For cm 11 RC1]

    can someone make a OC kernel for cyanogenmod RC1 build , plz build an OC kernel from OP's latest kernel source , i have been waiting for the kernel for a long time so i am requesting here
  23. pico hackr

    Thread [MOD] Trebuchet Launcher For CM 11

    hey guys here is the latest trebuchet launcher for cyanogenmod 11 just a bit modded , latest trebuchet launcher we use now looks just like launcher 2 But this one is based on the older version of trebuchet which we used on Android 4.3 with little modifications Changelogs: -Based on older...
  24. pico hackr

    Thread [ FREE ][ GAME] Hill Climb Racing [discontinued]

    Hi i am sharing this addictive game which i have been playing for years Description: One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game ever made for Android Features: - 14 different vehicles with unique upgrades (many different vehicles: bike, truck, jeep, tank etc) -...
  25. pico hackr

    Thread [APP][FREE]ShowBox[Watch & Download Movies Free]

    Show Box Amazing collection of Movies and TV-shows. Absolutely free. You can download them on your Android device or watch online. Show Box is a noteworthy Media & Video android app that created by Ivan Nichiporuk on Aug 23, 2013, it gets 4.5 stars,over 5000 Show Box apk downloads by users...
  26. pico hackr

    Thread cyanogenmod 11 trebuchet launcher

    hey guys here is the latest MOD trebuchet launcher for cyanogenmod 11 I have created it as a flashable zip :p Instructions: 1.Download the zip file 2.Reboot in to recovery 3.Flash the zip file...
  27. pico hackr

    Thread robotic voice in receiver side

    Call sound/voice on other side/end issue , every persons talked to me informed me they hear robotic voice . some help me to fix it. I can hear their words properly but they cant
  28. pico hackr

    Thread Moto G open-source components

    My first post after getting my Moto G firmware download link
  29. pico hackr

    Thread Advance New Year Wishes & Happy New Year

    Cheers to all .. ! New year 2014 is about to come. Before my mobile network gets jammed let me wish you a very happy new year.. Thanks to Mod: Ghost wildstang83 pandaball KidCarter93 krook6023 Thanks to our Dev: galaxyfreak sakindia123 Red Devil ateeq72 akya22 LiVeRpOoL-FaN...
  30. pico hackr

    Thread ION Kernel fails in swap

    why ION kernels doesn't support swap partition , it tells invalid argument while i use ram expander app
  31. pico hackr

    Thread wallpapers for htc pico

    Here is a collection of wallpapers for our pico
  32. pico hackr

    Thread All in One Tweaks for Android

    hey guys i am presenting you all the best tweaks for android in a single link
  33. pico hackr

    Thread This is a off topic question

    Plz someone tell me how to delete this forum account and i wish i dont need notification emails from this forum to my inbox forever Sent from my Explorer A310e using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  34. pico hackr

    Thread android 4.4 question and answer thread

    Hey guys CM 11 has been launched post your questions over here Alpha 2 will be launched today
  35. pico hackr

    Thread sound in settings force closes

    Someone please tell me how to fix " has stopped" bug in rom , its popping up everytime i could not select sound option in settings it force closes Sent from my HTC Explorer A310e using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  36. pico hackr

    Thread android 4.4

    Hey guysCM 11 has been launched beta build for 4.4 CYANOGENMOD 11 AORP CARBON PAC-MAN BEANSTALK
  37. pico hackr

    Thread how to increase 3g signal strength ?

    guys someone help me please i got very weak 3g signal strength in my pico help me how to increase it
  38. pico hackr

    Thread android 4.4 ?

    hey guys any news about kitkat for our pico
  39. pico hackr

    Thread Custom Icons For Cyanogenmod 10.2

    Hey guys here is the easy method to install icon pack in default cyanogenmod launcher (Trebuchet) You don't have to install any custom launcher like Apex , Nova or anything for this step 1: Just download any icon package you wish to use from playstore step 2: Install the icon package step...
  40. pico hackr

    Thread BlackBerry Messenger

    Does BBM app works in india , will it supports our pico
  41. pico hackr

    Thread MOKCM ScreenShots

    Hey guys i am presenting my latest screenshot of my mobile A great combination of Mokee and CM . Trebuchet Launcher looks awesome in this
  42. pico hackr

    Thread NAND Recovery Flashable zip To FIX Burnt NAND (7-1-2014)

    Hey guy new method of NAND Recovery is here I have found some easy method to nand recovery for NOOBS Method 1: just flash the below three zip files via recovery Note : (from the review of users I came to know that it helps to fix status 7 error too , personally I haven't tried it yet...
  43. pico hackr

    Thread Basic Tips For Pico Beginners

    BASIC TIPS AND TRICKS!! Access the scientific calculator To access the scientific calculator, rotate the phone to landscape mode. The calculator will change to a scientific one. End a phone call by pressing the Power button Rather than having to locate the hang up icon on the screen after...
  44. pico hackr

    Thread relock boot loader

    is it possible to relock the boot loader after installing a custom rom in the device
  45. pico hackr

    Thread can some one help me out guys

    i cant able to flash roms via recovery on my pico it shows the same error on flashing , i tried different roms nothing worked strucked on boot loop symlink failed:system/zcat/busybox out of memory installation aborted status 7 error everytime
  46. pico hackr

    Thread [Q] help me out guys

    hey friends it shows status 7 error on almost all rom's while installing through recovery , so can someone suggest a good recovery
  47. pico hackr

    Thread focal camera for cm 10.2

    friends i am gonna provide u cyanogenmod focal camera app for cyanogenmod 10.2 pico explorer , its not so perfect but i am happy bcz it was working will try to keep it updated, click the link to downloa
  48. pico hackr

    Thread latest Adreno 200 driver for cm 10.2

    guys this is the latest adreno 200 driver for for our htc pico i have tested it and it shows some improvements in graphics and smoothness on our device
  49. pico hackr

    Thread any audio fixes for cm10.2

    guys any audio and video fixes in cm 10.2
  50. pico hackr

    Thread waiting for the latest version

    waiting for the latest verson of android for a long time , as everyone know there is blutooth bug in 4,2,2 , though everthing except bluetooth works its pretty bore to use it , being perfect is what everyone loves , still had a hope that guys will update the stable version , we are waiting for...