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  1. buddy1234567

    Thread Unlock Bootloader: No (any way around this?)

    There are lots of posts out there like this that provide instructions on how to unlock the bootloader, and many other posts that say you can't if Service Settings reports "Unlock Bootloader: No". My problem is that my phone reports 'No' and I very much want to flash a custom rom. Can I do this...
  2. buddy1234567

    Thread on CM9 flashing UGJK3 modem = no connection

    My phone was originally a Bell Vibrant (i9000m Canadian) which I flashed to CM9. The signal drop has been significant though (and I see other i9000 users using the UGJK3 modem. When I flash it using Odin, my phone won't connect (never gets signal). So, how do I flash a modem correctly...
  3. buddy1234567

    Thread WANTED: How To CM9/Devil with i9000m

    Total noob. Is there a recommended how-to doc that walks a noob through this process? I found this one: but it's not for devil and I'm not sure of the differences.
  4. buddy1234567

    Thread What is flashing exactly?

    I've flashed my i9000m with stock firmware, but it's kept a number of the old apps I installed as well as custom settings. I thought flashing was "wipe it clean and paste files". It seems like flashing is copying files overtop of whatever is already there. So, what is flashing exactly?