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    Thread Wireless Powershare

    Can anyone tell how i can get this feature on my S9+? Samsung Wireless Powershare from the S10 or if there is an app i need to install?.
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    Thread N9200 Ported to N9300 and Google Play Store

    Hi all, I have a N9200 ported for Note7 (N9300) with the Aurora rom V24. the only custom rom which supports the N9200. However, the phone nor the rom comes with Google play store preinstalled. Can anyone give me a guide on installing the Google play store? Also should i be searching for...
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    Thread Rom Development of the N9200

    can someone tell me why no rom seems to support the N9200 or whats wrong with this phone? the N9208 is supported on most roms. i can only get one rom to support N9200 but its not entirely english which makes it difficult to use. its really disappointing.:(
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    Thread Help with G870A!

    hi i asking for some guidance here. Anyone with odin flash file with lollipop please give a link. i have a g870a which originally had Android version: 5.1.1 Baseband version: G870AUCU2COJ3 on it but then someone flashed G870AUCU1ANE4 4.4.2 on the phone and now you can hear the phone starting up...
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    Thread [Q] HTC one from Virgin Mobile convert to gsm

    can anyone tell me if it is possible to convert a htc one from Virgin mobile to work with GSM network? if it is possible can you share a link with the steps. i have searched but no success. best regards
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    Thread [Q] Camera Duo Problem

    My HTC one M8 was bought 2nd hand and the rear camera was not working. i changes the entire flex daughter cable and still was not working. i then replaced the rear the camera and then it started to work. my problem is the phone gives an error saying sometimes saying the duo is blocked remove my...
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    Thread [Q] GT-I5800L Keeps Restarting

    can someone help me this problem. my I5800L no matter how many times i flash it or which software version i use it just keeps restarting after it displays GT-I5800 on the screen. sometimes i boot into recovery but after 2 seconds it restarts again. any solutions anyone??
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    Thread [Q] My Touch Freezing

    Hi guys, i have read so many threads on the emmc chip issue after buying a ny touch 4g from ebay. mine is no different in the problems but i cant seem to get the phone to flash. i have downloaded the recommended files on the sdcard but my problem is in trying to update using the...
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    Thread Push Mail

    Hi Is there anyway to speed the time the mail is sent to the phone from the time it is received by the service provider (that is like Hotmail or POP) i have found it takes 30mins or more sometimes for the mail to reach my phone and it has been received by hotmail. can anyone give me some...
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    Thread Need help please wifi & bluetooth

    Hi i just bought myself a HTC Inspire 4G, phone works great except for wifi and bluetooth. i need someone to help me repair it. what happens is that the wifi sees my router (100% signal) connects to it and then disconnects 1 sec later. i tried it on other hotspots and the same thing happens. i...
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    Thread [Q] Help with T-Mobile Garminfone Stuck on Startup

    i have a T-Mobile Garminfone and its stuck on the startup logo after powering up the phone. i have tried to hard reset it but it sticks on **WIPE USERDATA** with the startup android logo. i have searched many forums trying to find out how to flash this phone but i am not getting any success...