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  1. Mrleonsio

    Thread Screen Burn In

    Hello. I own this device for almost two months now and three days ago I've noticed that there is yellow screen burn on the right top corner of the device which is visible only on white background. I'm wondering if there is way to fix it without screen replacing . And since it's LCD I've heard...
  2. Mrleonsio

    Thread Touch screen problem

    Hello.Ex Pocophone owner here. I switched to essential four days ago and I'm loving this device. My problem is that when I'm playing my favourite game - Mobile legends and moving the joystick sometimes is doesn't recognize my finger and lets joystick out so I'm standing like a fool in middle...
  3. Mrleonsio

    Thread Will this phone die after Android Q?

    As mentioned in question, Android Q is the last official update that company will provide for device. I own Pocophone F1 and was wondering if there will be custom ROMs for Essential Ph or it will stay at android 10 forever. Thank you
  4. Mrleonsio

    Thread Should I Switch to Mi 9 ?

    Title says it all pretty much. Is it worth it to switch? I just want to have full screen experience (teardrop notch is way better than this one :mad: ) . I was also thinking of Mi mix 3 because of true bezel-less display but Mi 9 has SD855 and great camera ,that's why I'm tilting towards it (We...
  5. Mrleonsio

    Thread Should You Expect An Oreo?

    Hello, I wanted to get back to my Z5P for testing purposes . Currently I have Poco F1. IS there any way this device is getting Android O? Not official but at least Custom ROM?
  6. Mrleonsio

    Thread Android Q?

    Hello, When can we approximately expect Android Q roms to arrive ? First beta preview is pushed for Pixel devices already.
  7. Mrleonsio

    Thread Fingerprint option is gone completely

    Hello, Essential is on latest Pie version. I'm unable to find Fingerprint lock in security menu, Any solutions? I'm using PIN code right now which isn't comfortable
  8. Mrleonsio

    Thread Should I Switch to Essential Phone?

    Hello guys, I'll keep everything short. I own Pocophone F1 , Should I switch to essential? What are cons and pros of Essential phone? It's on latest pie right now (I gave my Poco to friend for a week, he gave me his Essential) and fingerprint option is missing from settings, Can it be fixed? Is...
  9. Mrleonsio

    Thread Should I switch?

    Hello guys, I'll keep everything short. I own Pocophone F1 , Should I switch to essential? What are cons and pros of Essential phone? It's on latest pie right now and fingerprint option is missing from settings, Can it be fixed? Is Camera "That" bad? Is battery better than Poco? Thank you...
  10. Mrleonsio

    Thread Face Unlock Crash [PIE]

    When i try to press on "Add Face Data" Screen goes black and restarts System UI MIUI 10 Global 8.11.13 Any fix?
  11. Mrleonsio

    Thread No Hide Notch Option?

    Hello, I've updated my phone to MIUI 8.10.30 Beta I had Custom ROM installed before and i switched back to it. There is however no hide notch option in settings menu where it used to be. Do you have any fix for it? I use extra app to hide notch for now which doesn't feel good
  12. Mrleonsio

    Thread [GUIDE] How To Install MIUI 10 BETA via fastboot [No TWRP]

    Here's Complete Guide To Install MIUI 10 Beta via Fastboot Mode Things you will need : UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER Enabled USB Debugging [About Phone>Tap MIUI version few times until you will see dialog that you are developer.Then Go To Additional Settings>Developer Options and enable USB Debugging]...
  13. Mrleonsio

    Thread MTP Problems

    My Poco F1 does not get detected when i connect USB in TWRP Recovery Mode I can't flash MIUI 10 because of that. Windows 10 user Any Solutions?
  14. Mrleonsio

    Thread Weird Audio Glitch

    Hello, i'm not going to make long post and will try to make it as short as possible to understand My volume (Speakers and Headphones) keeps going up and down at some parts randomly when playing Music/Video on high volume Am i the only one having this glitch? Or is it normal? I don't want...
  15. Mrleonsio

    Thread [Theme] GreenishF Theme /w StatusBar Battery Percentage

    Hey Guys, I'm really exited with my new phone but only thing i was missing when i moved from my Xperia Z5 Premium was battery % in status bar After a bit research i've found that Poco F1 does not have feature for it, so here's little theme i have modified and made with status bar battery...
  16. Mrleonsio

    Thread [MOD] Xperia Andoid Pie-fy

    Hello guys. It's been awhile since my last post. I'm going to show you some useful apps to modify your Android and make it in Android 9.0 style. Apps used : Xposed - Module : EggsterDroid Thanks to rovo89 for Xposed Installer VolumePie [Free Version] Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer &...
  17. Mrleonsio

    Thread (Root) Always 4K Screen Resolution

    When it comes to screen Sony definitely tops the list above other manufacturers but our Xperia Z5 Premium doesn't always use 4K HD Resolution Screen, only when watching 4k video or things right? so why not to make it work in always 4K mode? more pixels- more fun Warning: Note that on high...
  18. Mrleonsio

    Thread [Theme] [MM] XPERIA Theme - ChromeS

    Hello Everyone :p , Here's A Theme For Your Xperia Z5 Device Which One Is Based On Chrome Color , So If You Have Gold Xperia Or Other Type You Have To Wait Until Your Related Version ChromeS Is Developed By Me Using Standard Xperia Theme Creator Software And It's made For Xperia Devices Covered...
  19. Mrleonsio

    Thread [Z5Premium] [SoundBoost]

    Before Doing This Please Note: I Am Not Responsible For Your Actions, Do It With Your Own Risk . This xml File Is Modified On Sony XPERIA Z5 Premium Dual E6833 Running Android M 6.0.1 Hello Everyone.Since I Have Purchased Sony Xperia Z5 Premium I Realized That It's Amazing SmartPhone But Only...
  20. Mrleonsio

    Thread Touch Duplicator?

    Hello There XDA Members Again. I Want To Ask If There Is Any Application Which Will Duplicate My Touch On Screen I Need it for some game for example when i touch some button in game one time it will do it twice or more times? Thank You So Much And Have A Great Day! :)
  21. Mrleonsio

    Thread Xperia Z1 VR side buttons problem

    Hello friends, i recently purchased VR box (first released) I'm pretty happy with it but i have little problem here, when i put my phone in vr box it starts pressing Volume down button again and again and my Volume bar is visible inside glasses which makes experience worst thing, is there...
  22. Mrleonsio

    Thread [THEME][LP] Anonymous Theme

    Hello Guys, Today I Have Finished Another Theme For Xperia Z Devices Anonymous Theme Is Really Nice One I Made So Far To Make Your Xperia Look Better :) Basically There We Go , Test Theme Yourself And Write Feedback In Comments Below Download : www...
  23. Mrleonsio

    Thread Xperia Z1 Camera Issues

    Hello there XDA members, few days ago i made factory reset on my z1 (c6902) which seems to be affected so bad on camera actually, what it does is biggest problem so far for me, when i am turning my camera on and capturing some pics and after closing it turning it again it is glitched, like...
  24. Mrleonsio

    Thread Xperia Problem

    Hello there Xperia users. I have some issues with my phone and i will go for it now. So, i have Xperia z1 c6902 and i have following issues 1.i am often using messenger by Facebook, but my phone keeps closing it over and over by time like once in per 35 mins, once it closes i am returning...
  25. Mrleonsio

    Thread Xperia Theme - Future

    Hello Once Again, This Is Leo And There We Go, Another Theme For Xperia Devices Developed By Myself , Unfortunately I Am Unable To Post Preview Screenshots Due I Don't Have 10 Post On Forums, But Believe Me Theme Is So Good Looking Itself , You Can Download And Leave Your Feedback In Comment...
  26. Mrleonsio

    Thread Can't Find My Firmware ZIP File Using Flashtool

    Flashtools Problem Hello Everyone, I Am Trying To Locate My Firmware ZIP File Which Is Located In C:\Users\Alien\.flashTool\firmwares\Downloads But In Flashtool When I Am Creating New Bundle I Am Unable To Go Inside Of Downloads Folder To select ZIP File, Any Help? :crying:
  27. Mrleonsio

    Thread Android M - Xperia Theme

    Hello Everyone, Today I Want To Introduce My Home Made Theme For Xperia Users basically theme is inspired as Android marshmallow design, as new user i am unable to post pictures for preview mediafire. com/?10soxx253adll78 Note: please remove space after mediafire. cause i can't even post...
  28. Mrleonsio

    Thread Please Help!

    Hello, Please Help Me I Am Using Xperia Z1 And i installed custom rom with Rom Installer, It Rebooted Phone And My navigation bar and status bar has gone, im so stupid and im nervous now , you guys are my last hope to fix, i need to restart every time to just switch between applications, please...