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    Post Mirror Purple exterior color in close look

    The purple is nice but not a fan of the black buttons/fingerprint reader. Would have been better if they were matching the colour of the phone.
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    Post Tempered Glass

    I bought the screen protector. It fits perfectly but you need a little patience. There were bubbles when i applied. Takes a little time to get rid of them but afterwards its great. Its also full adhesive.
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    Post Tempered Glass

    Has anyone tried this? Is it full adhesive?
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    Post xperia 1 ii apk Overwrite

    You will need root and unlocked bootloader.
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    Post Wireless Charging

    I just bought this
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    Post Xperia 1 ii - Vodafone?

    The Xperia 1 II is exclusive to O2 at the moment. Not sure when other networks will get it.
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    Thread Wireless Charging

    Is there any good wireless chargers out there that are compatible with the Xperia 1 II.
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    Post Pre-Order!!!

    Apparently O2 have nearly sold out of their initial allocation. Luckily i pre-ordered mine on 4th June from O2.
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    Thread Tempered Glass

    I just pre-ordered this phone and bought this case. Is there any good tempered glass out there? Is it also worth getting a screen protector for the camera as well. I saw this on ebay...
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    Post Android 10 55.1.A.3.49 (new)

    Does this use the google dialler or does it still use the Xperia dialler?
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    Thread Unable to use own ringtones

    Hi, I'm trying to use my own ringtones but i don't see them in the list. The ringtones are in the ringtones folder in the internal storage and are in .ogg format. When I try to add ringtone using the add ringtone function nothing happens and a it creates a duplicate file in the ringtone folder.
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    Thread Songpop

    Does anyone here play songpop? Everytime a song plays the volume keeps jumping up and down. Does anyone who plays songpop experience this? Or do i have a faulty handset.
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    Post Video quality

    Just been to see Metallica. Took this video on my Xperia 1. The sound quality is awful.
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    Post how to flashing xperia 1,newflasher or flashtool doesn't not working on j8110

    Works great but causes bootloop if you want to keep user data.
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    Post Screen Protectors

    Yeah it is.
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    Thread Xpera 1 sold out in Europe.
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    Post Screen Protectors

    I bought this screen protector . I just fitted it and it only covers the flat part of the phone but just about covers the whole screen. Theres only a cutout for speaker. Not the camera or sensor. Its also full...
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    Post [TOOL] Newflasher (xperia command line flasher)

    Getting this error on Xperia 1 -------------------------------------------------------- newflasher.exe v13 by Munjeni @ 2017/2018 -------------------------------------------------------- Determining available free space by GetDiskFreeSpaceEx: Available space to caller =...
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    Post how to flashing xperia 1,newflasher or flashtool doesn't not working on j8110

    Newflasher doesn't work for me either. Are you getting any error messageson NewFlasher? Mines also from O2 UK and I'm trying to flash generic firmware. I'm guessing we need a FSC Script for flashtool.
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    Thread Screen Protectors

    Is there any good screen protectors out there?
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    Post [TOOL] Newflasher (xperia command line flasher)

    Will this work with the Xperia 1?
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    Post [MOD] Change Default Resolution to 4k - No root needed!

    I've noticed that using this mod. Screenshots aren't full screen. See picture for example.
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    Post (9.0) XZ3 apps for XZP (CamSelfie,settings,dialer,sidesense e.t.c.)

    The dialler app works without root. It just installs as a update to the current dialler app.
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    Post Full adhesive Tempered Glass for Sony Xperia XZ Premium?

    Here's a tip I used to get it perfectly aligned. If you have a old credit card lying around or bits of plastic cut 2 strips the length of the speaker. Make sure the strips fit through the screen protector and fit tightly in the speaker holes. Then all you do is slide the screen protector down...
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    Post Full adhesive Tempered Glass for Sony Xperia XZ Premium?

    Hi, Ive forwarded you my order confirmation email. Royal mail are the ones who delivered it to my house. It wasn't DHL. Thanks for sorting it. Kamal
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    Post Full adhesive Tempered Glass for Sony Xperia XZ Premium?

    I ordered another one for a friend but this time I have to pay £12 import tax :( before they will deliver to me.
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    Post Full adhesive Tempered Glass for Sony Xperia XZ Premium?

    I received mine. Installation went ok but the screen protector is a fingerprint magnet.
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    Post Region, device switch.

    If your phone is rooted or the bootloader is unlocked the banking apps wont work.
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    Post [TOOL] Newflasher (xperia command line flasher)

    Any one with errors try the Sony cable that came with the phone. Everytime I flash using a 3rd party cable I always get a error message.
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    Thread Editing contacts on PC

    Hi, Is there any free contacts editor software out there for Windows that I can use to edit my contacts on my XZ Premium? Thanks.
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    Post US Version flashing Internation version and mobile signal.

    I found this hidden menu that might help you guys. Type in *#*#4636#*#* into the dialer and press the 3 dots in top right.
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    Post Charging speed

    My XZ premium went from 4% to 100% in 1hr30 using the standard UCH12W and UCB20 cable.
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    Post Phone refuses to connect to PC

    Ive fixed the problem. Looks like the charging port was dirty. I stuck a toothpick in to clean it and it seems to have worked. My device now fully charges in under 2 hours. It also connects to the computer everytime properly. Thanks for your help everyone.
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    Post Screen Protector

    The Roxit Tempered Glass protector is very fragile. I dropped my XZ Premium on to my wooden table and it shattered the glass completely. The drop was just under a foot. The phones screen was unharmed though. I guess it did it's job but still it's very fragile compared to other brands that I have...
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    Thread Charging issues

    HI, I'm using the charger that came with the phone into a wall socket(uch20). If I use a USB-C cable it charges at around 1100ma for 5 minutes and drops to under 600ma and phone then discharges faster than charging. I have left it overnight and woke up to 7% battery this morning. If I use a...
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    Post Screen Protector

    I have the Roxfit Tempered Glass and the Roxfit Ultra Slim Soft Shell Case on my XZ Premium. I like them both but The Roxfit Tempered Glass is a fingerprint magnet which is a bit of a pain sometimes.
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    Post In car phone holder

    Ive been using this one for the past 2 years. It just sticks to the dash and still going strong.
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    Post Phone refuses to connect to PC

    Yeah the phone acts like a connected it to a regular charger. I will try troubleshoot again tomorrow as I have to go to work now. Thanks for your help.
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    Post Phone refuses to connect to PC

    My PC has 4 USB 3.0 ports and 6 USB 2.0 ports. I also can't boot into flashboot mode.
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    Post Phone refuses to connect to PC

    My Z5 Premium connects and works fine. I have 10 usb ports on my pc and I have tried them all.
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    Post Phone refuses to connect to PC

    Yes I did that. Also just did a factory reset. That hasn't helped either.
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    Post Phone refuses to connect to PC

    Hi, I've tried both options still no luck.
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    Thread Phone refuses to connect to PC

    Hi, I got my phone yesterday set it all up and it refuses to connect to PC. When I connect to PC it charges the phone but cannot transfer files. I don't get the popup asking me to charge MTP Mode etc. I don't even get the option for usb debugging enabled. I've tried 4 different cables all...
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    Post Pre-order

    Carphonewarehouse are shipping today :). I just got an email saying it is in stock and will ship today. I ordered the chrome version and hopefully ill have mine tomorrow. :)
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    Post Pre-order

    Actually its not Clove. Its the carphone warehouse who has exclusivity on the chrome version here in the UK.
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    Post Anyway to Flash stock original firmware to my XZ premium prototype?

    You would have to wait for flashtool to support the XZ Premium and then it might not work and brick your device because the hardware might be different slightly from the prototype to the retail model.
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    Post Pre-order

    Looks like this website has made a typing error in the price :) It lists the black as £642 and Chrome as £462.
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    Post Pre-order

    For the particular store. Its only if you buy the phone on a pay monthly contract.
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    Post Pre-order has some good contract deals for UK people and if you search on Google you can find some discount codes.