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    Thread Magisk attestation/safteynet failed

    Hi, magisk was passing saftey net. I installed magisk 21.2 with twrp and it says its installed. Installed Magisk hide and hid all Google apps and I think it changed the devices fingerprint in the install log. But no luck. Any ideas? Miui 12.0.5 global
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    Thread V12.0.2.0.qfjmixm work with magisk?

    Hi, anyone know if V12.0.2.0.qfjmixm is ok with magisk? scared to update because hard to go back. I have have a phone that came from China but use in New Zealand. Took awhile for Magisk to fix the bootloop issue with that.
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    Thread Bricked with lock

    Hi, I wiped my phone and flashed my normal global ROM with "clean all and lock" by mistake rushing. Now I cannot flashing anything to my phone in fast boot. Just says its in locked state. Phone can only go to fastboot or stock recovery. Cannot flash TWRP or anything. I also cant use the mi...
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    Thread [Q] Anyone have a sound solution for my xperia s?

    few things gone wrong in my en-devour to play all my music from my xperia s to my car sound system with spotify, i will try explain as best i can. using the auxiliary jack output to the auxiliary jack input on my car stereo results in poor sound quality with my sub and sound system. (this isnt...