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  1. lucasarran

    Thread RAZR i G+ Community - English Speakers

    Just a quick notice, I've opened a Google+ Community for the RAZR i but only for English speaking people only! The are plenty of communities for the RAZR i on Google+, however none of which have English dominated discussions. Jump in and join the discussion! Share screenshots, apps, news and...
  2. lucasarran

    Thread [DEV][GUIDE] How to build for HTC ChaCha!

    Welcome to the tutorial for build CyanogenMod 10 for the HTC ChaCha. This tutorial was a community based project from HTC ChaCha’s Google+. We created this tutorial to try and boost the development of the HTC ChaCha board and bring some life back to the board. Requirements: Linux System x64...
  3. lucasarran

    Thread HTC ChaCha G+ Community

    Hello! I've just set up a HTC ChaCha community on Google+. I thought this would be a nice idea for members & devs in the ChaCha board to post news and discussions. Link to join:
  4. lucasarran

    Thread [SOLVED][Help Request] AudioSystem.h compile errors

    I've fixed about 5 errors so far but this following error seems to be confusing for me. target thumb C++: libandroid <= frameworks/base/native/android/looper.cpp external/srec/audio/AudioIn/UNIX/src/audioinwrapper.cpp: In function 'int AudioSetVolume(int, int)'...
  5. lucasarran

    Thread [ROM] .sense, a customizable, universal Sense 3.5 ROM

    For the HTC ChaCha Original .sense thread [CENTER] [CENTER] Download Notice: dotsense has been discontiued due to the lack of time needed to make this ROM at stable standards. If you want to continue this ROM, please PM me. Click here for the last Github commit of dotsense...
  6. lucasarran

    Thread [ROM] MIUI

    Sorry MIUI Gingerbread has been discontinued. I reccommend you install CM7, CM9 and CM10 by adlx. Thank you.
  7. lucasarran

    Thread [XOOM2/XYBOARD][HOW TO] Motorola Xoom 2/Xyboard Everything Root and more!

    XOOM2/Xyboard Everything root and more! From 26/03/2014, I will no longer be updating this post as I no longer have the device and Motorola won't be upgrading the device further. Please instead of sending me PMs, go to the Q&A board or post your comment on this thread. Note: This method will...
  8. lucasarran

    Thread [XOOM2/XYBOARD] Motorola Xoom 2/Xyboard Latest OTA News

    This thread is for discussion about OTA's on the XOOM 2. If you have received a new OTA, found new information about an upcoming OTA or having issues then post on this thread.
  9. lucasarran

    Thread Has anyone ported Xperia Play Live Wallpaper?

    Has anyone ported the Sony Xperia Play Live Wallpaper which shows the classic Sony PSP wave wallpaper? :)