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    Thread [KERNEL][GB/SENSE] [v06] | OC1152 | LZMA | fixes +addtl modules

    (modifications/addons for the _closed_source_ htc kernel - for rom maintainers) PATCHED KERNEL IMAGE v01: lzma-compressed kernel o/c: 128MHz, 245MHz, 384MHz, 576-1152MHz (stepping: 38400kHz) u/v: svs (@128000kHz: 950mV, @245000kHz: 975mV, @384000kHz: 1000mV, @576000kHz: 1075mV...
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    Thread [KERNEL] 2.6.32: CPU Vdd levels ("undervolt") sysfs interface

    (for devs only) remember iscaela's "undervolt" hack for the stock - closed source - HTC kernel? the following quick & dirty kernel mod will allow your users to query and set cpu supply voltages for each frequency through a sysfs interface the patch is available here: 2.6.32-vddlevels.patch...
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    Thread [KERNEL] 2.6.32: Drastically reducing the kernel image size

    (for devs only) i've backported support for lzma-compressed kernel images to the bravo-2.6.32 kernel released by htc the patch is available here: 2.6.32-lzma.patch after applying the patch "Kernel compression mode: LZMA" option will be available in the kernel configuration (general setup)...
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    Thread [FX-MOD][SENSE] Reboot option in power menu 4-in-1 (UPD)

    this is an updated* version of my framework mod that adds reboot (normal, hboot, recovery) option to the power-button menu on htc sense based desire roms *: a new option ('hot restart') has been added that will allow you to respawn android's system server process, thereby starting with a "clean...
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    Thread [FX-MOD][SENSE-HD] Advanced power menu for HD roms

    enjoy --
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    Thread [APP-HACK][SENSE] No text reflow on pinch-to-zoom in browser

    hate the text reflow on pinch-to-zoom in the htc stock browser? found the hidden setting (about:debug, menu - more - settings - enable gep zoom), but it doesn't persist across reboots / full browser restarts? this hack is for you changes: setting persists, you don't have to always go into...
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    Thread [FX-MOD][SENSE] Reboot option in power menu 3-in-1

    uses htc widgets. minimal footprint (check out the patch). enjoy -- flashable zips for _deodexed_ roms: (do not flash them over odexed ones. if in doubt, consult your chef)
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    Thread [KERNEL] CIFS + UTF8 NLS support for the official HTC Desire Froyo kernel

    with the release of the source code for the bravo kernel this has become redundant to be able to directly access my stuff on samba shares i made a _patch_ for the cifs code in and built cifs.ko and nls_utf8.ko with arm-eabi-4.4.0 i thought i'd share them here in case it was of use to...