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  1. frenzyboi

    Thread [Q] M7 stuck on boot screen

    Few minutes ago, I dropped my phone (with rubber case). Afterwards, I realized that my phone is not receiving notification when screen is locked. So I decided to restart the phone. However, it goes on a bootloop again and again. I tried clear data, reflashing ARHD, restoring my previous backup...
  2. frenzyboi

    Thread [Q] Recovery Error

    I'm on Android 4.2.2 and would like to upgrade to Android 4.3 OTA. However, I rooted my phone previously and change the recovery to CWM. Due to camera error and release of 4.3 OTA in my country, I got a stock recovery from one of the thread in XDA here and flash it using Flashify. However, I...
  3. frenzyboi

    Thread Proguard error code 1

    I met with an error while compiling with Google Services external jars. I did not configure any proguards in my project. Proguards configuring is done by the Google .jar files themselves. I'm currently using the .jar files for Google Drive API. Full log :
  4. frenzyboi

    Thread [APP][2.2+]MyColorScreen v2 [0.04b][18Aug]

    Requirement : Android 2.2+ Description : Tired of using MyColorScreen's website on mobile but it's loading too slowly? There you go. [CENTER] v2 Features: Android's design principle. ActionBar + Viewpager Card UI List screens of : Explore, Most Viewed, Popular View...
  5. frenzyboi

    Thread [HELP]Stuck on BootScreen

    No matter what kind of rom I flashed, I always stuck at the rom's bootscreen. Here's my example logcat : I/Installer(10541): connecting... I/Installer(10541): disconnecting... E/Installer(10541): connection failed I/PackageManager(10541): /system/app/Calendar.apk changed; collecting certs...
  6. frenzyboi

    Thread [APP][2.2+] WhatsApp vChecker [v1.25][14.Nov]

    Requirements: Android version 2.2 and higher Overview: Download the latest Whatsapp off the website! Are you tired of constantly checking the thread on XDA Developer to download the latest Whatsapp version, and then go to the official website to view the changelog? ★ WhatsApp vChecker ★...
  7. frenzyboi

    Thread [Q] Using sources from Github to Android Eclipse

    I'm helping my friend out. If anyone could help, that would be good! Thanks in advance!