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    Thread How to install samsung application on my Huawei device

    Hi all developers I have used Samsung devices for a lot of time. Now i bought Huawei y9 prime 2019 only for better battery purpose. But i am missing these three applications from Samsung s8 mobile and many more. 1. Samsung messages. 2. Samsung phone. 3. Samsung messages and samsung contacts...
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    Thread Need Help About Android 10 Update of My Note 9

    Hi All Developers! I Have a big issue Recently I bought a used Note 9 Which Shows Different Model Numbers When I dial *#11111# it shows N60N.001 Model And from Setting it shows SM-N960F Model And it still runs on Android 9 And also there is no option for software update in Setting So please...
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    Thread Magisk in S8 + Digital Wellbeing , Need urgent help please!!!!

    Hi All Respected developers I have s8+. Recently I installed Digital Welbeing from Magisk manager and then restarted my S8 SMG955F Phone, Now It stuck Samsung logo, And cannot start, Please suggest me a good solution urgently. Thanks.
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    Thread Magisk in S8 + Digital Wellbeing , Need urgent help please!!!!

    Hi All Respected developers I have s8+. Recently I installed Digital Welbeing from Magisk manager and then restarted my S8 SMG955F Phone, Now It stuck Samsung logo, And cannot start, Please suggest me a good solution urgently. Thanks.
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    Thread How to install call recorder in s8 plus pie

    Hi all developers Is there anyway to install call recording applications in android 9 pie. I checked a lot of applications of call recording but in vain. They only records my voice not of other side voice. So please suggest a good application which can record my calls of both side. Thanks!
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    Thread Need help about my Phone's Ringtone volume

    Hello All developers ! I have samsung galaxy s8 plus double sim Exynos Processor, Running on android pie. But i have a big problem in my mobile and that is, It automatically makes Ringtone Sound slow from 100 percent to 20 percent (i think) And then when call comes to me , i cannot hear my...
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    Thread How to enable Native call recorder or 3rd party call recorder in s8 plus

    Hi I have Samsung galaxy S8+ exynos running pie I have tested a lot of call recording application, even I used nice shot but cannot record calls, Can you give me a solution for call recording in android pie, My phone is already rooted, I will refer Native call recording which is available in...
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    Thread How to enable Secure folder and OTA in rooted s8

    Hi I have samsung galaxy S8+ G955F Model recently i rooted my phone , and converted it to double sim, And also installed magisk Now when i want to update my firmware it gives an error YOUR SOFTWARE VERSION IS NOT SUPPORTING and also if i want to open secure folder, so it gives an error...
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    Thread How to get galaxy s9 infinity wallpapers on s8 plus

    Hi is this possible tol copy s9 wallpapers infinity on galaxy s8 plus And use it as seen on Galaxy s9 plus I need infinity wallpapers of s9 please
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    Thread How to Convert Galaxy S8 G955F to Double Sim G955FD

    Hi dear All developers I have my Galaxy s8 plus G955F model And i have intense need to convert it to double sim So is this possible to install G955FD firmware to my phone by which it will start supporting double sims Or any other procedure ?? Please kindly guide me how I can convert it to...
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    Thread How to make Knox security from 1 to 0. And how to convert g955f To double sim

    Hi all developers I have s8 plus G955F Model I want to convert it to double sim I sent my phone's download mode photo to a man He told me that knox security must be 0 And in my phone here is 1 So how i recert it 0 Or With these settings is this possible to convert my phone to double sim If yes...
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    Thread Emergency Calls Only Please Help ME!!!!

    Hello Everybody I have Samsung galaxy S6 Mobile, Yesterday when i picked up my phone, {Emergency Calls Only} Appeared, I restarted my phone but not succeeded and still shows {Emergency Calls Only} when I checked My Phone's IMEI it has been changed to 000000000 like this 650000000004. And Now I...
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    Thread I need your guidance for buying original Samsung smartphone

    Hi dear everyone. I need your attention please. I want to know about what is the original Samsung phone. When I am selling my Samsung phones shopkeepers are checking the phone on this codes. *#1111#. I want to know what is the purpose of this code. Because With the help of this code they...
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    Thread Sm g 530 h imei damaged please help!!!

    Hi dear all Please help me about my phone's imei I flashed the s7 style system mui. Then my phone was stuck on Samsung logo. Then I flashed TWRP and tried again but not successful. Then I wiped cache , system and other things. Then my phone stuck on galaxy grand prime logo. Then I flashed stock...
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    Thread how to repair imei of g 530h

    Hi dear all Please help me about my phone's imei I flashed the s7 style system nui. Then my phone was stuck on Samsung logo. Then I flashed TWRP and tried again but not successful. Then I wiped cache , system and other things. Then my phone stuck on galaxy grand prime logo. Then I flashed stock...
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    Thread need stock rom for g530h

    I have grand prime g530h I flashed the rissian version 5.0 to my phone Bit there is some big issues Camera not working Wifi not opening And main biggest problem is that the imei was damaged and no sim is working in phone So please help me And give me stock version of my phone I am from...
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    Thread G 530H Device stuck on samsung logo after flashing s7 system mui

    Hi all i flashed s7 system mui and now when i am starting my phone it stuck on SAMSUNG logo, Now what i do. Please help me urgently thank you
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    Thread how to set priority senders in SM G530H kitkat

    Hello Everyone I have samsung galaxy grand prime Sm G 530H and Os in android kitkat 4.4.4 i want to add priority senders in my messaging app? AS in Galaxy S5 MarshMallow... then how i will do it? Please explain completly i am waiting for you
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    Thread [g530h] cannot update software !!!!!!

    Hi Dear All Members I have SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND PRIME phone, which is running 4.4.4 KitKat I am In Pakistan, And I Rooted My phone, And Also I replaced touchwiZ with the SecTheme Chooser Now I want official update for 5.0 or something Lolipop. But when I am clicking on software update, then...
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    Thread Need Help About Starting My NEXUS S GTI 9250

    Hi All Dearest Developers I have Samsung Galaxy Nexus S but the problem is that the phone is stuck of on Google Logo and not going further And hanging on the google logo And also if I want to hard reset it , so from the bootloader i am selecting recovery mode then it's also not going to the...
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    Thread Help About USB mass storage

    I have samsung galaxy s 4 AT&T but when I connect USB to my device , it shows a notification in status bar but do not showing the USB in MY Files Please Solve my this issue it's a big problem I am facing
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    Thread Need help about mobile data not turning off

    Hello every one i have samsung gaalxy s3 korean SHV E210K And the problem is that, this mobile not turning off mobile data Mobile Data is always turned off i tried many times but not succeed. Then what's the problem in this phone AND how to solve it I want to turn off mobile data , and turn on...
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    Thread Need You Opinion For Buying Best Samsung Galaxy S5

    Hello To All I am going to buy Samsung galaxy S5 SO Please Guide me through this thread That what is the original model of samsung galaxy s5 and what is the procedure to check Whole Mobile's hardware and software And what is the original manufacturing country of S5. Made in China By Samsung...
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    Thread help about google play store

    Hi i am in trouble that i am facing many problems in google play store First it is not updating any app And two errors are coming first 495 and 403 And not downloading any app also
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    Thread I want to upgrade my samsung galaxy grand prime to Lollipop

    Hi Everyone I have Samsung galaxy grand prime SM-G530H Android version 4.4.4 Baseband Version G530HXCU1AOE3 And it is made in Vietnam and I want to upgrade its android version to 5.0.2 Lollipo Then what will be the process Please tell me from beginning Because this mobile is new and not...
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    Thread how to hard reset samsung galaxy win

    Hi guys i have samsung galaxy win Gt i-5282 mobile but pattern is forgotten and now i want to hard reset it but when i am going to recovery mode the error logo (Android image with error sign) is coming on screen and when I am trying to go download mode then these options are coming FACTORY...
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    Thread galaxy y is not going further than logo

    My Samsung galaxy y is now starting but on screen only the logo is came and not going further. and hanging on the samsung's logo. that's why . and also not going to the recovery mode . And now what I want to do? please help m
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    Thread My Samsung galaxy Y GT-s5360 Gone Dead !!!!!!!! Help Me Please

    Hy everyone I installed this cyanogenmode version and now my phone is not starting even with charger also , that's why please help me about this issue. i wiped cache partition and also format the system after this i installed it from install update from Sdcard and now my phone is stopped...
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    Thread which display is best for android

    I want to buy an android phone , but i am not understanding that which display is better for smart phone. Please tell me that which type of display is suitable for me , Like super amoled IPS QHD Touchscreen, 16M colors, Multitouch HD LCD Display 16M colors, IPS LCD captive touchscreen FWVGA...
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    Thread [Q] 4.4 Update for Samsung Galaxy SHV- E110S

    I have Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE SHV - E110S . And phone is already rooted , but do not going to recovery mode. when I am pressing the volume up and power keys at one time , the phone is vibrating and not opening, And I want to Install Touch clockworkmode recovery and also I want to update it...
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    Thread Please Help About Calling and SMS on My Nexus S

    HI I am From Pakistan and in Pakistan there are 5 carries of Mobiles (1) Zong (2) Mobilink (3) Ufone (4) Telenor PK (5) WARID And I have samsung Nexus S Model: GT-I9020, SSN: I9020GSMH And Now the Problem is that WHEN I AM INSERTING ZONG AND MOBILINK SIM THIS WORKS FINE, INCOMING CALLS AND ALSO...
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    Thread Need a working ROM for Nexus S GT - I9020

    I wad downloaded 3 ROMS but when I am installing it This Error occurs. Installing: /sdcard/ Finding update package.... Opening update package .... Installing update.... Warning: No file_contextsset_metadata_recursive: some change failed E:Error in...
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    Thread how to connect usb storage to PC

    Recently my phone was stuck off and not openeing and i want to flas a new Rom to it , but I am unable to copy my downloaded Rom to it beacuse phone is not starting to connect mass storage to PC, and also nexus s GT -i9020 have no external memory card slot. then how I connect my phone's mass...
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    Thread Gt i-9020 shuts off while shooting with flash

    My phone nexus s is shutting off while taking image with flash, and not opening until I press the power button This problem is occured when my phone's battery is less than 50%. and when the battery is more than 50% then takes photos with flash. Please help me that what is thus problem and how to...
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    Thread Please Help me Starting My Nexus S GT I-9020

    Dears Recently I rooted my nexuys s GT -i9020 , and also installed touch clockwork mode recovery . today i was installed one software and I am granted superuser permission to him, the name of the software is forgotten from me, but when I opened that software my phone is restarted and hanged on...
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    Thread installing themer on gt i9000

    Is this possible to install themer on my GT I9000, if yes then how to
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    Thread Please help me to connect gt i 9000 to PC

    Hi , i am new to xda forum . I have Samsung galaxy s GT- i9000 model. Frimware version: 2.3.4, Baseband version: I9000ZSJPJ. Kernel Version: Build number is lidroid - i9000-1.2 And i have a usb cable , But when I am connecting my i9000 to my pc . The device is showing nothing that usb...
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    Thread How to go to recovery mode in Desire HD

    I have HTC Desire Hd A9191 model , but it does not going to recovery mode . please help me that how to enter recovery mode in my desire hd . Thanks