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    Thread How to use dual shock 3 to play FIFA 14

    How to use dual shock 3 to play FIFA 14 ty:)
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    Thread any new method to change the market ?

    realy i need a new method to change the market .. i used to use market unlocker but it doesn't work anymore :) ty <3
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    Thread unlocked bootloader

    i unlooked my bootloader and after i installed new kitkat stock .. album and walkman .. ETC .. updated using update center ... is that normal ?! sorry for my bad english :)
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    Thread How to

    How to install Games on SD Card in Kitkat ty :)
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    Thread 311 kitkat

    where is 311 kitkat ? :)
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    Thread this app

    can anyone gimme a free download link for this app Mod Edit: 6. Do not post warez. If a piece of software requires you to pay to use it, then pay for it. We do not accept warez nor do we permit any member to request, promote or describe ways in which Warez, cracks, serial codes or other...
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    Thread hey i need help !!

    i need help form an expert because i fcked up my tablet so hard ... so i need any expert to give me his email or something .... please :'(
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    Thread [Q] help !!!

    how can i swap sd ? ... or how an i install games on sd card ?!!! ty :)
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    Thread [Q] hey /.. need help :)

    wanna know how to swap tablet xperia z sd :)
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    Thread helppppppppppppppp

    wanna download 3.5.31 Multilanguages there ut i cant download it from dropbox what should i do ?:)
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    Thread [Q] i have a problem!!!

    hey!!!! its my frist question at xda !!:) i'm using Miui rom for my galaxy wonder here --> and i don't know how to install apps,games,ETC in SD card in other roms there are an option in storage settings allows me to install on SD so...