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    Thread Why every launcher other than stock lag on this device?

    I've been using Realme X2 pro CN varient from past year but still i couldn't figure why every single 3rd party launcher lag when returning to home screen? I've tried lawnchair, Nova almost every launcher i could get my hands on, But problem persist. There're no delay when i return to home screen...
  2. BB23482

    Thread Can anyone please upload realme stock apps?

    Hello there. I'm using Realme X2 pro Chinese variant. Now some of its apps like Theme store and all are partially in chinese. Can you please upload your stock apps from your Indian or Europe version?
  3. BB23482

    Thread Can't use Volte in India on CN version.

    I've recently purchased this device from China. Now i came back to India for vacations and inserted my Jio sim in it. Strangely, i can't call or receive calls just can surf internet with it. I noticed, their is no volte option for my sim1 (Jio). I've inserted this same sim on my indian devices...
  4. BB23482

    Thread Unable to root with magisk after pie update.

    I recently updated my device to miui pie. Earlier i was using rooted miui oreo with redfox twrp. After updating i'm unable to root it with magisk. Tried 19.2, 19.1. Both these versions giving bootloop. Tried 18.1, it boots but says magisk missing. So i'm left with custom recovery, unlocked...
  5. BB23482

    Thread Which is the best MIUI based ROM for this device?

    I'm seeing many modded MIUI based roms on xda and other websites but i'm confused which is the best among them to be used as daily driver? I've tried using stock rooted MIUI 10 with IceCold Kernel but it's giving many restart plus awful battery performance with fingerprint failures here and...
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    Thread Is there any way to enable MIUI 10 gestures for AOSP rom?

    I'm currently using Pixel experience AOSP rom as my daily driver, But i'm starting to miss those old gestures of miui 10. So as title says, Is there any way i can enable those gestures on my current ROM?
  7. BB23482

    Thread Please suggest a stable ROM.

    Hello mates, I'm a student in China. Currently I own this Note 5 pro and using it as my primary device. I just need your little help in finding the most stable custom rom for this. Please suggest a good custom kernal too if possible. Thanks.
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    Thread Please suggest a rock solid ROM (Any Android version)

    As the title says, Can anyone please suggest me a really rock solid ROM? My mom use this device, So i cannot personally experiment much myself. Any Android version will work. I'm currently using XenonHD but it have some bugs like Force closing of Google now launcher (sometimes), Bluetooth don't...
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    Thread Can't download nor even listen to any online music app (Saavn, Spotify)

    Hi, So the story goes, few months back i corrupted my nvram and lost imei, SN no., etc. With time i restored Imei and fixed nvram error in wifi but the main thing that still bugs me is that now i can't download any apps from play store (Downloading through any other source using Chrome works)...
  10. BB23482

    Thread Need help porting S7582 Roms to S7392

    Hello, I own Samsung galaxy trend S7392 which is almost similar to S7582. As you know these devices are ****ty without a proper custom ROM. Unfortunately their aren't much ROMs for my device on xda. So i decided to port some ROMs of S7582 to my device. But unfortunately failed everytime i tried...
  11. BB23482

    Thread Panasonic T31 stuck on logo.

    HELP! My Panasonic T31 is stuck on bootloop with a white line error. I tried using SP flash tool but its giving an authentication error. tried Sugar SP tool but its again giving some 'db file' error 10043. Please help, any help will be appreciated.