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  1. dbrannon79

    Thread [ROM] [JB4.1.2] Paranoid Android 2.+ built from source

    PER-APP-DPI/LAYOUT. This is not tablet mode! Hybrid engine allows you to target apps individually. You get to pick their actual layouts which can tranform content drastically. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with build.prop hacks or DPI changes. We list all layouts an app brings, you choose...
  2. dbrannon79

    Thread [PORT][ROM][4.1.2][AOKP/CM/PA] Vanilla RootBox [Ported from the i9100]

    Currently working on porting this to our Cappy Glides :D Thanks to bajee11 for RootBOX rom and Dman3285 for making all this possible! Recommended Installation Steps 1. Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage) 2. Format /System (This does not affect...
  3. dbrannon79

    Thread Mod or disaster! Please help

    Hey guys, I have a rather big problem! My wife's glide is sick and dieing! :( It was dropped a few days ago and has been getting stuck boot looping! It will randomly reboot and sometimes constantly reboot before it completely starts up!.. I started diagnosing it, pulled it apart checking for...
  4. dbrannon79

    Thread [OPINIONS] SuperUser vs SuperSU!

    Opinions needed! Which su app is better and why? the standard Superuser app or SuperSU by chainfire? referring to the newest updates for both!! Please list the pros and cons!!
  5. dbrannon79

    Thread ***WARNING*** PLEASE BACKUP your EFS!!

    ***WARNING TO ALL*** FLASHING ANY FIRMWARE CAN POTENTIALLY BRICK YOUR DEVICE With that said, PLEASE use some precautionary measures to keep your device alive! There are many threads out there about making a backup copy of the "/efs" folder. that folder contains all of your IMEI information...
  6. dbrannon79

    Thread [MOD] [BOOTANIMATION] Call Of Android with sound

    Introducing.... A Custom Boot Animation Brought to you by Dbrannon79 Call Of Android With Custom Sound Effects!!! Download Here Preview.... Instructions... Flash in CWMR Works with all ICS and JB ROMS using LiteKernel Credits...
  7. dbrannon79

    Thread Help theming a stock rooted rom!

    As an UN-experienced dev, I am attempting to theme a stock rom that has already been rooted, de-odexed and zipaligned. other that theming non-stock launchers, is there a way to install a theme chooser compatible with cm10 and aosp themes? Thanks
  8. dbrannon79

    Thread Looking for help with developing tools

    I'm needing some help and suggestions with using the right developing tools to build roms, de-comlpiling and re-compiling apk's, de-odexing and zipalign. at the moment I an starting out with dsixda's Android Kitchen. I am working on the new ICS release trying to create a custom cwm flashable...
  9. dbrannon79

    Thread [GUIDE] Official Update [UCLJ3] ATT Update with Root!

    ***MOVING ICEPOP ROM TO SEPARATE THREAD*** Here is a good guide to updating your Captivate Glide to the OFFICIAL UCLJ3 update which includes all the fixes that were borked in the Leaked ICS release! First off I'd like to send credit where credit is due... Dman3285 (cm10) Thegreatergood...
  10. dbrannon79

    Thread attempt to find an Otterbox for the glide!

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but I would love to find an ottter box that fits the glide! Does anyone know of other phones that have the same or close to the physical size as the glide? I personally on a rare occasion, use the slide out keyboard. :D
  11. dbrannon79

    Thread Glide is in need of a GPS fix. lbstestmode.apk not present in system

    There was a fix found for the captivate but not a of yet fit the glide. I attempted to use the GPS for the first time and realized that Samsung has not fixed this issue yet. I tried using the app lbs test mode launch but the app quickly told me that lbstestmode.apk was not present in the...
  12. dbrannon79

    Thread [MOD] Accurate Battery Mod

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to the android modding, but I figured out a way to modify the stock battery icon in the status bar to show the percentage. By default the I927 stock rom is setup to show in increments of 5%. after following CarpeNoctem's guide for rooting the device, I was able to...
  13. dbrannon79

    Thread [Q] Investigating a battery drain issue

    Hello all, A few months ago I became a proud owner of a Moto Defy, a great rugged phone that has been working great for me until just last week. For some reason the battery life was cut drastically! So bad that while the screen was off and not touched at all, the battery percentage would go...