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  1. smithinsundar

    Thread Noti bar glitch on lanscape mode games. Android 11

    Am running Android 11 . The Navigation bar and status bar seems to pop up on to the screen on landscape mode apps. Especially games.. This cannot be fixed until we restart the game. This is seriously annoying. Pinning the app also isn't fixing this Any solution plz
  2. smithinsundar

    Thread HTC U11+ availability in India .

    *** Deleted ***
  3. smithinsundar

    Thread HTC U11+ availability in India .

    Anyone having information on U11+ availability in India. How can I buy a translucent model.
  4. smithinsundar

    Thread home screen not to be seen

    I had factory reset my phone. Now after reboot it doesn't show any app . it is just a blank screen with 3 touch buttons at bottom as usual. The home button at center is not working so I cannot access any app. I tried installing nova ,still no hope. Tried resetting again but its all the same. Can...
  5. smithinsundar

    Thread screen for mate 9

    Any trusted , quality source of huawei mate 9 screen? Got my digitizer shattered . seems its tough to get it replaced alone.
  6. smithinsundar

    Thread play store apps

    I am not being able to update any of my apps over data on my G4+. It's shows downloading ......for ever. Apps update over WiFi.but not over data. Tried all below possible solutions. clearing cache / Data....Of Download manager... Playstore and even Google play services... Nothing has worked...
  7. smithinsundar

    Thread applock

    Can some tell me if there is an option on mate9 to lock each apps apart from general fingerprint lock on the phone. If not , which app would be the best?
  8. smithinsundar

    Thread unlocked ZForce

    I would like to buy an Z Force. Is it available unlocked now ??? If so can anyone please tell me if its gona work good in middle east... (Bahrain / Saudi)
  9. smithinsundar

    Thread Connectivity issue on 7.0

    I am facing frequent network 4G/3G issues on my Nexus 6. Data goes off for 30 minutes to 1 hr or more around 4-5 times a day. Tried clearing google connectivity data , unistalling connectivity services updates, and so on but still the problem pops up frequently. any possible solution ? The...
  10. smithinsundar

    Thread Substratum

    I have chroma running on EX . Recently I had installed substratum and tried a couple of dark themes but now even after uninstalling all the themes and substratum I can't get back to default chroma look. Can some one help me on this ? Sent from my Nexus 6 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  11. smithinsundar

    Thread Chroma or CM 13 ? or anything bettr ?

    I would like to have a custom rom- the priamry concerns being smoothness and battery. looks aint that important at the moment. Can anyone please guide me which custom rom to go with ? Chroma or CM 13 ? or is there a better one taking into consideration the main requirements mentioned above???
  12. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] Fimware upgrade encountered an issue

    Some one plz help me out on this... Am on DN3 Rom, and am stuck on "Firmware Upgrade encountered an issue please select recovery mode in Kies and try"" screen. I cant get into download mode or recovery mode so, flahing stock or anything seems difficult. Even ODin ask to boot into download mode...
  13. smithinsundar

    Thread Internal memory

    Some one plz tell me how to free internal memory which is just 400 mb now and to move apps to memory card.... Is there any method to install the apps to sd card n Link2sd or any other method ???? ...memory card ain't partitioned. ... Using DN3 rom. Sent from my GT-N7100 using xda...
  14. smithinsundar

    Thread How to move apps to sd

    My phone memory is almost full.... How can I move the apps to SD.... Someone plz guide Sent from my GT-N7100 using xda app-developers app
  15. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] battery switching off at 75%

    am facing shut down on 75% or jus aftr a call... i have tried everything n now i reinstalled fresh stock rom too.. calibration doesnt workout switches off at 75 and cannot get below it to drain it till zero n recharge again.. deleted stats also...still cant figure out... plz help
  16. smithinsundar

    Thread New battery + black back cover for x10

    hi frnz i just wanted to buy a replacemnt battery for x10 online...can anyone help me out with agood one. bcoz on ebay i can see hell lot of ads....which is quite confusing
  17. smithinsundar

    Thread Facebook.. cannot post comments or status.

    Am on latest mokee and tried 2available kernels too... The problem is comments don't get posted on Facebook. I tried 1.clearing data..cache...etc 2.deleted the app...reinstall it 3.fixing permission.. 4.un installing updates But still the comments or status isn't getting posted Anyone help...
  18. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] Memory card not detected

    i am currently on wolfs 7. yestdy i startd from 2.1 ,rooted, then flashed wolfs om. My sd card is now detected on pc. Bcoz of this i cant do partition. Please help. even xrecovery says cannot mount sdcard. While trying to format through xrecovery it shows formatting skipped. how should be the...
  19. smithinsundar

    Thread [q] bootloader

    I had BL unlocked. Bt yestday i flashed 2.1 firmware will the BL get locked again?pls help also my memory card s not being detected. after each reeboot it says memory card blank or unsupported. How should be the 2 partitions for Link2sd? One active and one inactive???? which one should...
  20. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] Jaxtr sms has become paid.

    guys, jaxtrsms has put a limit on free sms. before it was free on sms,bt nw they ask for credit to send sms. is there any app on market or any market that is similar to jaxtrsms? so that i can send free sms EVEN THE OTHER PERSON DONT HAVE THE SAME APP? a reply would be very much appreciated.
  21. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] Free call to india through internet???

    is there any app which can be used to call to phones in india from gulf countries through internet.. apps like nimbus and skype requires both phones to have it there any app by which u can call to a mobile directly???
  22. smithinsundar

    Thread Mount fail warning on Link2sd

    Hiii...I was running ThGo2 v11 smoothly on doom kernel v6 . Bt yesterday onwards I am getting random reboot loops and after that mount warning..... Link2sd says the second partition cannot be mounted I didn't have any problem before ...suddenly this happened and I can't access any of the...
  23. smithinsundar

    Thread Best battery with standard performance? ?????

    Hiii all.... just pour in your suggestions regarding the x10 rom with best battery life and a decent performance .... miui..stock or cm ...any rom can it be... Sent from my X10i using XDA App
  24. smithinsundar

    Thread Genuine SE battery ???

    Can someone help me hw to verify whether the Battery is genuine SE make or not????
  25. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] cracked tpouchscreen

    i cracked my touch screen yesteday...but full touch unctionality is still working and the display is also not affected... bt the front screen gots cracked,....can some one tell hw much does it costs???? posting this from India ....
  26. smithinsundar

    Thread Touch Screen cracked !!!!

    i cracked my touch screen yesteday...but full touch unctionality is still working and the display is also not affected... bt the front screen gots cracked,....can some one tell hw much does it costs???? posting this from India ....
  27. smithinsundar

    Thread Partitioning. Failed...sdcard not detected

    Someone plz help me... after I tried to do partition of my SD card n made a FAT 32 partion. At first it was shown as error 12 n could not do partition... by after rebooting I formatted the card n Cud do the nw my phone is fully not detected on PC.... both partition cannot b seen...
  28. smithinsundar

    Thread Porting roms

    Can some one guide through a link on some tutorial or guide on developing or porting roms? ???? Sent from my X10i using XDA App
  29. smithinsundar

    Thread 2.3.5 and 2.3.4

    Can some1plz tell wat exactly are the major differences btwn 2.3.3 2.3.4 2.3.5 Sent from my X10i using XDA App
  30. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] internet sharing

    can any one please tellme hw to share internet frm my pc on to my xperia wont detect adhoc connection so wifi wont do.....tried bzeek but its too lagging,...can some one ..suggest the by.... am on wolfbreak CM6.1.3
  31. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] running two roms

    hi hello frnz plz help me out...i am not much used to flashig....i managed to install CM6.1.3 on my xperia...i want to try TripNMiUI froyo, bb is 54.....i jus want to knw run trips rom without rmoving wofbrks rom.....i mean not backing can i get an option like boot frm any of...
  32. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] cm6.1.3

    hiiii hello am running cm6.1.3 v006.....i wud like to try some othr roms tooo..can sm one help me out in hw to run anothr rom without removing cm6.... i mean both togthr
  33. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] CM6.1.3 help

    helllo entirely new to flashing,,,i have been reading through the flashing tutorials for noobies...and many other guides...and gathered courage to flash my cell wit Cm6.1.3 v006.... My flash tool is version 2.8.0 at first i rroted my cell with flash tool.... then goin on to...
  34. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] rootin xperia

    can any one plz suggest me the best rooting software for my xperia....i mean a simple one...i my baseband version is 2.0.49 and kernel 2.6.29 running on eclair 2.1-update 1
  35. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] plz help....Xperia x10 having booting problem

    hiii all... can someone plz helpme out ...i hav my xperia x10...continuosly switching on n off once it is switched on...after 5-6 times of random switching on n off atlast it finally starts working..this happens always wen its switched on..... this causes my battery to drain like hell...... i...
  36. smithinsundar

    Thread [Q] Xperia X10 rooting

    hiiii all.... i am new to this forum. i want to root my xperia x10 and try cyanogen or Miui.. but can any one plz help me giving some information on the following: -- can we get updates from sony after rooting your phone..???? -- Does the sony block access to their updates when you have rooted...