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  1. reversegear

    Post [UNOFFICIAL] Evolution X for Xiaomi MI MAX 2 [Team O₂]

    i confirm the bluetooth bug. fullscreen gesture is working just enable navbar in hw buttons settings.
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL] Nusantara Project for Xiaomi MI MAX 2 [Team O₂]

    Search in the settings to find captions enable it
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL] Nusantara Project for Xiaomi MI MAX 2 [Team O₂]

    It works. Period Stop blaming others for your ignorance
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    make sure the regular version of youtube which you installed is equal or lower than that of vanced version
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    This is freaking amazing no need to scratch my head for disabling signature verification Had to search internet full day to properly install vanced root method without tripping safetynet :laugh: Thanks for this great workaround I tested on MiMax 2 on A10 EvoX rom everything works fine
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL] DerpFest OS for Xiaomi MI MAX 2 [Team O₂]

    for the devices like ours there is hardly any support from the community. appreciate the effort of developers who brought Oreo, Pie and now A10 else you would have stuck in MIUI Nougat btw bugs which you have mentioned already in the first page and Team O2 devs are working hard to fix...
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    Post [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    clear data of google play services. it will work again
  8. reversegear

    Post scrcpy on raspberry pi

    check this from scrcpy readme
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 11 REPACK V3 [PIE][9.0][Oxygen][STABLE]

    well said. be prepared for $hit $torm by the fanboys
  10. reversegear

    Post scrcpy on raspberry pi

    Great news. let me try it. can same be ported to raspbian
  11. reversegear

    Post [ROM][2019.12.05][UNOFFICIAL]Havoc-OS-2.9-[9.0][stable][TREBLE]

    Safetynet does pass in this ROM if you follow these steps install module called ARCore/Playground Patcher from magisk Enable Magisk hide in settings Enable Hide magisk manager in the settings reboot check for safetynet. you are good to go
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    Post Forum here is unfortunately almoust dead

    你能提供一个链 MOD EDIT: Please post only in English according to the FORUM RULES,translation added below: Can you provide a link?
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    Post [ROM][2019.12.05][UNOFFICIAL]Havoc-OS-2.9-[9.0][stable][TREBLE]

    Thanks for the ROM. Can we expect havoc v3.0 from you ?
  14. reversegear

    Post mAadhaar: detecting root even safty net pass

    in magisk goto settings >> hide magisk manager reboot. ensure safetynet passes.
  15. reversegear

    Post Xiaomi Mi Band 3

    should have been ₹999. because mi band 3 was selling for ~₹1,500 on amazon with some offer going on. edit : just checked infact mi band 3 was on sale for ₹999 on amazon :) (12th Nov to 19th Nov)
  16. reversegear

    Post [APP][4.1+][AD-FREE] Lullabies for babies * PROMO CODES *

    Hi, can I have the promo code ?
  17. reversegear

    Post Mi Max 2 [Oxygen ] GSI Bootable Vendor & Modified Boot Image ( Flashable)

    Great work Buddy. Hopefully someone will fix camera :svetius:
  18. reversegear

    Post MM2 Android 10 Ported Booting Rom

    can you please confirm whether these works with the current build. hotspot infrared
  19. reversegear

    Post scrcpy on raspberry pi

    update partially solved this issue by using omxplayer to mirror screen using scrcpy here is the link now screen mirroring works with hardware acceleration on RPi. :good:
  20. reversegear

    Post [ROM] [UN-OFFICIAL][9.0] SuperiorOS For MI Max 2 [OXYGEN] (13/09/2019)

    use this app to enable double tap to wake [ROOT] DT2W Toggler
  21. reversegear

    Post [ROM] [UN-OFFICIAL][9.0] SuperiorOS For MI Max 2 [OXYGEN] (13/09/2019)

    same wine with different bottle jokes apart users gets different roms to flash. all roms has some minor differences in terms of customization, performance (i doubt though in case of max2), Theaming, slim packages etc... although the infamous bugs like in-call volume & slow charging remains...
  22. reversegear

    Post [DEV][ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 (Android 9) for Raspberry Pi 3 B and B+

    This is the best implementation of Android on pi till date. Super smooth no more random force close and app not responding. Note : I have not installed gapps. konsta Any chance of running the Android in 1080p instead of 720p Can some one suggest a remote control Android app which controls...
  23. reversegear

    Post [APP][MOD][CAST] JioTV MOD with Miracast, Android TV and Firestick Support

    Can we get a modded version of this app which works on other network
  24. reversegear

    Post [ROM]-[20190315]-Havoc-OS-2.3-[9.0]-[Official][stable][TREBLE]

    he is talking about miracast aka screen mirrorring which doesnt work pie roms.
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][UNOFFICIAL][9.0] Pixel Experience [TREBLE]

    six hrs sot is not sufficient for you.. most of the new phones struggle to touch 5hrs :p
  26. reversegear

    Post Hardrock Kernel Beast Mode OC 3.0 GHZ [Permmisive][PIE]

    still it is a best bet if you want big screen with 16:9 ratio, without notch and a great battery backup running miui. :fingers-crossed: you have to compromise the following things no development still running nougat(stock roms) custom roms are broken(oreo and pie) no GSI support
  27. reversegear

    Thread scrcpy on raspberry pi

    here is an amazing software which mirrors android screen to PC via adb (wireless too) tried this on rpi 3. screen lag is noticed :( did some one got this working on raspberry pi with HW acceleration. issue specific to rpi...
  28. reversegear

    Post Hardrock miui 10 v4 custom rom [7.1.1]

    check this our
  29. reversegear

    Post MIU1 11

    YES NO Maybe
  30. reversegear

    Post [APP] [4.3+] UbikiTouch - Gestures and automation App

    would like to try this app any promo codes left...
  31. reversegear

    Post [ROM]-Working MIUI Oreo for Mi Max 2 Oxygen [8.1.0]-[stable][Port from Mi Max 3]

    Can u confirm whether these things works in this ROM ? Volume control IR Screen casting Hotspot I'm planning to switch over to this ROM from Havoc 2.5 because of the above mentioned things.
  32. reversegear

    Post [ROM]-[20190315]-Havoc-OS-2.3-[9.0]-[Official][stable][TREBLE]

    check /data/havoc-updates/ Edit : Anonda check this
  33. reversegear

    Post [ROM]-[20190315]-Havoc-OS-2.3-[9.0]-[Official][stable][TREBLE]

    None ---------- Post added at 11:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:49 AM ---------- again. Thank you for the update any chance of wifi direct getting fixed in next update ?
  34. reversegear

    Post [ROM]-[20190315]-Havoc-OS-2.3-[9.0]-[Official][stable][TREBLE]

    Hi, Hard_Rock83 thanks for the update. can you please fix wifi direct which is broken atm
  35. reversegear

    Post [ROM]-[20190315]-Havoc-OS-2.3-[9.0]-[Official][stable][TREBLE]

    all pie based custom roms have this issue.
  36. reversegear

    Post Mi Max vs Mi Max 2 SAR Values

    max 2 is almost 2year old phone which is running outdated android nougat(official) why dont you look for some newer device if the concern is about SAR then use headphones or Bluetooth headsets regarding echo and in-call volume exists only on few custom roms of max2. stock rom doesnt have any...