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    Thread Build.prop of Miui EU

    Hi all, Can someone please send me unmodified build.prop out of the EU Rom. Thanks a lot!!
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    Thread LePro3 sound mod (clarity and bass) flashable

    Hi all, I introduce you to the first release of LePro3 sound modification. This modification makes your LePro 3 sounds a lot better with AOSP,Lineage ROM. It will give you clear voice on handset and speaker, no distortion. Also this build will give you good lowers (bass). I made the sound mod...
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    Thread Looking acdb folder

    Im looking if somebody can provide me the acdb file and mixer_path on oreo 8.1. Thanks
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    Thread At&t U.S. and Mi Mix

    Hey folks yesterday I had problems with LTE on At&t, when Im in a call LTE drops to 3g and things like that, so I didn't have VoLte (HD calls). The solution I called customer service and ask them to put the hd voice in my account. They have to create a dummy IMEI (because their database is...
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    Thread MIUI 8 for x720 x727

    Hi all, Today I'm posting a good ROM for our Pro 3. This time is the MIUI 8.1 ported and modified by tora33. This one has no Chinese apps, Gapps, viper4android and few more.... All credit to tora33 from Download...
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    Thread Google Pixel theme

    Hey today Im brought to you a customization for our beloved LeEco Pro 3. Thia one gives you a Google Pixel feels. This includes Launcher, Phone app, message, contacts, bootlogo and sounds. Hope you enjoy it. Please make a backup because this Zip will delete stock launcher, MMS, and Contacts...
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    Thread Remote control app

    Im looking for somebody that can post the remote control app for the LEX727. No the CN version please. Very appreciated
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    Thread Iso build.prop of x727 original ROM.

    Hey, guys I think I found the key to make ROM single Sim for our x727. The only thing that I need is the build.prop of the original ROM no modded please. (Btw grabs service real quick because only reads one Tray.):o
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    Thread Odin Firmware N930AUCS2APHE

    Im looking for this firmware. I tried smart switch and is required a serial number. If someone can posted. :rolleyes:
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    Thread ISO New firmware update Sept 21st

    Hi, I'm looking for somebody that have the new update of AT&T N930AUCS2APHE. Is for my branded T mobile Note 7, to get at least the radio of it.
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    Thread How to make wifi calling work on t mobile note 7 with AT&T simcard

    Hello, im trying to use the wifi calling option but I get er-05 invalid sim. I have a note 7 T-Mobile unlocked for At&t.