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  1. Yanun

    Thread Dolby Atmos on 47.1.A.16.20

    Hello xzp brothers, I have an XZ Premium and I need help with dolby atmos, because I can't manage to get it working. All versions expect 4.26.18 end up with bootloop, but on this version my fingerprint magament is gone. Has someone tried to install dolby atmos on our lovely XZ Premium? Cheers
  2. Yanun

    Thread Soft bricked a9s

    Hello guys, My phone recently won't boot up into system after flashing arise deutronomy in twrp. So I decided to flash fresh stock rom using RUU file and there's a problem. All files that I downloaded from...
  3. Yanun

    Thread Looking for good stock based rom with XZ1/XZs features

    Hello Z5 Users, Bought my Z5 3 days ago and I like this phone so much.So today I installed M-Rom with XZ1 features.All nice but phone even in idle keeps being hot and rom doesn't recognize sim card.Is there similiar rom that doesn't have that problems? Cheers
  4. Yanun

    Thread Hardbricked/Softbricked Zenfone 2 ZE551ML/Z00AD?

    Hello! After replacing mainboard in my Zenfone 2, I'm not able to flash anything through fastboot, beacuse adb can't regonize phone-Getting Windows 10 Error- Windows Can't regonize USB. Before, I unlocked bootlader and installed MM bootloader. I have installed Asus Usb drivers, Google Usb...