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    Thread [Q] Overheating with Galaxy S5 running Cyanogenmod while charging

    Hello, once I installed latest Cm on my g900f it kept overheating while charging and its values while charging (via Galaxy Charging Current) were stuck to 1800 mAh without scaling to 1200 mAh (with screen on) . The consequence of this is that the phone overheated and it reached 45°C. I tried...
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    Thread [ROM][AOSP][UNOFFICIAL][Weekly/Release] CarbonRom KitKat [kumquat] [FINAL]

    About Carbon CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware...
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    Thread [Test Build] Unofficial SlimKat [TB1 - 2MAR]

    SlimKat test builds brought to your Xperia Sola by DroidModderXtreme and Gava97 I don't own this phone,so before flashing,i recommend you to make a backup ! Test builds are available in mediafire folder --> Thanks to...
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    Thread [ROM] [UB] [4.4.2] ChameleonOS [Built from source] [26/02]

    Disclaimer: Chameleon OS is currently in beta. While it runs very well, there may be things that are not completely functional. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information. Features Launcher Features · Folder icon styles: stacked, grid, or carousel...
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    Thread [ROM] [4.4.2] XenonHD [Built from source] [Test Builds]

    DroidModderXtreme presents XenonHD is a custom firmware aka ROM for various Android devices. It is built from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with additional features, performance and battery life improvements. The idea behind XenonHD is to give users a ROM that is "blazing fast, rock...
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    Thread [ROM] [UB] SlimKat 4.4.2 Release Candidate [RC0] [Built from source]

    Credits - Gava97, for continous help and support (my best co-worker) - @Abhinav2 - @percy_g2 - munjeni, for kernel and hardware repo - New Maclaw, for letting us use his server - Legacy-Xperia team for device tree Completely built using SlimRoms' github Attention - First boot...
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    Thread [ROM][UB] Unofficial SlimKat (kumquat) [RC2] [BUILD 3 - 1MAR]

    Finally,after a lot of work and sleepless nights,me and Gava97 are proud to present you SlimKat ! We spent a lot of time in this project,so,if you wanna show your gratitude,you can press Thanks button ;) Working List:- -Camera -CamRecorder -Booting -GPS / AGPS (?) -OMX -Radio (calls)...
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    Thread [RECOVERY] Team Win Recovery Project | TWRP [ALPHA]

    KERNEL IS ONLY FOR KUMQUAT. XDA DEVDB SHOWS SOLA ALSO FOR P,U AND GO ! DO NOT CROSSFLASH Hello. As we (me and Gava97) built succesfully SlimKat 4.4.2 (we will share it in the next hours) , i would like to share the kernel included in the out folder. #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your...
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    Thread ReVolt KK 4.4.2 [Alpha] - kumquat [14/02] - Alpha 2 RELEASED

    [CENTER] Warning - I do not take any responsibility for damages to your device by flashing this. You are choosing to flash this, i will try to help you in the limits of the possibility but don't blame me for bricked devices ! - Your bl must be unlocked...
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    Thread [ROM][4.4][UNOFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth v2.10 Nightlies (Nightly1) | Built form source

    Here you go unofficial LiquidSmooth 2.10 Nightlies Must READ Move the file'' Launcher3. apk from'' cyanogenmod11 to "system / app" Remove the file Remove bin folder'' use'' and that of Cyanogenmod11 Features Google 4.7 GCC Toolchain O3 Strict-Aliasing & ISO...
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    Thread [ROM] [UB] [4.4.2] [KitKat] PACman Nightlies (nightly1) [DEV]

    About PACman PACman is the combination of three android major projects : AOKP,AOSPA and CYANOGENMOD I just let you imagine how much features are offered by this rom. Warning This rom cost me all the WHOLE night to fix errors and other development errors. If you appreciate this work,feel free to...
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    Thread [Development] [ROM] [UB] CarbonRom KK RC1 [ARM-EABI]

    CarbonRom KK Release Candidate 1 by DroidModderXtreme Get CarbonRom Nightlies for kumquat : Get Carbon for your device,NOW ! - Download Link (RC1) :- Old Stuff : - Download Link :- - Download Link (Nightly2) :- - Download Link (Nightly3) :-...
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    Thread [DEV] Aokp 4.4.2 {wip}

    hello guys,i just now compiled a build of Aokp kitkat build for xperia u,but in the end of "make otapackage" i get the following error :- don't worry if you see gava97,it's because i'm using maclw's server logged in with gava's account (Yeah,i got permission from...
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    Thread [ROM] [4.4.2]*[UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 11.0 for Xperia U [//Newbie thread]

    Goodmorning, due to a lot of users have been confused in Gava97's thread,in this thread you can find all the steps to setup,configure,install and enjoy cyanogenmod 11.0 on xperia u Let's start :) Requires Unlocked bootloader Q : How to recognize if my bootloader is locked ? A : Simple,if...
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    Thread [DEV] Unoficial Pure Speed X [KitKat] [Build from source] [LINARO]

    Hello. Before we start i would like to thanks the Pure Speed X developers (@MartinRo and others) for this ROM. Kernel Source : Changelog : Nightly 1 -Initial release with GCC Toolchain -129.2 mb -Latest kernel included -Kernel compiled with GCC...
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    Thread [POLL] [kumquat/nypon] What kinda PurityROM you want

    Hallo everyone. I told with my italian friend DariosF and we told about the official support of kumquat and nypon for his awesome PurityROM Which kinda version you prefer? JB4.2 JB4.3 KitKat So,come on,VOTE !!
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    Thread [ROM] [WIP] [DEV] Unofficial AOSPA 3.99 [XU] Build from source

    Introduction:- In the original build i was getting bootloop (something related to "libs" folder) so i decided to move "apps,etc,bin,xbin"...It booted but i was getting systemui.apk,so i used systemui.apk from cm10.2,now it's working fine but i get pa preferences force close:( I even tried using...
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    Thread [ ::: ] General CyanogenMod 10.2 Thread [ ::: ] Infos and possible solutions [ ::: ]

    KEEP THIS IN MIND! Rules for posting - Every post which is a developement question will be reported to moderators ! - Every post which is a warez / ot question will be reported to moderators ! - Every post which flames against XXX User will be reported to moderators - Every post which means...
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    Thread [ROM] [LINARO] [4.3.1] REVOLUTION CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies | Build from source | V1

    WARNING: SOURCES: All sources are avaiable on MY GITHUB KERNEL SOURCE I am not responsible for any damages to your phone REVOLUTION CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightly Buillds for Xperia U DOWNLOAD LINKS: NIGHTLY1 FEATURES: ROM Compiled with Linaro toolchain Kernel Compiled with Linaro...
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    Thread Revolution PAC 3.19 [RC1]

    Here's my REVOLUTION ROM for Xperia Sola Features:- -Build from source -Linaro toolchain -Nova Launcher instead trebuchet -Tiny size -Linaro improvements -/Mali400 Optimizations in kernel -PA Preferences -CM Preferences -AOKP Preferences -SELinux should be enabled -REVOLUTION...
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    Thread [TUTORIAL] How to configure "best-way" your Slimbean 8.1 [GENERAL THREAD / F.A.Q]

    [TUTORIAL] How to configure "best-way" your Slimbean 8.1 [GENERAL THREAD / F.A.Q] Welcome to the official Slimbean's 8.1 General thread....WARNING : THIS IS ONLY FOR XU INDEX 1. How to download and install Slimbean 2. How to set-up Slimbean 3. How to reset at original software 4. General...
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    Thread [TEAM MAKING] Revolution TEAM (the real one)

    I am searching for someone who can help me to build REVOLUTION for Xperia phones . i use a 45 kb/s internet speed so i need someone who can help me to build :: I need - 1- Developers 2- Testers ( max 3 tester ) Thanks everyone:o
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    Thread [ROM] {PORT} - Experimental ParanoidAndroid 3.69 builds :: Alpha 1:: ::Status-Booted

    Here's an unofficial ParanoidAndroid 3.69 port from Galaxy S All credits to Paranoid Android team and SferaDev (donate to him) Status : Alpha 1 Status : Booted (finally) These are only test builds and not intended for daily use !! All TeamCanjica's bugs with Paranoid Settings FC Download...
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    Thread [INFO/QUESTION] Need CM 10.1 manifest.xml for Slimbean and Paranoid Android

    Hey :) I need of CM 10.1's local manifest adapted to PA 3.67 and Slimbean 4.2 for our XP- XSola - XGo - XU Can someone help me ? Thx If you will help me - Slimbean and PA are comn'g :)
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    Thread [INDEX] Everything for your Galaxy S III

    Developement Index for Galaxy S III ROM LIST : Unofficial CM 10.2 Builds by temasek Omega ROM by :indie: Neat ROM by _Sale_ Energy ROM by DroidModderXtreme SuperNexus 3.0 by farjaab BlackBox by DSA Ultima ROM by Kryten2k35 ** crDroid AOSP ** by Cristiano Matos Chaos Legacy ROM by Arsaw...
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    Thread [ROM] [4.3] [HALO 2.0] EnergyROM 1.0 - Energy

    EnergyROM 1.0 on JB 4.3 for GS III Changelog Based on the awesome SuperNexus ROM by farjaab Build.prop improvements Android performances improved at 360° Radically improved management ram on android (Lags...adios!) Script lightweight and revised to be adapted to this engine Improves a lot...
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    Thread [KERNEL] [LINARO] [GPL] REVOLUTION Kernel - 31/08

    Unofficial REVOLUTION kernel built-in with LINARO Toolchain WARNING : WORKING ONLY ON JB 4.1 . SOON I'LL MAKE A 4.2 VERSION ;) Working with the following ROMS : REVOLUTION ROM 19.3 AOSP 4.1.2 CM 10 Slimbean FEATURES Linaro toolchain Built from sources OC until 1150 mhz Latest SU Bins...
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    Thread [ROM] [LINARO] Unofficial REVOLUTION nightlies Builds | PAC | CM | PA [BUILD 2]

    Here you go ! lotus_REVOLUTION_PAC_JB-4.1.2 is ready ! Specifics Phone :- Xperia Go (lotus) Android version :- JB 4.1.2 Kernel version :- 3.0.8-leonardo123 ROM Name :- REVOLUTION_PAC-19,3 Kernel Name :- REVOLUTION_Kernel-1.0 Toolchain used :- Linaro Toolchain Features Linaro 4.8.1...
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    Thread [ROM] [LINARO] Unofficial REVOLUTION nightlies Builds | PAC | CM | PA [BUILD 2]

    Unofficial REVOLUTION PAC Builds with LINARO Toolchain FEATURES Linaro toolchain Built from sources Nightlies Paranoid 3.0 Android Open Kang Porject Cyanogenmod 10 DOWNLOADS Nightly builds : MEDIAFIRE Folder (always download latest build !) Google Apps : FLASH...
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    Thread [ROM][AOSPA 3.0+] Paranoid Android 3.0 [sources updated] by DroidModderXtreme

    Here's PA 3.0 + for our Xperia U. A big thanks to my friend percy_g2 which provided sources for xperia u. PARANOID ANDROID 3.0 + by DroidModderXtreme Known bugs - Camera [don't know why] - Other FXP 233 bugs - Paranoid cannot save preferences Downloads .- [rom] ...
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    Thread [GUIDE] Root & CWM & Unlock Bootloader & Custom ROM Installation

    Here's a guide on how to : 1| Root your Xperia U 2| How to unlock the bootloader 3| CWM Installation 4| Flash of a custom ROM Here's the guide to obtain root acces on firmware .54 [LOCKED BOOTLOADERS !] Requires : 1| PC running windows vista or abova 2| USB Cable 3| XU Let's get...
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    Thread Problem with terminal in Ubuntu OS

    Hi guys,i'm having a strange problem on my PC,the terminal is down! See the screenshoot :
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    Thread {Revo Team}[ROM] *Revolution* ROM for Xperia P {Revolution Team} [6 August] {Linaro}

    Hi guys and welcome to REVOLUTION ROM 33.4 for Xperia P:D Features - Based on Cyanogen (mod) 10.1 {sorry guys,no PAC:D} - Nova Launcher - Galaxy S4 Launcher - Xperia Z Launcher - Sony Walkman App - Sony Videos - Sony Films - REVOLUTION kernel (from v2 and laters) -...
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    Thread [HOW-TO] {WIP} Let's port CM 10.2 to our Xperia 2012 devices

    CyanogenMod it's a free comunity based on after-market distribution of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Hei guys :D I'm now building (i finished RootBox finally:p) a CM 10.2 version for Xperia U,i'm now using a faster internet connection so i can repo sync faster:D . I finished to repo sync and now it's...
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    Thread [TUTORIAL] How to compile RootBox from sources for Xperia Devices

    Here's a tutorial on how to compile RootBox ROM for Xperia U,P,Sola and GO ! Install the required packages (thanks to elia222 for this part of guide;)) Download and Install Ubuntu OS on your PC Once installed,go to terminal and type : sudo apt-get purge openjdk-\* icedtea-\* icedtea6-\*...
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    Thread [ROM] REVOLUTION Project by DroidModderXtreme - AOSP | Tweaks | Battery | Fast | Ligh

    REVOLUTION ROM for Xperia U by DroidModderXtreme REVOLUTION Features Holo Launcher HD Android 4.3 Camera Removed Trebuchet.apk Removed AOSP Launcher Removed bloatware : CM File Manager CM File Manager Themes Apollo Email.apk WALKMAN App Sony Album App Sony Movies App Sony Media Apps...
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    Thread ► Team REVOLUTION ◄ REVOLUTION ROM Official General/Bugs Reporting Thread

    REVOLUTION it's a free comunity based on Android 4.1.2 distribution XPeria U Thread -------> REVOLUTION for Xperia U XPeria P Thread ------> BUILDING XPeria Sola Thread -------> BUILDING XPeria GO Thread --------> BUILDING Please use this thread only for bugs reporting/other general...
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    Thread [TEAM MAKING] {Work In Progress} REVOLUTION TEAM for Xperia 2012 / 2013 devices

    REVOLUTION it's a free comunity based on after market distibution of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean [Hi guys,i'm making a team for making ROMS for Xperia 2012/2013 devices,for now the phones are : . XU . XP . XGo . XSola . Xperia S . Xperia Z / ZL . Xperia UL . If we have free time,we will add...
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    Thread [ROM][4.1 - UB][DroidModderXtreme] REVOLUTION-pac 19.3 | Super light | Fast

    Flash Procedure Flash boot.img Wipe Data Wipe Cache Wipe Dalvik Cache Install zip > REVOLUTION-pac 19.3 Install zip > GApps Reboot Latest build : MEGA Latest GApps : GOO.IM
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    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][FIRECYANO SAGA] FireBean ROM 5.2 for Xperia U

    Hi guys,my friend AlexDroid00 said me that he will not continue his projects ( MultiXperia U tool,Small Apps etc.),so i'm his heir : i decided to continue all his projects! FIREBEAN ROM FOR XPERIA U V5.2 ROM FEATURES * Phantom Kernel (thx to Pwng3) * Latest Phantom Kernel Version (19 June)...
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    Thread [WIP][ROM][AOSP][4.2.2] AOSP ROM for Xperia U by AOSPERS TEAM

    Hi guys,i noticed that Cyano 10.1 is out...So i decided to make a group (5/6 people) for making an AOSP 4.2.2 ROM for Xperia U,if u want to be a member of the group,contact me via skype,my nick is : DroidModder Xtreme or send me an e-mail ,my addres is : [email protected] Group...
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    Thread [ROM] [BIG UPDATE] 04/09 - REVOLUTION.100 [JB / ICS] Slim'nd great performance

    ___ REVOLUTION.100 ROM for Xperia U ___ REVOLUTION.100 on JB 4.1.2 is at 1st post (this) REVOLUTION.100 on ICS 4.0.4 is at 2nd post If you get problems with googlesync download those apk from post180 SCREENSHOOTS ARE HERE ...
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    Thread {P}[DEVELOPMENT][ROM][4.1.2](Alpha 1)[PORT]Slimbean ROM port from XU

    Hey guys,i haven't got a SONY XPERIA P and i haven't got a beta tester,so : BEFORE FLASHING THIS ROM,MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP! BUGS : - All Slimbean for XU bugs! FEATURES Slimbean ROM ( was founded with the Introduction of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean bringing the AOSP with...
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    Thread [INDEX] ALL ROMS / KERNELS / TUTORIALS / SCRIPTS and more for your GNote 10.1

    INDEX (ALL ROMS/KERNELS/TUTORIALS/SCRIPTS and much more) ROM (ANDROID 4.2.2) CyanogenMOD 10.1 : LINK by @humberos AOKP MR1 : LINK by @Jamison904 OFFICIAL CyanogenMOD 10.1 : LINK ROM (ANDROID 4.1.1/4.1.2) SAOLUTION ROM : LINK by sarotubi Android Revolution : LINK by mike1986...
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    Thread [ROM][LINARO 4.7][SLIM,FAST,SMOOTH]SmoothBean v2 for XU by DroidModderXtreme

    Hi to all!Today i present you a new ROM which is based on CM 10 of FXP and is very fast,smooth and slim FEATUREs * Added init.d scrips for wifi,bluethooth,GPS * Slim * Fast * Smooth * Stable * Incredible battery * Added biuld.prop tweaks for DNS * Built using Linaro 4.7 on Ubuntu v 12.04...
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    Thread [ROM]SLIM,FAST,SMOOTH]SmoothBean v1 by DroidModderXtreme

    Hi to all!Today i present you a new ROM which is based on CM 10 of FXP and is very fast,smooth and slim I haven't got a SONY XPERIA S,but my beta tester said that the ROM is ready for use FEATUREs * Added init.d scrips for wifi,bluethooth,GPS * Slim * Fast * Smooth * Stable * Incredible...
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    Thread [ROM][SLIM,FAST,SMOOTH][OMG V2]SmoothBean v2 by DroidModderXtreme

    Hi to all!Today i present you a new ROM which is based on CM 10 of FXP and is very fast,smooth and slim I haven't got a SONY XPERIA P,but my beta tester said that the ROM is ready for use FEATUREs * Added init.d scrips for wifi,bluethooth,GPS * Slim * Fast * Smooth * Stable * Incredible...
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    Thread [ROM][SLIM,FAST,SMOOTH][OMG V2]SmoothBean v2 by DroidModderXtreme

    Hi to all!Today i present you a new ROM which is based on CM 10 of FXP and is very fast,smooth and slim I HAVEN'T GOT A SONY XPERIA GO BUT MY BETA TESTER SAID THAT THE ROM IS READY FOR USE FEATURES * Added init.d scrips for wifi,bluethooth,GPS * Slim * Fast * Smooth * Stable * Incredible...