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  1. Beesvee

    Thread DAC vs. Dolby Atmos

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone in this V30 forum could help me out. I am looking to get a new device and my main interest is audio. I use my phone as my daily mp3 player in my car via Bluetooth. I cannot find any real answers anywhere I look. I am stuck between the new S9 and the V30. My...
  2. Beesvee

    Thread Couple of Bugs?

    Just got my Note 8 (QJA) and I noticed a few bugs and wondering if anyone else noticed. First one is the Auto Rotate quick toggle has no animation. For some reason that drives me crazy! The other bug I noticed is the WiFi Calling. Everythig about the WiFi Calling on my device is bugged out...
  3. Beesvee

    Thread Grace TW UX...

    Is there a ROM that anyone can confirm, where the leaked Grace TouchWiz can be installed and working for N910T?
  4. Beesvee

    Thread Note 7 Apps ?

    Found this thread and can confirm the OCR and ArtCavas are working perfectly with MM. The other apps music (no change) video player (not working), scrap book (who cares) are not worth the trouble. ArtCanvas is awesome for those who like to seriously doodle. :p...
  5. Beesvee

    Thread Temporary Root Question?

    Has anyone been successful in flashing the "Star Kissed" Kernel with Heimdall? I have not seen anyone from the AT&T side comment on this Kernels performance so I am guessing no one has. My thoughts were if this Kernel was flashed successfully then Kingroot was applied would we still get the...
  6. Beesvee

    Thread Ink Color Unlock Effect

    This will give you the ink color unlock screen effect. Can't change the color but still pretty cool.
  7. Beesvee

    Thread Torch Light Quick Toggle

    I was bumbed when I found out we didn't get a torch light quick toggle with the MM update so I was experimenting with Quickpanel Manager and was able to get the torch light added to the quick toggle. You will need this app...
  8. Beesvee

    Thread Lollipop ROM Screencasting

    Can anyone tell me if there is a Lollipop ROM where screencastng is working? I have tried a few and none of them seem to do anything. Is this just a Android 5.0 bug? :confused:
  9. Beesvee

    Thread Rooting with Cydia Impactor issue

    I am having an issue Rooting my Gear 1 with Impactor. When I run the program it works until it gets to "attaching debugger". From there it does nothing? I have had it on there for over a half hour still nothing. Could someone tell me whats going on here? I am on the most current version of C.I...
  10. Beesvee

    Thread How To Install [Xposed] Note3 UPSM-Emergency Mode

    First of all I am not a Developer so try this at your own risk. Make a BACKUP! I can confirm this Xposed Module is working flawlessly on myAT&T I747 S3. I am running the Likewise S5 Rom. (actually S3Rx_S5Experience-1). with a hybrid SecSetting apk. , Sec.Settings Provider.apk and Keyguard.apk...
  11. Beesvee

    Thread [Q] S Health Perdometer

    Has anyone been able to make this pedometer for S Health actually work?**I cannot get it to count steps. It's always at 0 no matter how far I walk. And yeah its not on pause. Any help would be appreciated. I'm onLikewise S5 TW Rom 4.4.2
  12. Beesvee

    Thread [Q] S5 settings

    I am having issues with the S5 SecSettings on my device. I am running the Likewise S5 Rom but when I install the S5 settings I am no longer able to send or receive MMS. The settings appear to work fine and I love the look and feel but had to go back to 4.3 settings to be able to use MMS. Does...